Thursday, December 18, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious day unto all thee members of humanity!

This fellow of the Brotherhood of Light, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will re-echo the theme of Golden Age of Light. I will add some more peregrinations on the Golden Age or Satya Yuga theme which hopefully will embolden our emerging ‘global citizens’ to participate in the grand effort at building a Golden Age civilization.

Fellows on the ‘outer Earth’, the Golden Age of Light, the long awaited Satya Yuga, is now here with us! Rejoice, for the Dark Age recedes and along with it Evil will return back to where it came from! As the concluding lines in the Great Invocation stipulate, “the Plan of Light and Love is working out / And is sealing the door where Evil dwells…”

It was in the year 2012 that Earth, humanity and all ‘life streams of creation’ witnessed the bombardment and blanketing of the planet with Divine energies of such magnitudes and proportions that are unprecedented. The Kumara Energies, released at two points in the planet [Shamballah in Gobi desert, + a point in the U.S.A.] at midnight of December the 20th neared of 2012 neared, provided the coup d’ grace to all the energy endowments aimed at uplifting the planet and humanity.

Four (4) Kumaras, all solar lords in level of Initiation and awareness who comprise the solar hierarchy’s administrators for the planet, acted as a team to release the energies. Led by Ancient of Days or Sanat Kumara, they comprise the divine Lords of Shamballah. Since a solar lord is capable of dividing his Self into 1,000 times and be present anywhere in 1,000 spots across the dimensions or planes, splitting 2X in order to release energies was merely routine for the same solar beings.

The divine energies are therefore acting out in a hyper-convergence fashion across the planet, thus lighting up the physical world all the more. The impact is simply so powerful as to reinforce the Light on the astral plane, which the Lord Buddha already lighted up or illuminated couples of decades ago yet. Up through the mental plane, which the Christ blasted and blanketed with Love couples of decades ago, did the Kumara energies reverberate and stay.

Ancient of Days actually released the same energy in 1934 yet, though He did it most singularly. Such a blessing was already experienced in ancient times when Earth was plunged into darkness by Absolute Evil. The 1934 Sanat Kumara Energy ended the evolutionary descent of Terrans and began the upward ascent of humanity, individually and collectively.

So determined were the Evil Forces to use up the same energy too, and they used it up in the late 30s to foment a great hazard of a world war that almost destroyed the planet. Both Buddha and Christ have to undertake additional sacrifices by sealing off the major sub-rays (1st, 2nd, 3rd) from such squandering by Evil Ones led by Hitler and his secretive Germanenorden, while channeling the same sub-rays to the whole of humanity.

Learning from that past experience, the Evil Ones of today aided by the adeptic minions of Lucifer will do everything in their hands to channel the same energies unto themselves. The goal of course is to keep humanity off track from ascending further. But just like in the post-1934 Kumara Energy release, the latest divine energy releases will be channeled by the Ascended Host for largely beneficial purpose and “seal the door where Evil dwells.”

The hyperconvergent divine energies are now permeating your lower and higher bodies most likely, more so your subtle bodies. Down the cellular level and further down to the sub-atomic level, the Light & Love energies recently endowed to you will be taking effect for a period of not shorter than seven (7) years.

Likewise will the whole of humanity, as a collective unit, being impacted upon today by the same divine energies. Kumara energies, Divine Hierarchy energies, Gaia energies, energies from the Galactic lords & Solar system’s deities, energies from Sirius (center of the Great White Lodge), photon belt energy and energy from the central space of the Milky Way are all acting upon humanity, upon Earth and its natural endowments, and even upon the nature and devic kingdoms.

Such energies are acting, on top of other very higher energies such as the Mahatma Energy (released 1988) are impacting so strongly now upon each one of us individually and collectively. The effects will, of course, be varied, depending on the level of awareness and acceptance of responsibilities to use the same for productive or counterproductive purposes. No one remains unaffected by the Light which we will use to designate them all for they are representations of the Light of Supreme Being.

No matter how the same Light will be used by each one of us, the general effect on “sealing the door where Evil dwells” is unfolding day after day, year after year. Either you use the same Light, so easily tapped and channeled by simple invocation, for your Light-filled ascension purpose, or you persist in parochial antithetical recognition or usage of the same energies which, in the end, will get you among those who will be sealed off from Earth.

Hail the Golden Age of Light!

[17 December 2014]

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day from this Brother in the Order of Melchizedek!

