Monday, July 27, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious greetings, enthused ascensionauts!

In a previous article, this messenger & Initiate of a certain degree shared a note about the four (4) avatars who embedded themselves in the surface in aid of humanity’s ascent to the evolutionary path. I will next share a follow up article about the subject, with a clarification of the polarity game that Cosmic Evil challenges our own Spiritual Hierarchy to engage in.

I already wrote too many articles before about cosmic evil, the cosmic wars and factors that caused them, the ‘brotherhood of shadows’, Luciferan secret government, and related subjects. Do browse my articles for the same topics, rest assured they are short and coincise and thus easy to digest.

In those articles released in the previous years yet, I did articulate about the return of Cosmic Evil after its defeat in the great wars (World Wars I & II). Lucifer, who headed the Dark Lodge prior to his deprogramming in the late 1980s, directly possessed Hitler during the last great war, while the World Anti-Man possessed Himmler. In the next attempt to recoup their loses, Cosmic Evil will be led by Satan or Ahriman, who recently replaced Lucifer.

Rudolf Steiner, a High Initiate who embodied in Europe, revealed the coming of Satan and Anti-Man. Accordingly, Satan will embody in the U.S.A., while Anti-Man will overshadow (possess) the returned Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe. Steiner’s disciple Trevor Ravenscroft, a white magician, echoed the same prophecies in the book Spear of Destiny. Ravenscroft later released a follow up book, concerning 666 and Anti-Christ, which forecast the year that Ahriman will manifest on the surface: 666 X 3 = 1998.

The agenda of the hideous beings Anti-Man and Ahriman coincides with the agenda of the Luciferan hierarchy long gestated, modified, and enforced since the late 19th century yet. World War III (using Islam as entry point for ignition), mass depopulation, technotronic society that will be robot-controlled, and destruction of nation-states and replacing them with city- and region-states, and nuclear thermidore are the core facets of the overall agenda.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was also Augustus Ceasar and Cesar Borgia in previous embodiments, returned to Europe to fulfill his destiny. A technocrat and politician, he is being sponsored by one of the daughters of St Bernard of Monaco to move up the ladder of European Union power as the spring board for the tyranny of Neo-Bonapartism. [I was able to monitor, via meditation visions, some of their update moves since 2010.]

That move by the Cosmic Evil could have been one of the logical reasons behind the embedding of Maitreya in London, the seat of the financier abominations who control the world. While Bonaparte as Anti-Man works behind the scene in Brussels, center of the Union, Maitreya silently works in London.

As the returned Augustus Ceasar/Bonaparte represents the symbols of secular power, being politician and technocrat, the embodied Satan in the USA represents the spiritual power, on the ‘dark side of the Force’. Satan/Ahriman will give his blessing to Bonaparte, like Lord Melchizedek anointing Abraham as secular leader of a new nation nearly 5,000 years ago.

Satan, who I believe is not the ‘oversoul’ Satan but rather one of his ‘soul fragments’, is inside Big Business. Like unto Jesus Christ spreading compassion among the devotee masses, Satan today has been clamoring for redistribution of oligarchic families’ wealth unto the underclasses of developing countries. Who would ever suspect him as the long-awaited abomination for such wonderful acts of philanthropy he himself has been at the forefront of implementation?

Ahriman’s most symbolic center of economic power is the west of the USA, which houses the ‘new technology’ sectors. The polar region of that U.S. side is the east coast, which is where the Avatar 4 (un-named Holy One) is precisely embedded.

By derailing the ascension, I mean efforts to pursue in desperate fashion the evil agenda outlined above. If Cosmic Evil failed during the great wars (they were planetary in level!), then perhaps the hideous abominations are chancing upon a ‘window of opportunity’ to unleash the powers of the ‘Dark side of the Force’ in a series of inter-meshing chaos agenda that will outstrip the great wars in sophistication and extent.

If humanity will be polarized again like it was last century, during the great wars, then indeed its overall ascent will be delayed. The ascension may hit snags and stagnate for some time. During that ‘window of opportunity’, the Evil Ones may be able to harvest over half of the nearly 7 billions of souls down the surface. That is my reading of the overall chaos scenario.

Observably, while Christ (Maitreya) is in Europe, Anti-Christ is in the USA. While Anti-Man is in Brussels/Europe, Avatar 4 is in the USA. It surely is a puzzle as to who the Avatar 4 is, a puzzle that is part of the excitement and ‘adventure’ for spiritual seekers. Avatar 4 then could be the polar opposite of Anti-Man, this is all I can say of the matter (my intuition is capable of unveiling the holy mist but I won’t, as it is a secrecy).

