Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Goodwill to thee!

As messenger of Light, among 100 White Robes mandated to do this task, exposing the evil deeds of fake teachers, prophets and their followers are among my task. So this White Robe, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Mahatma El Morya, will continue on the revelatory exposure of the New Age religion. I will focus the note hereby shared on the typical follower or adherent of New Age Religion who, I contend, worship Evil Masters or Beings in the subtle worlds.

New Age Religion isn’t exactly like the World Religions that you know, e.g. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, which all have organizations and structures for purposes of worshipful prayers and devotions. I will write more clarifications about the religion in another note. Suffice me to say here that it is very decentered, with no visible priesthood save for leaders and practitioners who were apprentices of leaders more or less.

The persons that get attracted to New Age are the typical mortals who have certain problems, e.g. emotional, that they wish alleviated from most immediately. Mortals are all fragmented, as you mortals are merely ‘soul fragments’ of your own Soul, therefore rendering you incomplete and imbalanced, and so mortals will ever wish for measures or spot interventions that will make them feel a sense of control over their lives.

Such persons would be attracted either to a fundamentalist or orthodox religion on one hand, and New Age on the other hand. Those who get attracted to New Age have certain grudges or are critical of world religions—of the priests, nuns, monks, lay leaders—and that situation could motivate them to get curious with New Age.

In the Quiapo district of old Manila, for instance, is a spot where one can find many card readers including Tarot. The control-obsessed person, who may be desperate for certain answers to his/her problems or questions in life, may visit the card readers for a fee as small as P100 per session (U.S.$2.50).

The same person, who is quite techie savvy as most Big City residents are today, can then surf the net for cutie sounding materials about cards, tarot, runes, and similar divination tools. The surfing brings him/her to ‘inner world’, aliens, crystals, feng shui, numerology, astrology, and other subjects on the YouTube. “O! how cool! These are what I’m looking for!” is a typical line of an eager adherent.

The same person would likewise discover the psychic magazines on the newspaper stands in Manila, buys them, and feels the need for them year in and year out thereafter. Crystals, amulets, incense, herbs, candles, and the likes abound outside the Quiapo Church, so s/he becomes a constant visitor there to buy the wares. Upon entering the bookstore, there s/he finds books that are so cool, they’re not even labeled New Age, but they’re what s/he’s looking for.

Upon narrating the same experiences to a friend, neighbor, or office mate whom s/he’ll find out to show similar interests, s/he can then be shown a schedule of a Healing Seminar, for 2 days, scheduled in Makati or Quezon City. That begins the lure into the trap of Healerism which takes shamanic healing as a cult, the lure deepens to an addiction, which s/he then rationalizes with the line that ‘healing is a spiritual act’, without even bothering to think that even evil ones conduct healing.

The intensity of involvement with the New Age paradigm then grows, until the addiction to it parallels the zeal of religious devotee fanatics. Aliens, conspiracy, controversial topics, yoga, meditation, New Earth maps, environmentalism, channeling, angel cult, elementals, ghosts, starseeds would spice up the later immersions of the same person. What is very clear is this: that person has no interest in returning to God that marks the true spiritual Seeker as Aspirant, who urgently feels the need for a qualified Teacher or guru and immediately immerses in the Wisdom of Light Masters even before meeting a living Guru. The New Ager is obsessed with CONTROL foremost of all.

If confronted by a Teacher of the Wisdom about what s/he is into, the person may show some shock, ending with the denial statement that “I never knew they were New Age.” But it’s too late. Even among ex-chelas of mine, who sought my mentoring decades after deep immersions in New Age, it was too late. I took them off the chelaship, as like unto other New Agers I knew they were already in actual worship of Evil Masters or Initiates who dog them by the minute during their waking hours.

“Many are called and few are chosen,” says the scriptural adage. That is because those who are called, but who fail to see the Aspirant’s Path of Probation, were already called upon by Evil Masters way back in their past lives. They align to those embodiments of them as Evil Ones, while their past Evil Masters would dog them no end upon discovering who they are and where they can be found in this present embodiment.

At night time, when the New Ager’s body sleeps, the astral body of the same person will naturally gravitate to a certain spot in the astral plane where s/he meets up with her own kind. Often than not, it is a place for worship, and the “master” would be expected to appear any time. The Evil Master does appear before his/her chelas during such sessions that become worship sessions like unto a world religion’s.

Name the Evil Masters and you’d find out they’re already familiar to you: Moloch, Belzeebub, Belial, AmenRa, Bama’t, Zoltar, and more. Moloch is on top of the line today, as he formally took over the chair of New Age chief priest upon the destruction of Lucifer as per directive of the Council of 24 Elders in the late 80s yet. Moloch can choose to manifest in other forms, such as shape-shifting angelic figure, or even of Mother Mary, or he can choose to manifest as the bizaare-looking Owl.

A Team of abominations serve the Evil Master in the astral worship spot. Such abominations ensures the steady supply of etheric embeds for the New Age followers. In case that the New Ager “accidentally” sought the healing of a Light Master to remove the implanted embeds, the abominations can always re-implant new embeds of which the mobile embeds (see my article about it) to the willing participant.

