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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


11 July 2012


Gracious Day from this Adept of the Great White Brotherhood!


Ra, messenger for the spiritual Hierarchy, forthcoming Guardian, will amplify the heraldry about the coming of the Seraphim down the ground of Terra during the ascension event.


Let it be clarified that I derive this information, and those of the past heraldries, as a direct experiencing of the consultations and council meetings with my fellow ascended masters in the etheric, mental, and higher dimensions. I release information and knowledge only as permitted by the Hierarchy, and won’t release those that are classified.


As for this heraldry concerning the descent of the Seraphic Forces, the adept JJ Hurtak already prophesied in his book Keys of Enoch. I will re-echo that prophecy, with the update information that the Seraphs have already been preparing for the descent by acclimatizing in the etheric plane’s lower waves and rehearsing a massing of forces for engagements down the ground.


The descent of the Seraphs down the ground is only a temporary one, to clarify the point. Seraphs are protectors of the higher realms, from the 5th (nirvanic) through the 7th (monadic) planes. They interface with the Archangels and angels on the 4th plane (causal plane) from time to time. But the prime realms of the Seraphs are the spiritual realms.


As gigantic as the Whitefire and Blue-lightning angels (collectively called ‘warrior angels’), the Seraphs possess multiple wings as correctly depicted in archaic paintings and drawings. I know this by experience, as one of my Master guides is a Seraphim master who I perceive so routinely during my meditations.


By Master guide I mean my ‘inner guide’, of which I have two: Master J (ascended master) and Seraphim Master. Both masters have done close-level mentoring and coaching on me, tasks that they have since been minimally doing since my spiritual ascension, yet they are always on call when I need their opinions or counsel concerning specific decisions to make.


Michael directly protected me from infancy through age 36 (when I turned mystic/candidate Adept of the Brotherhood). Then from that time on, Lord Michael endorsed me to the Seraphim master for such protectorship and added mentoring tasks. That’s how close I can relate to the Seraphs.


Master J, on the other hand, was assigned to me by my chief Chohan, Lord El Morya or EM. Master EM is actually my chief guru, though for follow up of lessons he enstrusted me to Master J. Master J and my Seraphim Master often meet up with me in the Darjeeling Council’s retreat, the same venue where I also rendezvous with the leaders of the angelic legions, so you see the interfacing of different classes of divine beings in the etheric retreats.


Seraphs really don’t need to mass up in legion style, as their powers are of a more focused one. A Seraph down the ground can wipe out an army as huge as 1 million troops in the battle field, so the reinforcing presence of seraphs means they will team up in smaller groups and can do mopping up operations upon the take-over of Terra very soon.


The Seraphic Forces possess a firepower heretofore unknown, and I wish not elaborate on the subject. I can only explicate that the leaders of the Seraphs are of Dhyan Chohan awareness, and at that level they can upturn mountains dematerialize ‘sin cities’ as instances of their divine endowments.


Don’t ever mistake them for the Angels of Death that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The two (2) cities were part of a total of 10 cities destroyed by extraterrestrials with nukes, all 10 now sunken below the Dead Sea, and extreterrestrials are no seraphs. Witness their firepower and their presence when they come, as they cometh near.


It is no surprising to note that, when the task warrants so, the Seraphs alongside the Ophanims and angels of Dhyan Chohan awareness will be deputized to aide in materializing future cities by divine thought. Just like the soldiers today who are deputized to build infra via the Engineering Corps, the Seraphs and related celestial divinities can facilely do constructive engagements in future development, something that I am so eager to witness.


Being so prepared, let the Seraphs then come forth for their noble task in the New Earth. So mote it be.


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