Friday, November 28, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Light & Love from this Brother of Light!

This Melchizedek (another term for spiritual Initiate), messenger & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will share added cogitations about densities in this note. Earth was at 3rd Density before 12/21/12, then ascended to 4th Density on that day, and is on the way to 5th Density, so let me re-echo the densities theme.

The messenger Brothers of Light already wrote so much about the subject, such as Sal Rachele and Guruji Krishnananda to name a few. The same Brothers or Melchizedeks used the densities frame as point of reference to facilitate the explanation of the ascension to the open public.

I did take off from the cogitations of the messengers who released ascension heraldries earlier than me. To simplify our approach on the subject, let us use the term ‘density’ and ‘dimension’ interchangeably. Dimension is an ontological term referring to a ‘plane’ of existence or reality, while density is a term derived from physical science that uses measurements of mass, distance, and space to ascertain the standing of a certain mass in any given space-time continuum.

New Age quacks, however, began popularizing the term ‘dimension’ since the 1960s without knowing what it means. For spiritual masters, dimensions are expressed in terms of ‘planes’ of reality of which there are 7 in all in our universe, hence the clear demarcation between masters or Initiates and the New Age religionists. In the vast cosmos leading back to Godhead, there are 7 cosmic planes, the last plane being the 7 planes of our universe—our planes, in other words, are only subplanes of the last or most dense plane of the cosmos.

In the course of spiritual evolution, human monads (god selves) had to devolve down the lower vibratory spheres as prerequisite for forging certain faculties and traits—will, wisdom, love—prior to the ascent back to Godhead or Supreme Being. As the monads descended down the planes or dimensions, they experienced more and more denseness. It was down the descent trail where oversouls were bred by the monads, and soul ‘fragments’ or extensions were generated by oversouls.

Down the descent trail, the monads embedded themselves first in minerals, thus providing the Life-wave to the planet. That was 1st Density life: the density for minerals. Monads acting together, aided by Dhyan Chohans (planetary spirits) that guided them, ensured that the Life-wave will enable the birthing of ‘live minerals’, plants, and animals at some future times.

Done with that, the monads then moved to the plant world upon the beginnings of life stirrings in the vegetative state. There was a time, in other words, when your monad was a plant, though this was merely a passing stage. And, expect the plants of today to evolve into humans in the distant future. This vegetative world was the 2nd Density.

Still moving down the descent trail, the monads moved next to the animal domain when the stirrings of the Life-wave enabled the appearance of primeval animals in the planet. The animal world represents the 3rd Density. We (as monads) were once animals, as I authenticated through akashic records visions of my past animal life, even as the animals of today will some day evolve to humans.

From the animal world, our monads moved next to the Devic-Man world. This world is properly the 4th Density. It was in this stage of descent when human forms began to appear, though in shadowy etheric form. All the 5 senses were forged along the evolution way, across 5 root races already. Desire, feelings, cognition, intuition & abstraction were necessarily forged and strengthened in the 4th evolution stage.

Sadly, tragically, Earth humans were entrapped in desires in the 4th stage. This was the time, during the mid-phase of the 3rd root race called Lemurians, when ‘original sin’ (bestiality) was galvanized, and more sins (dark karmas) were generated. Vicious cycles of sinfulness left Terrans agog in 4th Density, at a time when human souls were already being generated by the monads.

All is not that hopeless for humanity though, as proved by the fact that at least two (2) golden ages of Light were already experienced. Proof that humanity already moved away from the sinful heydays of bestial Lemurians. While experiencing a golden age, humanity was immersed in 5th Density, with awareness high enough to capacitate a person to get in touch directly with his/her soul or atma.

4th Density thus being associated with negativity of a sinful past, the Divine Beings of Shamballah and Spiritual Hierarchy have to device pathways to ensure that golden age humanity vibrate at 5th Density and reside in context fit for that level. So we Terrans did experience heavenly living—way past the 3rd and 4th and up through 5th density—for a time frame long enough to make impact on soul development.

But sadly, tragically, humanity kept on plunging to a Dark Age or Kali Yuga, falling to abysmal Absolute Evil. From 5th Density, humanity crashed down back to 3rd Density during the Fall back to darkness. And that was where we were all into during the last Kali Yuga.

Earth recently ascended to 4th Density, and this is a gladdening news for the planetary, solar, and cosmic divinities of the galaxy. The challenge for us is never again to fall into the abyss of Absolute Evil. No one force whatsoever can ever predict the destiny of humanity, as humans build their own destiny. Which means that, in order to sustain a 5th Density living later, the grand effort must be done with true fraternal love among all humans, through collaboration and unity.

[27 November 2014]

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

This fellow of the Brotherhood of Light, an Initiate of a certain degree, member of the Ashram of Mahatma El Morya,  will highlight in this note the heraldry about the Energy Stabilizer gifted to each one of you by the Almighty Father.