As a reward for the willful followers, the Evil Master will then end up the session by summoning an entourage of incubus/succubus abominations for sex orgies with wild abandon. The experience would end up in person’s dream narrative as having sex with a Twinflame or a Soulmate met up there or in the ‘dream world’ (astral plane).  It is not uncommon to hear of such stories by fake Lightworkers, i.e. New Agers, who delude themselves of Light awakenings in the social networks, which they share as blog articles.

A true Lightworker is first of all an Initiate of the Brotherhood of Light, while the Initiate’s (in case s/he is Teacher) own chelas (disciples) or students are Light Helpers. Master D.K. termed both Lightworker and Light Helper as ‘world servers’ while he was still around in physical embodiment. Light Helpers are the ones being mass transferred by Lord Kalki, World Leader Avatar of the Golden Age, to the 5th Density today, while the Light Workers (masters) go straight to Shamballah and Etheric Retreats of the mahatmas to report for work.

New Agers don’t go the way of the World Servers, being Evil Ones who surreptitiously worship the Fallen Masters. No amount of grandstanding or delusional faking up of Lightworker awareness will make up for the evils past & present of the New Age practitioners, even as the etheric embeds on them + their darkening auras are the very marks that will ensure their easier arrest & imprisonment by Gabriel’s warrior angels in due time.

[29 September 2015]

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

This messenger, Initiate (Melchizedek) of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will continue with the revelatory exposures of New Age religion as a subtly evil umbrella. For this note, the focus will be on the usage of New Age circles by Black Magic or Left Hand Path operators who, with great certitude, will all be arrested by Gabriel and locked up in an astral prison camp prepared for them.

Left Hand Path has many doctrines and practices that comprise it. Sex tantra and ‘tao of sex’ are Left Hand Path practices that may not be evil exactly, but which will guarantee your being stuck up in your own Path if you practice them. Sex magic done while in worship ritual for the likes of the evil master Amon (AmenRa), however, is evil, the starting point for observing or reckoning with the broad range of Black Magic.

Going back to my contention, Black Magic operators are inside New Age circles and have used the latter to harm people. The minimum harm that a Black Magician can do is to suck the prana of unwary clients, such as one does when consulting a card or tarot reader who is secretly a Black Magician or Sorcerer. The maximum harm comprises of sucking out energies and prana, accompanied by massive wounding of the astral body, passing on of etheric implants, weakening and debilitation, up to the death of an unwary victim.

I already depowered couples of such Black Magicians whom seekers or chelas (disciples) complained to me. Aside from depowering them, I also immediately called upon Gabriel to do soul arrest and imprisonment of the latter. Couples of sweetie-sounding New Agers in the social networks, notably Facebook, did I whack with lethal cosmic energy blows, forewarned them not to do their evil acts any further, and recommended seizure, arrest & imprisonment by Gabriel’s Legionaire Forces.

One particular Sorcerer, a European (Romanian) lady whom I will dub as Matajari (identity withheld), joined a facebook group I formed, circa 2012. She introduced herself to a fellow Brother of Light, Master T, from Singapore. Accordingly, Matajari revealed her involvement as deep penetration agent of her country’s intelligence service to another Brother, a European, and was faking up her compassion by offering information to be passed on to the Brothers about Luciferans in Europe.

Master T and the European Brother immediately asked me for counsel about the offer. I clarified to them that we Brothers have no need for direct information from the ground about evil Luciferan leaders, as we already have our own divine intelligence services doing the task. We cannot do transactions with any intelligence operative of established governments or private group down here, as such could only jeopardize our own security.

Master T also observed the foul smell coming out of Matajari’s aura. To confirm her suspicion that she was into sorcery, she led me to her Facebook page. Matajari’s face, though she looks pretty, emanates an eerie wave, the same feeling I also observe upon observing her daughter (early grade schooler or so). Master T did some follow up scans on her, and updated me that Matajari was practicing indigenous Gypsy magic, though she was hiding under yoga and eastern spirituality (you can see them in her photos).

Clarified about our own intelligence operational pursuits, aside from our arrest & imprisonment powers as White Robes, Master T and the European Brother then relayed the reply to Matajari that White Robes aren’t the least interested in information coming from her. A night or two later, Master T was struck by a Hypnosis Attack by Matajari which he was able to thankfully neutralize right away. Master T then relayed the attack to me, and cautioned me to be careful with her.

As a security measure, Master T recommended that I ban the 37 compatriot spies invited by Matajari to the Facebook group (called CosmicHub then) without exception. One of the spies even echoed the same offer to me, in case that I may be interested in knowing the Luciferan circles of Europe, which I also declined with disinterest. I told him candidly that such evil figures are already under constant surveillance by Gabriel’s legionnaire intelligence, and will be arrested & imprisoned in due time.

Couples of days after Master T’s almost being victimized by Matajari, the same Hypnotic Attack was applied on me. I was just about to take my sleep, after an hour of meditation, when I suddenly felt a numbness, with my intuition telling me pronto that it was a psychic attack by an evil force. I knew right then that it was the Hypnotic Attack of Matajari, the danger of which, in case I succumbed, could have commanded me to jump off the window of the 4-storey building where I was residing then (I was in a studio in 4th floor).