This Initiate in the White Lodge, also called Brotherhood of Light or Order of Melchizedek, messenger, and volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will elucidate on the subject of 5th Density in this note. 5th Density is the destination for New Earth humanity, as it is in that higher world where the Golden Age of Light will be experienced to the max.

Many millions of our fellow Terrans were expecting to ascend to 5th Density right away after 12/21/12, an expectation that is unrealistic as it is fallaciously illogical. No one can jump to 5th Density by bypassing the 4th Density that is, as I peregrinated in a previous article, the transitional ‘overhaul repair station’ prior to ascent to the next level.

A brother Melchizedek, Sal Rachele, did forecast a massive entry to 5th Density pronto by Lightworkers in the days and weeks after 12/21/12. The ‘waves of ascension’ theme was likewise raised, notably by Initiates in the Amethystine Order, referring to a parallel forecast. Noting that the forecasts came from fellow Melchizedeks, I also raised the same ante, with modifications to add insights to the forecasts.

I now realize that the forecast is too over-optimistic, with some flaws besides. As always, there must be room for errors in forecasting, just like in a scientific work where a researcher must make room for 5%-10% errors. The forecast of White Robes moving right away to 5th Density is definitely wrong, thus I apologetically reboot the prediction, as the remaining White Robes are badly needed in 4th Density where the billions of Terrans are currently situated.

5th Density is properly the world of Atmic possibilities, which is a step higher than the 4th Density of the Devic-Man. No one can move to Atmic development as a normal modality of daily life without first passing through a high level development of one’s Manas (concrete mind) and Buddhi (abstract mind/intellect), so this follows through in the evolution of humanity as a whole. Humanity passeth by 4th Density first, do overhaul repairs & rehab on the dense bodies, ensue preliminary repairs of the Atma (soul), and then be permitted—via Divine Grace—to move to 5th Density.

The Man (thinker) within each person must therefore be accessed and expanded beyond present limits, with aids from the repairers (spiritual masters and Light helpers), while in 4th Density. Then, the next step for the mass of humanity is to cleanse, detoxify, balance, heal, and expand the awareness of one’s own soul while in 5th Density.

As echoed by my fellow messengers and myself, the Golden Age of Light will be fully experienced in 5th Density. Goodwill and cooperation, the building blocks for ‘right relations’, must advance to the greatest extent where it can go for humanity while in 4th Density prior to a mass endowment of Divine Grace on the entire humanity to move to the next level.

This is not to discount the possibility of such grace already granted to those most prepared Light helpers, as there is a dire need for an advanced party in 5th Density. I was shown visions of 5th Density across the past months, with structures in place as shelters for migrants there. A test casing of acclimatization is taking place right now in the 5D world, with a city installed (using Thought by aiding cosmic beings called Dhyan Chohans) is also being tested—it is encased in transparent crystalline material.

However, one who aspires for New Earth living better move away from thoughts that one can go there by wishful thinking. Definitely any disordered person who is driven by emotion or melancholy to move to 5D as an escape from the 4D humanity, suffers from delusions, paranoia, and infantile fantasies that merit psychosocial intervention or therapy. Delusional wishful persons do not qualify to be brought to 5th Density, just to remind you all.

As to the time frame for a mass migration of 4th Density people to 5th Density nothing has been revealed by Spiritual Hierarchy. It is humanity as a whole that determines its own destiny, so don’t expect us messengers to release predictions that make appear like foretune tellers. Fortify your inner balance first, collaborate in building goodwill and cooperation, and who knows what’s in store for you.

I’ve already released heraldries about what life will be in the New Earth (5th Density) in my 2012 ascension chronicles, do browse them for some details of society, culture, governance, ecology, and related matters. I will augment my writes on the theme of 5th Density life a bit later, rest assured.

For now let me conclude with the finale that traversing 5th Density through a transitional 4th Density living is a viable one. Please don’t despair or wallow in hopelessness, for your own sakes, as such negative states will ensure your transfer to the 7 earths intended for the disqualifieds or DQs. Rather, work out to positivize yourself, a general task that I did write about in consonance with what my fellow messengers have been doing about “what can be done to go to New Earth.”

[09 December 2014]

Thursday, December 4, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

This Melchizedek, Brother of the White Lodge, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger and volunteer in the Ashram of El Morya, hereby shares addendum cogitations about the 4th Density planet. Earth and humanity ascended to 4th Density just recently, so let me expound on the subject with move incisive tools to boot.