This particular phenomenon is one that made me reluctant to release, wary as always of the repercussions of a premature public pronouncement—as it happened way ahead of the 12/21/12 event. I actually had visions of the energy stabilizer before D’Day of Ascension. I wasn’t very sure if the stabilizer was exclusive to those who will qualify for New Earth while leaving the disqualified ones –Laggards, Impure Ones, Demoniacs—without the same gift.

But after a long contemplation on the subject, in the mid-months of 2014, I finally decided to release it, if and only if to fulfill the questions of many folks about their being around yet in a New Earth where they should be disqualified. The purpose of the Energy Stabilizer or E.S. is to capacitate all members of humanity, regardless of level of awareness, to withstand the very high frequencies and amplitudes of waves (energies) that converged on the planet on 12/21/12.

A brief description of the stabilizer goes as follows: It’s shaped like a flat disc. Size varies, depending on one’s chronological age. Infants have the smallest size, like unto a seed of a plant; tot’s size, like a 1-cm. diameter button of a trouser; teener’s and adult’s, like a 2-inch diameter button of a stylish coat. Quite silvery in color and texture, it was embedded in your etheric body by the Almighty Father himself.

The embedding process took only some couples of minutes to undertake. I noticed though, based on dream visions during 3 separate nights, that the Almighty Father entertained the babies and tots to catch their attention and focus, so that the embedding can be done without distraction. The overall time frame for embedding took months though, given the billions of persons on the surface, plus presumably the 120 millions of Inner Earth & Underground Cities peoples.

I thought that I won’t need such a stabilizer device any longer, given the long stabilization program I did upon myself as a yogi & mystic, but I was wrong. Prior to D’Day, all of my DNA strands were already wakened up, as indicated by my periodic vision scan on my own ‘system’ (I also scan my level of body crystallization). Yet just a few weeks before 12/21/12, I had a vision of a long hand coming down on me from Above, gently opened its palm (right palm) to reveal a sizeable stabilizer, which He then embedded on my etheric body (this scene I need not see anymore, as I know beforehand etheric implantations such as the ones I received in my 1994 reintegration ritual to the Brotherhood).

That part of the endowment surely surprised me, even as I thank the Supreme Being and apologized for being presumptuous about my personal preparations for D’Day. I then came to intuit that adolescents and adults received the same device—same size and capacitance—to whoever may qualify for it.   

On the 21st of December, in the morning, stunned though amused that no catastrophe took place, and neither was I nor fellow Initiates moved to the Etheric Plane for safety (that was the plan for us White Robes), I took a walk around my neighborhood. Nobody was dead at all due to the high vibes! Thereupon, by hindsight did I infer that everybody was endowed with the same stabilizer by the Supreme Being.

It took me 2 days to reflect about the climb to 4th Density, to recollect my thoughts and do introspection. Then it came upon me that the Supreme Being wanted everybody else to have a chance to evolve and make it to the next level: 5th Density. This I arrived at by the ‘logic of abduction’ (to use Charles Sanders Peirce’s term) for a game plan that only the Father knows: that everybody deserves a 2nd chance, thus the endowment of Energy Stabilizer.

It was a clear case of Divine Grace taking dominion of the moment for humanity, in lieu of Cosmic Law of Karma. There indeed are moments in man’s evolution when the Supreme Being’s grace is put ahead of karma (retribution at helm), and the 21st of December 2012 was one such event.

So dear fellows of Terra’s humanity, enjoy the ride while the device is with you. Ensure your own preparation for the next step, as the bumpy journey isn’t over yet. Squander not that unique endowment that is given only once in an evolutionary cycle lasting eons by our timeframes, for while it allows your adaptation to 4th Density it doesn’t guarantee your entry to the higher 5th Density or dimension.

[21 November 2014]

Saturday, November 15, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day to you all!

It’s been quite some time before I write again about the ascension event. Being an Initiate of the Brotherhood of Light, also called Order of Melchizedek, it has been one of my major tasks to spread the ‘good news’ about the planetary ascension, with no less than Archangel Metatron urging me in 2008 yet to do ‘messenger task’ alongside my teaching of the (Divine) Wisdom. Many seekers and enthusiasts have since read my writings, and I wish to thank them all for the dedicated readership.

Many of my writings were already cited among links by online magazines, while many others were cut & paste into forums and social networks of ‘lightworkers’ and ‘starseeds’. I am so glad to fulfill the messenger mission, seeing the response of souls eager to know more about the ascension. I am also attuned, along the way, to the 99 fellow Initiates of various degrees who also were mandated to contribute to the main task.

To recall, I already heralded that: (a) we are in 4th Density already, (b) Kumara energies were released in order to hasten the ascent from 3rd to 4th Density, (c) Gaia fully activated the planetary chakras, and, (d) the Almighty Father intervened during the ascension process.

Among the Almighty Father’s interventions were (a) the endowment of an Energy Stabilizer to each member of the human population and (b) deterring any major catastrophe to happen at all. The first intervention enabled all humans, regardless of level of awareness, to withstand the high level of energies that converged on December 21st and 22nd (2012). The 2nd intervention allowed Earth to move a notch higher in the existential domain, minus all the prophesied catastrophe or cataclysm.