Ever alert for attacks from Evil Ones after experiencing such attacks since the 1990s yet, I immediately used a power mantra to neutralize it. I then summoned my Light Body to depower and neutralize the sorcerer. The following day, during my angelus time prayer & mantra session, I did a follow up whack on Matajari, summoned my Light Body to hand me over my fave weapon—Cosmic Sword of Ra—and struck Matajari’s 3rd eye area (brow chakra) with it to wreck her focus.

I then summoned Archangel Gabriel and recommended immediate action to arrest and imprison Matajari. A few days after that mantra session, while on meditation, I saw a vision of Matajari: gagged hands, with a metal contraption covering her eyes (akin to those used for convicts who go the electric chair destruction). A soul capture was done on her just then, and so her body that walks out there is merely a shell now. All of her fellow spies within her networks are on Gabriel’s intelligence list, and will all be arrested in due time.

There was also the case of a young man, age late 20s or so, gay, who struck an ex-chela of mine with psychic attack. In spite of the strict protocols I set for my chelas to avoid open interaction and ground meet ups with New Age persons they just stumble upon in a dance party or elsewhere, the chela persisted on meeting up with this gay who had an emotional interest on the chela.

That ex-chela of mine, good looking young man though gay (he hardly behaves like one), was already hospitalized due to accident which, as per his own words, was most likely due to a psychic attack from Gay Sorcerer. He reported to me that the evil gay was again in an act of victimizing him, via persistent calls on him, and so the chela asked for my intervention. Using meditation scans, I observed the evil gay as reporting to a coven of sorcerers in Bicol region, which confirmed my own thesis that he was merely an apprentice of a sorcery master.

I need not belabor the point that the gay sorcerer, like others that were complained to me by victims, were struck hard blows by me to neutralize, weaken, and ensure that they can’t again attack victims. I also recommended the evil gay to Gabriel for arrest & imprisonment in due time. As to how many millions of Black Magicians there are today in the planet, who use New Age as cover, we can only keep guessing about.

Such sorcerers, already hardened, with auras darkening in color with demonic beings attached to them, used up over half of their Light endowment for harming people and even killing many victims. They aren’t going to 5th Density Earth as they have a negative planet awaiting their own kind. 

[22 September 2015]

Thursday, September 17, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day from this Melchizedek!

As messenger, I have the added responsibility to expose the Evil puppets, false prophets & false teachers. So this Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s ashram, will continue with the theme of exposing the New Age sham, with focus on an expose of the New Ager’s aura.

New Age Religion, a very decentered religion, already deteriorated to the hovels of the damned, as it is orchestrated by its high priest Moloch, an Evil Master. Those who are attracted to it, with its hodge podge of garbled concepts and exotic practices that only tend to confuse and misguide people, often than not are actually Evil Ones, as they are attuned to their past embodiments when they enjoyed the indulgences of practitioners of the Left Hand Path, besides being closely followed or even possessed by Evil Beings. So let me describe to you how their aura would look like.

The most visible aspect of the aura is the Astral body. It looks exactly like you, though it is more expansive as it juts out around some inches off your physical surface. A spiritual Aspirant, under guidance from Light Masters, will show an aura that is shining with some Light like unto a lantern that has ‘soft light’. A Light Master’s aura emanates with powerful Light, with the end seam extending several meters to over 100 meters away from the Initiate (3rd and higher degrees).

Contrast that to a New Age practitioner’s or New Ager’s aura. The first you’d notice are the cracks on the astral body. Those in the Light (i.e. Aspirants) have their entire auras well closed, without cracks or wounds, thus the Light in them is very consolidated and grows stronger as they progress in the Path. The Light in the New Ager’s astral body is weak, and the remaining Light and prana are sucked out by demons (asuras), discarnates (incubus/succubus), fallen angels, and Evil Masters.

No matter what attempt a New Ager does to pretend to move to the Light, even with the guidance of a Master, s/he would keep on exuding unstable psyche—emotionally, socially, mentally—thus making him/her disfocused and exhibiting only a superficial interest in Masters’ wisdom and practices. S/he would always be drawn to the Dark side, as s/he keeps on attracting evil beings wherever s/he goes. It is very normal for them to bring along some evil ones during attendance in meetings, for instance.

100% of the New Agers has each a discarnate that clings to his/her respective astral body. Such discarnates aren’t of the Light, as they were in previous embodiments attached to black magic or other Left Hand practices. They make the New Ager their hosts, and they’re presence as possessors of the New Ager would attract other evil beings who will gladly join the fray of prana sucking of the willful host.

The cleansing, detox, and closure of the astral body, plus the etheric body, is among the first interventions I do on a seeker who seeks my mentorship. That’s why I speak from out of experience as many of them, a whopping majority or 80%, came from the New Age track. Should they be persistent in absorbing Masters’ wisdom lessons and observe the protocols instructed by me, I will proceed to other interventions.

The next important subtle body that co-forms the aura is the Mental body. This body is seat of cognition and language. Of the hundreds of seekers who underwent my mentoring on the ground, light or intensive, only a handful reached my intervention to detox, heal, and close the mental body. There is no need to clarify that the mental body of an Aspirant, who is consistent in the Path, shines brightly, thus contributing to the Light of the aura. [I do mentor & coach many seekers in the Etheric plane, and they’re easily reaching this level so far.]