As mentioned in some articles writ by me about the ascension, 4th Density is properly the state-of-existence for the Devic-Man. It corresponds to the 4th evolutionary phase out of the 4 phases—mineral, vegetative, animal, devic-man—and this phase isn’t on terminal point yet as two (2) more ‘root races’ will emerge prior to its end in a relative pralaya (rest/sleep).

The Devic-Man stage is that phase of evolution when Man—the thinker—within each one of us must come to full maturation and assert itself over and above our lower bodies (physical and desire bodies) and traits. At this stage, Man is in solid form, thus the attachment of the term Devic to Man. This is in recognition of the full import of the assistance of the devas as ‘architechs of forms’ and the elementals as ‘builders of forms’.

In the Devic-Man stage of evolution, even elementals and angels/devas, who are of lower evolutionary state then humans, can take the choice of incarnating as humans in order to be totally freed as one passes through the different spiritual Initiation ladders. You can see how important Man is in the eyes of God: Man is the epitome of all of God’s creative powers, in Man alone can any soul or being be freed from the dense worlds of the last cosmic plane prior to ascent to the higher cosmic planes and onwards back to God.  

The message to us all by the Supreme Being in His granting of the most holy grace of surviving in 4th Density is this: Let’s use up the rare opportunity to do rehabilitation & repair works on our psyche (lower self or ego) and soul. This is no ordinary repair but rather this is a major overhaul work that challenges each one of us.

Our 4 lower vehicles—biophysical-etheric, astral (desire & feelings), mental (cognitive & linguistic), buddhic or causal (abstraction & intuitive/esthetic)—must undergo healing, detoxification, balancing, and increased coordination while we are in this station. Such an overhaul is instrumental in the repair of the 5th body—the Atmic body or soul—that acquired so much impurities due to our own immersions in evils and demonic ways across many embodiments.

Being an overhaul repair station, humanity isn’t expected to stay forever in this rehab center of sorts. To re-echo: this 4th Density is just a temporary phase, a mere passing phase of the intended goal for everyone: to enter 5th Density.

To help you out in your overhaul works, over 100,000 Initiates of 3rd and lower degrees of the Brotherhood were sent here. Known as the “144000 White Robes” or “1,44,000 Rishis”—symbolic of the Beings of Light sent forth at the end of Kali Yuga—these repairers were programmed to climb 2 degrees higher, in short time frames, while they help you out in general repairs.

Since April of 2011 yet, the “144000 White Robes” were already being pulled out en masse—by physical exit or transfiguration—at the rate of 500-950 Melchizedeks gone every month. They are badly needed in the etheric retreats to do staff work for the Mahatmas, as the numbers of candidates for Initiation have admirably ballooned to 7 digits as of late. Yet so many tens of thousands are still around, though barely 5% role play as spiritual teachers.

Though the “144000 White Robes” seem large, unprecedented a number of Light workers or ‘world servers’ in Earth’s history, still larger are those Light helpers who have arrived to replace them. See the good news there? I was shown visions of the departures of my fellow White Robes of ‘world servers’, and was likewise shown visions of the replacements for my “group” or “batch” of Light servants.

We the repairers, to use the simplified term, are distributed among the different crafts and professions. There are professionals as there are executives, clerks as well as craftsmen/women, educators and spiritual teachers. There even are civil servants—both national and global—as there are politicians.

We were tasked to do every kind of repair work, even of repairing organizations and institutions. Not all of us delve into esoterics, which took the back seat for a while, so that a ‘world server’ can fully immerse in the lifeworld or people sector s/he is dedicated to serve.

The stay in 4th Density is so inclusive in fact, that even the Demoniacs (sociopaths, hardened criminals, negative persons) and Laggards (simpletons, idiots, imbeciles, morons) were allowed to move along with those more evolved then they are. So beware of certain cult and sectarian groups that continue to peddle their supposed exclusive franchise to salvation or ascension, as the present facts belie such fallacious claim.

Now, Terrans, will you take this rare window of opportunity to do overhaul repairs & rehab? Taking the right route of overhaul, a Terran can be granted Divine Grace to move to 5th Density while still physically alive today, or re-embody in 5th Density in case the body dies along the transition way. Taking the contrary course, however, 7 planets will await the recalcitrant sinner or laggard, to be transferred in any of the 7 earths prepared for them.

[03 December 2014]