Let me elaborate more on the 2nd intervention in this note. 

In my past writings, I already delivered the caveat that in the final analysis, it is the Supreme Being who will decide about the landform configurations of Earth after December 21, 2012. Though I released heraldries about scenarios of massive floodings of parts of the planet, as I did honestly perceive such events taking place right in front of my ‘inner eyes’ during meditations and in dream visions, I likewise am aware of the active intervention by the Supreme Being on Earth beginning in 1974 yet. Such a general intervention can be used by the Supreme Being to decide on the final landform configurations up to the extent of deterring any flooding or sinking of lands.

In the final hours leading to midnight of the 20th of December, 2012, the Supreme Being could have delivered the fiat to a certain department of cosmic beings to aid in stopping any alteration of land mass or water movements on Earth. The Supreme Being could have ‘entered the planet’s very own psyche’ through overshadowing to ensure that no cataclysm will  ever take place, while cosmic beings plus the Divine Hierarchs of the planet used their own cosmic powers to reinforce the effort.

All Systems Go was already in place on that night for the angelic, seraphic, and galactic guardianship forces to transport humans to safety in case that the planet buckles down during the mass expansion of the Earth before it stabilizes its new surface level at circa 2 kilometers higher than the previous 3rd Density surface. Safe havens were in place and rescue teams were all prepared for emergencies.

What a relief for the Divine Hierarchy to have realized that, upon scanning the akashics for what will take place most immediately, the landforms still remained intact amidst the radical shift in density and mass expansion. Also, all the infrastructures down the surface were intact, while all persons remained glued to their daily routines as the Energy Stabilizers were working with great efficacy [they knew that the Almighty Father endowed them days before the main event yet].

Thus, as early as 9 p.m. of the 20th of December, 2012, an equivalent of ‘stand down’ directive was given by Ancient of Days unto all the commanders of the Light Forces, the Directors of the spiritual hierarchy and the respective councils thereof. A week of holiday came off thereafter for all the Forces that prepared with rigor amidst hectic schedules, with sighs of relief that no more casualties need to be counted. I myself had visions of members of the angelic legions assigned to the 7 Ray councils of the Brotherhood taking their own R&R [they were dressed down, relaxed, and had equivalent plays or games to wile away the time].

So let it be, fellows in 4th Density Earth. We can now focus on the change agenda with colossal challenges to do, as we get humans to build goodwill, cooperation, and end conflicts in a general situation of peace, prosperity and abundance for all Terrans.

[Manila, 15 October 2014]

Monday, November 10, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
On the 21st of December, Lord Ancient of Days--Logos of Earth--and His 3 Logoi Aides released energies in 2 points on Earth: Shamballah in Gobi area, and a point in the USA. The energies will be permeating all humans down to the cellular level. It will be up to individual Earth people or Terrans to recognize and feel the new energies, and use them to their own spiritual advantage.

In September of 1934 yet, Ancient of Days or Sanat Kumara released such an energy for the first time in recent history. That ended the seeming unending descent of Terrans down the dense worlds, and the human evolutionary ascent in the upward arc of soul evolution began.

The Dec. 21, 2012 isn’t the end yet. Across the coming years, the Kumaras (they're deities of Earth, assigned by the Almighty Father to administer human evolution and coordination w/ other lifeforms on Earth) will be releasing such energies yet.
[Manila, January 2013]

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Almighty Father, the Father-aspect of the One Universal Principle (God), has been directly intervening in the upward evolution of both Earth and the humans. That intervention began in 1974, which ended His non-interventionist policy in place since the beginnings of 2nd Phase Lemurians yet (c. 18.5 Million years BP).

As a result of that direct intervention, core events that are catastrophic or cataclysmic didn’t happen. Thus, the timeline of the Ascension of Earth, humans, and other sentient forms, has been changing.

Take the case of California, which could have sunk back to seabed as early as the mid-80s yet as many visionaries and mystics have pre-visioned. California is still standing tall today… Ditto for the explosions of Etna and Vesuvius that could have hap just a few months away from each other, which then could have signaled the beginnings of Polar Shift immediately thereafter. The successive eruptions didn’t happen!

This time around, the forecast polar shift, darkening of the Earth for days, solar blasts affecting our utilities, polar ice cap melting and succeeding catastrophic superstorms, floods, tsunamis, didn’t happen. Thus ended the need for moving Qualified Ones to safe havens (too many were built and prepared by Light Forces since 2010) upon Earth’s shift to 4th Density.

To cap the Father’s intervention, He has shown that laggards & demoniacs are also entitled to stay and waft in the Divine Energies and other cosmic graces. 3rd Density institutions and lifeways are very much around, thus challenging us to transform them from within.

This is the Father’s Will, it has prevailed, we better recognize it, adjust to it, and appreciate the Almighty Father for giving the Disqualified Ones another chance to evolve.
[Manila, January 2013]