A New Ager, who’s had long repeated vicious cycles of embodiments as a schizoid person (MPD or multiple personality disorder), will show a mental body that is broken like a huge glass sculpture broken up. Yet the broken pieces are intact, sticking to each other. The arrangements of the broken pieces could be jumbled though, and the sight of it by an unprepared observer can bring shockwaves of dread to see the real look of the erstwhile sweety-cutie imaged New Ager.

Psychics or spiritists or shamans are incapable of seeing the mental body of other persons, as their faculties go only up to the astral body’s eyes (astral 3rd eye) while they are awake. Only a Light Master, using meditation vision scanning, can perceive, scrutinize, and do interventions on a mental body of another person. The former—psychics, spiritists, shamans—are in fact the core stakeholders or lead practitioners of New Age to whom many Evil puppets will gravitate to.

The last of the subtle, yet gross, bodies that forms a facet of the Aura is the Buddhic body. It is largely amorphous. The center of abstract reason or intellect, it is also the seat of esthetic intelligence. Any Aspirant who reaches this far in balancing, detoxification, and healing, is just a few sub-steps next for the 1st Initiation—by the Christ inside the Inner Worlds.

I shall keep mum about how the buddhic body is approximately shaped or how many Aspirants I’ve handled reached this far. What I can share to you is that an Aspirant’s buddhic body is very luminously shining, as it is closed on its surface and is well functioning, thus contributing to the Light of the aura as a whole.

Contrast that impressive look to that of a New Ager’s buddhic body that looks like a bizarre grayish colored thing, the observer may mistake it for another thing other than the buddhic body. It hardly exists for the New Ager! Except for shamans, as lead New Agers, who may be of the Light, who came back to reform their own past Black Magic offenses, where the buddhic body can show semblance of neutral Light.

I did detoxify, heal & balance, and close the etheric and astral bodies of those many seeker-sounding New Agers who went my way for mentoring, and that’s the endowment from me that can relieve them a bit. Sadly, they failed in the initial tests for Aspirants, which made them leave my mentoring or made me remove them from the chelaship (discipleship). Mobile and fixed etheric implants by Evil Ones were surgically taken off by me from their astral and etheric bodies, but maybe that’s only temporary, for they’re no longer under my graces as they continue to immerse in or lead groups that are circles of the Dirty & Demonic.

Now, for you readers out there, pray tell me how can the New Age leaders, e.g. crystal masters, shamans, psychics, channelers, Wiccans, ever do healing/balancing/closure interventions on the aura, when such stakeholders are themselves ordinary mortals whose auras are perforated & dirty? Only the Light Masters, from 3rd Degree Initiates upwards, can do the interventions fit for aural detox, healing, balancing, and closure.

For the sincere spiritual seekers, who can mutate to Aspirants seeking chelaships with the Light Masters, be very careful of the environment you tread. For the Path is so full of tares, of obstacles, of barnacles too, such as the New Age religionists whose voices are so inchoate yet roam around in huge numbers today. Evil puppets such as recalcitrant New Agers aren’t going to 5th Density Earth, as they will be shipped out to any of the 7 planets fit for their awareness level when they physically exit in this embodiment.

[17 September 2015]

Monday, September 14, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Ilaw at Pag-ibig sa inyo! Paz y Amor a todos!

Messenger task surely has its own peculiarities, not only does it involve heralding revelations and forecasts but also exposing decadent and dirty practices by False Teachers & False Prophets. In line with this, I as messenger, who is also an Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Mahatma El Morya, will augment such exposures, with focus on the Ascended Master Activation sham of dirty New Age money-makers.

In late 2011, a male (nearing 60) approached me for my mentoring. During our meet ups, after administering to him my 7 Rays CosmicAware start up seminar lessons, he revealed to me his hard sojourn of having to wade through the murky waters of psychism, shamanism, spiritism, UFOism, all of which are the typical New Age stuff. One of those he underwent was the so-called Ascended Master Activation workshop, which surely got my ears glued to his words.

Accordingly, a certain male operator, who got his training overseas or so, echoed the Ascended Master Activation or AMA to New Age enthusiasts like him. He revealed that the AMA trainor first charged low fees, which then kept on getting higher and higher (other participants revealed this to him). When it was his time to undergo the workshop, the fee went up to P15,000 or roughly U.S.$375.

I was aghast at the pricing level alone, much more at the demonic pretension of a mere mortal to activate a workshop participant’s Ascended Master awareness. The workshop session lasted for a day, as reported (looks like an overstatement), with music and supposed focusing and discussions. I was likewise appalled by the stupidity of this man who wished my spiritual instruction, to undergo such a workshop knowing that Ascended Master activation happens only for those who are already spiritual masters whose Christ Bodies or 6th Bodies become awakened.

The man who sought my instruction I found out later on to have schizoid patterns, was truly unstable, with tons of delusions to wit. I took him off the chelaship as he was unfit for the mentoring, besides taking a lesson from a New Age leader who was puppet of the Zetan Greys at a time when he was also seeking my instruction. Abnormals or dysfunctional types are often the ones attracted to New Age and also to fundamentalist religions, as I’ve closely observed (I’m also a sociologist), so I won’t wonder that this stupid man who was desperate to ascend would be deceived by an equally stupid money-making New Ager. Like attracts like in metaphysics, as the Law of Attraction stipulates.

I’ve heard of the same AMA operations from some other persons, including a lady who approached me for the chelaship in late 2012. This same lady was also unfit for the chelaship, as she was dysfunctional, with hardened egoistic attitudes, and was hooked to New Age. Besides, she was on drugs and high society glamour as a young lady, having come from a wealthy family. The drug & sex experience she went through was enough to attract Evil Masters and demons to her, magnetize her to New Age, and get her to the obnoxious Ascended Master Activation experience.

The truth about Ascended Master Activation is that it happens to an Aspirant who finishes the 4th Initiation. Upon graduation, the person’s soul gets integrated to his/her monad (God-self), the LightBody or Christ Body merges with the person’s whole being. The One Initiator, Ancient of Days or Sanat Kumara, does his interventions during the entire 7 phases of the 4th Initiation, ending with the activation of the Christ Body, and additional endowments.

At 4th Initiation’s termination, the ‘pilgrim’ becomes an Arhat. Yet Ascended Master Activation goes on to the next level, at 5th Initiation, which enables the ‘pilgrim’ to become an Adept. Till finally the ‘pilgrim’ undergoes the 6th Initiation, whence Adonai and the Mahatma Guides assigned to the ‘pilgrim’ will do their part to smoulder a large portion of the dark karmas of the person gained from past lives (at least 51% of past incarnations). At 6th Degree, the ‘pilgrim’ becomes a Perfected One or Mahatma, and need not embody further in the physical plane.

That’s the predicament of any person who lacks the foundations of the Masters’ Wisdom that any true spiritual seeker will search for. A non-seeker, who has past embodiments on schizophrenic, black magic practitioner or sorcerer, spiritist mediumship, and shaman, and is locked in a vicious cycle of those incarnations, is addictively attached to psychism and matters of the astral experience. Thus, the attraction to New Age stuff like the AMA.

The further truth is that an AMA session by a dirty New Age money maker is a session for implantation of etheric embeds on the participants by the Evil Master and beings who are in control of the AMA operator. Even just a half day session of that dirty stuff could result to the implantation of both the mobile and fixed implants by the Evil Ones on the participants.

Any workshop that lasts beyond that, done by the AMA operator, with some parts of the workshop that involve lying down or supine positioning by participants, with hypnotic music to boot, already reveals a more hideous implantation: surgical operation to embed behavior control micro-machine or device. Any willing party to such a long session cannot resort to flimsy excuses of being ignorant about it, for the unconscious self of the person—governed by his/her Inner Demon (negative ego)—makes the person directly knowledgeable and responsible for the consequences of the evil act.

I can only surmise at how many millions of persons were directly and indirectly implanted with etheric embeds by the Abominations through the hundreds-to-thousands of AMA operators across the globe today. They are all on the long list of Gabriel’s intelligence units, so it won’t be surprising that the most insidiously demonic of the AMA deceivers will die sudden deaths as their souls are captured by Gabriel’s Forces.

[13 September 2015]

Thursday, September 10, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

May thy way to 5th Density be well Lighted!

This messenger, Initiate (Melchizedek) of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will share a very important note regarding the Merkaba activation. The core statement is this: (a) only the Supreme Being / Almighty Father can awaken your Merkaba (b) upon your attainment of Master Awareness (3rd Degree).

Certain New Age evil puppets have made the Merkaba activation as entry point to guile many ignorant folks who seem to be in great haste to be included among the ascensionauts going to 5th Density. The Merkaba New Agers have in fact formed circles across the globe, thus transforming the money-making the deceitful “Merkaba activators” into cult high priests commanded by a certain Evil Master.

The Merkaba is among the endowments of the Almighty Father to mark a milestone event in the life of a spiritual pilgrim or Aspirant. It serves as a protective shield for the new spiritual master, who finally finished his/her 3rd Initiation, thus graduating to the level of a Master for the first time. It is a pyramid of Light so strong that, once inside it, no Evil force can attack the 3rd Degree Initiate directly, thus enabling the same Melchizedek to do other functions more efficaciously such as teaching, messenger task, and soul healing (which only masters can do).

Needless to say, an Aspirant must first finish the 1st and 2nd Initiations in order to begin the climb to 3rd Initiation to become a freshman master. The 1st Initiation witnesses the Light Quotient of the physical body surge beyond 51%, while the 2nd Initiation witnesses the Light Quotient of the astral body overshooting the 51% mark. 1st and 2nd Degree Initiates are Mystics by awareness, who can already access the Akashic records but who aren’t masters yet.

As a protective endowment for the 1st and 2nd Degree Melchizedeks, the Almighty Father will take a fraction of Light from the Central Sun to serve as an Electronic Light Tube for each Initiate. This tube of Light has a diameter of nearly 3 meters more or less, strong enough to ward off psychic attacks from black magicians or Evil adepts.

As one finishes the 3rd Initiation—in all 7 sub-steps or phases of each Initiation—the Light Quotient of the mental body would move up till it breaches 51%. Meanwhile, the Light Quotient of both physical and mental bodies would also move up along the way. As a mark of graduation for the 3rd Degree, a luminous pentagram pointed upwards will be placed by the Almighty Father in the brow area of the Initiate, which is the mark of the Master.

Simultaneous with the endowment of the master’s Star comes the gifting of the person with the Merkaba fully activated. This merkaba can actually stay dormant when the person is reborn, but as the person finds his way back to the Path, the master awareness re-awakens and the Initiate sees both the master’s Star and Merkaba on himself/herself.

As the master down the surface moves up each phase of his/her Initiation, s/he will see visions of the Brothers/Sisters celebrate every successful termination for each phase till the Initiate becomes a Master at 3rd Degree upon finishing the 7th or last phase of the 7-phase Initiation. The grander will be the celebration, as one’s own Ashram council of 12 (support group) Initiates will joyfully co-celebrate the event.

Remember, when you’re on Earth, you are the responsibility of the Brotherhood of Light of Earth, from its highest command post in Shamballah (seat of Solar Lords for Earth) to the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Planetary Christ is the Initiator for the 1st and 2nd Initiations, while Ancient of Days is Initiator for the 3rd through 6th Initiations. The Buddha and Lord Melchizedek are the only other ones officially mandated to Initiate spiritual masters who are of the Earth Lodge of the Brotherhood.

Those stated facts alone belie the obnoxious claim of the Merkaba cult leaders and fanatics that certain gods or ascended masters from other star systems are the ones guiding them or so. Besides, the Merkaba activation is a matter of post-3rd Initiation outcome, and Initiation goes beyond mere “guidance.” Those grand liars out there haven’t even seen a single Merkaba of some other persons glowing in Light, much more to see their own Merkaba that remains as dormant as dead carcass that is the case for all mortals including those in the 1st and 2nd Initiations.

How could ordinary mortals, more so the dense, impure and dirty operators of Evil powers, ever perceive a Merkaba, when the only ones who can perceive it are the spiritual masters—from 3rd to higher Degrees? One’s own higher perceptive faculties, aside from the eyes of the etheric body (open only for those under Initiation), must be open in order to fully perceive the shining glory of the Merkaba.

A seeker from Manila who is known to me, of Buddhist shared to me the information that a leader of the Merkaba cult in Manila just died of a shocking death, in late 2013. The Merkaba grand liar leader was in his early 30s, of male gender. I candidly told the seeker that the cult leader was struck back by his own returning Karma, as he had deceived too many in too little a time, besides collecting so much money in the process.

Any New Age or who ever personality out there who willfully distort ascended master lessons, by taking ideas and practices out of context, and then coat the presentations with grand lies about being guided by Light beings from other star systems or wherever, will see the ‘returning Karma’ strike back a million times stronger in intensity than the energy of evil intent or purpose. Lord Maitreya himself decreed and used focused Kumara energy flowing through him that anybody who is attuned to Ascended Masters will get their petitions acted out in intensity 1,000,000 times in potency. Likewise did he forwarn those who commit misqualified use of Light energy, of the imminent danger confronting the evil doer in the form of returning Karma.

Not only do the Merkaba cult leaders, as do other New Age cults’ leaders, deceive people and distort Masters’ teachings as well as commit ‘misqualified use of Light energy’, they also are vehicles for disseminating etheric implants on the beguiled simpletons who listen to them, or connect to them in social networks, or join their circles. Gabriel has been busy capturing & imprisoning the souls of the evil puppets and abominations since late 2010 yet, so what can stop the mighty Archangel to use shock methods to punish once and for all the most mischievous abominations down here such as New Age cult leaders?

For all enthused ascensionauts out there, better keep focused on using Light for your own entry to 5th Density, without expectations that are too high for you to achieve in this embodiment. Use your discrimination and innate wisdom, and be as discerning as you can in accepting the words and practices of New Age circles & leaders to avoid being dragged into their own imprisonment in the ‘nether worlds’. Ensure your ascension to the 5th Density, or your rebirth in the New Earth upon its full unfolding as a Golden Age civilization.

[09 September 2015]

Sunday, September 6, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra 
Brotherhood of Light

Let the Light of Truth be with you all!

This messenger, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Mahatma El Morya, Initiate of a certain degree, will clarify some issues being raised by Maitreya Cult fanatics and other New Age circles. I began it with “Maitreya doesn’t need spaceship” as a style for presenting the other issues and truths.

Melchizedeks or Initiates of the Brotherhood of Light are down here on the surface, serving as ‘Light workers’ or ‘world servers’, empowered to be the actual ‘ambassadors’ of goodwill of Maitreya who is Supreme Grandmaster of the Brotherhood (master of all masters). 100 messengers were mandated to herald 3rd Dispensation of ancient Wisdom, which focuses immensely on the planetary Ascension.

Earthlings or Terrans were forewarned thousands of years ago yet that during the ‘end of times’ many False Prophets and False Teachers will crop up like millions of mushrooms. Not only will they disseminate grand lies that tend to deceive or misguide the folks, they will also use fear and mystery-shrouded contentions in order to let folks gravitate to their ersewhile “chosen people” of exclusive circles, cults, and sects.

Let me summarize their deceptive claims, and then make the clarifications of truth as correction to each of the delusional contentions, as follows:

FALSE CLAIM 1: Maitreya appointed a special ambassador to be his emissary or bridge to humanity on the surface.

TRUTH 1: Shamballah & Spiritual Hierarchy sent forth 144,000 Rishis or White Robes, added to Initiates of 1st & 2nd Degrees, to serve as Maitreya’s or Lord Kalki’s emissaries of Light. Certain crackpots may make claims about being ‘ambassador’, ‘emissary’, ‘amenuensis’ or equivalent self-serving egotistical titles and roles, all of which are highly deceptive and suspicious. Only a Brother/Sister of Light—of whatever degree—can serve the role of ‘ambassador’ for its Grandmaster, Lord Maitreya or Lord Kalki (Kolki in Western twang).

FALSE CLAIM 2: Maitreya just arrived, astride a huge space ship that is the Jerusalem Command or Nibiru planet.

TRUTH 2: Maitreya has been always on Earth, never left Earth, as he is Planetary Christ, Bodhisattva of the 5th ‘root race’. He needs no space ship to move across dimensions, planets, or stars, as he only needs thought command to send a ‘part’ of him to manifest in his destination, and use the same to depart from that destination. Remember, Maitreya is Avatara who is capable of being in at least 200 places at the same time. Nibiru is a Fallen Planet, populated by a racial abomination, of which Maitreya has nothing to do about.

FALSE CLAIM 3: Maitreya’s ‘Star’ signaling his birth is already in the East.

TRUTH 3: Maitreya has always been in Shamballah where all Ascended Masters or Mahatmas reside. He needs no star to signal his birth, which will be explained below. The star on the east referred to by the cult fanatics and New Age circles in the Philippine, which shines without flickering above Manila’s space on cloudless night, is the mothership of the Terran Command Guardian for the Earth sector on the East (I won’t reveal the scope of this sector). It shines like the planet Venus, can be mistaken for Venus. It moves westward from its east Luzon location (hovering above the Sierra Madre mountains), hovers at a location above a spot in Metro Manila (where a monitoring facility is located in space), and then moves Eastward back to its location in the early morning.

FALSE CLAIM 4: Maitreya will be reborn as a baby, in a circumstance akin to Jesus birth (w/ ‘star’ above).

TRUTH 4: Maitreya was re-born in 1924 yet, in Shamballah. The details of his re-embodiment or materialization wasn’t fully disclosed or remains confidential. HE RE-EMBODIED AS LORD KALKI, the World Leader during the Golden Age of Light which we’re in right now. He manifested a year before the 1925 Great Council of Divinities, a convention held once every 100 years, in Shamballah. Prior to World War II yet, the Initiates of the Brotherhood who were on the surface already addressed him as Lord Kalki. Maitreya is the prophesied Kalki Avatar, 10th embodiment of Lord Vishnu, who will reign in the Golden Age after the end of the Kali Yuga, and who will usher the reign of the Manu, Bodhisattva, and Mahachohan of the coming 6th ‘root race’.  

Be very discerning and cautious about statements coming from cult liars who number so many hundreds of thousands to millions now. The Maitreya Cult itself, as per my scanning of its members, is highly infiltrated by Black Magic practitioners. A lady from Germany, who connected with me in a social network, yet who strongly denied the existence of the Elders of the Race, was shockingly a member of a Black Robe circle of Left Hand path practitioners as per my meditation probe scanning. The secretive leader of that circle, a mustachioed German man, early 30s, attempted to attack me psychically in 2008, an attack effectively thwarted by me anyway.

In the Philippines, the Maitreya Cult members are so condescendingly arrogant that they regard every one else outside of their ‘in-group’ as inferior and subordinate. Light Worker and meditation circles in Manila refuse to invite them or ignore their presence altogether for purposes of special events. Accordingly, a Manila cult group’s leader performs rituals that are dreadfully bizarre, with narratives of hairs protruding out of the leader (male) during one particular ritual.

No one particular group or network can ever claim exclusive access to the Planetary Christ, the Lord Maitreya. He is accessible to everyone who is attuned to the Ascended Masters or Mahatmas, as he has already been assisting everyone on the ‘outer Earth’ surface without exception to adjust to the 4th Density vibrations. He, along with 59 other senior members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, is down here on the surface, and has been contacting the various Initiates who are down here.

As already clarified in my other writings, which my fellow messengers have also pronounced, Maitreya or Kalki Avatar will help get ascensionauts to the 5th Density. As I further clarified, he already helped in getting an initial population to 5th Density. In no way did he nor the messengers ever claim that entry to New Earth is the exclusive right or franchise of select groups and persons such as Maitreya Cult and New Age quacks.

“From the point of Love within the Heart of God,” so says the Great Invocation given to us by Maitreya via the mandated adept Master D.K. God as Love is for everyone else, so be it for accessibility to the Christ who is the Love aspect of God.

[05 September 2015]

Wednesday, September 2, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Goodwill & Peace!

This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Mahatma El Morya, will extend the subject of Earth Command Guardians to the elimination of evil aliens. Such aliens have been basing themselves underneath Earth’s surface for quite a long time, and must be cleansed before the planetary Ascension event.

Upon the formation of the Interim Guardianship Council by Lord Kalki, known as 10th and last embodiment of Vishnu in the Vedas, in the months of November 2008 through January 2009, among the top agenda elucidated was the elimination of the evil aliens. During the council formation, Sananda was also present, thus bolstering the role of a consolidated Earth Command in the emerging Ashtar Sector Command. All Guardians of Earth have since been reporting and sitting together in the command ship of Lord Sananda.

At some other time, Lord Gabriel, Chief Operations Officer of the Office of Archangel Michael, also sat in some of the council conventions. Gabriel’s warrior angels, both the Blue Lightning and Whitefire classes, known in lay language as Angelic Legions, were already engaged in Earth for its protection, balancing, and related tasks across the eons, and so that role must be extended to cover the final assault and decimation of the evil aliens.

Before the formation yet of the Council, both the Ashtar Command and Gabriel’s Forces were already involved in very close battle engagements with the evil aliens. The formation of the Earth Command formalized the contingents of Ashtar Command and Angelic Legionaires that will be reporting to the council, thus ensuring a well oiled, highly coordinated battle plan and actual operations.

All of the aerospace commands of the Inner Earth & UG (underground) cities were formally integrated into the Earth Command, finally formalizing the existence of such a command that was absent for so long a time. Such an absence began yet upon Lucifer’s rebellion as his Earth chief guardian Caligastia bolted and carted away the vast assets of guardianship to his side.
During those months of Guardianship Council meetings,  Galactic Confederation Forces re-opened the Galactic Hyperspace Portal above Palawan, Philippines. Closed for a very long time—by both Light and Evil Forces—it was finally re-opened. Thus traveled forth Confederation reinforcements, with huge mother command ships traversing the hyperspace. Guarded by the GC, the Portal is henceforth impassable to the Evil Empire Forces who are compelled to travel through space, which makes them lame duck targets by the Light Forces.

By the years 2010 and 2011, the offensive and counter-offensive campaigns were then stepped up. Reinforcements from the Ashtar Command and Gabriel’s Legions were further shored up. Volunteers from other galaxies even participated, such as our beloved space friends from Andromeda.

The results of the campaigns were very highly remarkable from the inception, as many alien bases were wiped out. The underground missile silos of the Luciferan Elite stooges as well as underground bunkers of the same cabals were struck with impunity and high discrimination by the combined Light Forces. By the last quarter of 2010, it was already impeccably clear that the badly decimated Empire aliens were sufficient to serve as go signal for the Guardianship ‘offices’ (mother ship + military back up ships) to establish space and ground basing in their regions of jurisdiction across the globe.

From the ground, my chelas and I were witness to some of the cleaning up operations done in southern Luzon, Philippines. During broad daylight, fine weather, our eyes noticed thick cloud formations that were off-season or unusual. Ceaseless flashes of lightning were then observed, which lasted from morning till night. In some key spots in the southern Luzon, the ceaseless lightnings inside giant thick cumulus clouds lasted for 2-3 days.

I then revealed to my chelas that the Light Forces have reinforced the cloud formations to conceal the cleansing operations done on evil aliens attempting to escape to outer space. I likewise told them that the ground bases of the said aliens were largely bombed down to ashes, with devices so precise that one cannot even hear bombing sounds emanating thereof. Their bases wiped out, the aliens have no recourse than to escape to outer space (they too can’t use the heavily guarded hyperspace in Palawan).

The decimation campaign was even more intensive and extensive in the year 2012. As December 21 approached, it was clearer to Ra, during his participations in the Council meetings and consultations with Sananda and Gabriel (using his LightBody), that no alien base should be left untouched in Luzon island, particularly across the Sierra Madre mountain range. To which the Guardianship military forces responded with impunity and high discrimination, so much that across the Philippines as a whole, not a single ‘lost command’ of evil aliens were able to form and consolidate.

At that time, the installation of the safe havens for a post-Ascension Day catastrophe in case that this happens, was already on very high gear. Though shielded with the protective Light of God (i.e. force field), the approach to every safe haven can always be sensed by ‘renegade’ aliens who will take no compunction in destroying every mass of evacuees and transporting Light ships in sight. And so there was no better choice than to decimate all identified alien bases and do a quick mopping up operations on alien survivors to deter their further regrouping.

The catastrophe may not have taken place, thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Being, but there’s no reason for the Light Forces to be lax on security now. In the years 1999-2002 came the attempt of the Empire to re-invade Earth, an attempt that was thwarted by the Ashtar Command with the Lyrans forming the bulk of the interceptors. Till now, the Dracos and Greys who were decimated to almost zero levels (few survivors on the run in our Solar system), are still smarting from that defeat, and they’ve called upon Orions to prepare and execute, along with the former, a larger war in the future.

Well, the Empire (Draco-Orion-Zeta alliance) should better accept it, that the War For Earth has already shifted in the balance of forces, that they’ve indubitably LOST. It is now too late for these abominations to return the verve that they showed hundreds of thousands of years back in time, for even the Evil Masters who are at their high command were badly decimated as Gabriel had arrested and imprisoned a whopping past 90% of their numbers in the Lucifera Sector (Sector 9 of our galaxy).

Citizens of Planet Earth, there is no more reason to ‘weep and wail’ over the long period of slavery by the once mighty Empire. Though its backbone hasn’t been fully broken down yet, the Empire has lost Earth, and was disabled from effectively barring the Ascension from proceeding.  Celebrate our victory, for it’s your victory as well!

This time around, with no more evil aliens to pester humanity as a whole, each one of you can now fully concentrate on your own ascension to the next level. Best wishes to your ascension effort!

[01 September 2015]