Amusingly, the Christ & Avatar 4 tandem and the Anti-Christ & Anti-Man tandem are engaging right now in a very delicate dance of cotillion. The USA & European Union, two wings of a mighty eagle, are the theatre stages of the cotillion. Now that we’re all in 4th Density, let’s observe and monitor events in both unions, and make check lists of how much the hideous abominations are succeeding in their agenda. So far these are the facts: the installation of Martial Law in the USA, coupled with the declaration of ‘emergency rule’ (tyranny) in the EU, haven’t happened as planned, or unless I must be prejudging the case of the Evil Ones.  

In the end, as I already detailed in my past writes about Gabriel’s arrest of Evil Masters and the resumption of the cosmic war, both Anti-Christ and Anti-Man will be arrested and imprisoned by Gabriel. Though my reading of the unfolding events is that both abominations won’t just surrender to Gabriel without a fight like what hundreds of thousands of arrested Evil Initiates had done. They will put up a huge fight, most likely off-planet, and that signals the commencement of the new phase of the cosmic war.

[25 July 2015]

Wednesday, July 15, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will share a brief reflection about the four (4) avatars who were all on the surface of our beloved Gaia for the past two (2) decades, till two decided to depart. Just exactly what was the purpose of their mighty convergence here on the surface?

By Avatars I refer here to the ‘major avatars’, those direct embodiments of God during time of colossal evils on the entire planet. The purpose of a major avatar is planet-wide, in other words, while those of ‘minor avatars’ (great masters and great warriors) are confined to a certain kingdom or nation.

For your own personal enlightenment about avataras, do read the book Avataras by Annie Besant, which clarifies with details the purpose and missions of avatars, with focus on the embodiments of Vishnu. Another important reading material is the book Externalization of Hierarchy by Alice Bailey & Dwjal Khul, which elaborates on the same subject, the coming of the Christ, and preparations being made thereof for the Christ’s forthcoming mandate as World Leader.

In the ancient past, often than not it only takes a single avatar to do the job of balancing the excessive Evil on the surface, i.e. among humans. The 20th century, however, marked the overwhelming increase in population, to the tune of past 6 Billions by the early 1990s. 6 billions of mortals’ Inner Demons (‘guardians of the threshold’ or ‘negative ego’), corresponding to each of those living on the surface (with exception of spiritual masters), is just too much of a mind boggling phenomenon, enough to attract cosmic evil and many Evil masters, thus ensuring a rapid decay and destruction of our planet.

As I’ve been echoing over and over in my past wisdom articles, the most dangerous evil is the Inner Demon that’s inside of us: our respective negative ego (the ego also has a positive facet). When one surrenders his psyche, mind, soul to his/her Inner Demon, then other evil beings will come to the person to suck his/her Light and destroy the former. So don’t be cowed by the Devil that’s an external force, as the Evil is right inside of you.

Mahavatar Babaji was the first among the avatars to have embodied down here and decided to overstay by using an ascended body for over 1800 years. Working silently behind the scene, he passed on kriya yoga unto many disciples who were advancing Initiates. Meditation, the lost science, had to be relearned by mankind, and use the same among key methods for accelerating the attainment of God-realization (monadic awakening).

Sathya Sai Baba, known as Cosmic Christ, then came next. He actually arrived before in past embodiments, though like every human on the surface, decided to depart the typical lifespan of less than 100 years old. He arrived again in the 20th century, spread his Love through his 75 millions of devotees, and balanced the cosmic evil that was dragging humanity’s rapid ascent in the evolutionary path.

As the 2nd world war was raging, these two avatars alone were sufficient to counterbalance the Cosmic Evils that were bent on destroying the planet and humanity. The top abomination was no other than Lucifer, who directly possessed Hitler. The other abomination was the World Anti-Man, who possessed Himmler.

Even after the two abominations were defeated, thus “sealing the door where evil dwells,” ending the world war and creating a new international order for goodwill and cooperation, Babaji and Sai Baba stayed just the same. Babaji continued to mentor advancing Intiates both east and west, while Sai Baba attended to the mass of devotees who were also from both hemispheres of the globe.

Maitreya, planetary Christ and supreme grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Light, decided to immerse into humanity’s life stream and was already to overshadow Krishnamurti, in like vein as he overshadowed his disciple Jesus 2,000 years ago. But alas! Krishnamurti rejected such a virtuous option for his mission! Instead, Krishnamurti chose the sojourns of a globe-trotting speaker, his teachings more fit for coffee shop bohemians than for chelas of a teacher, as he renounced all guruship as of unworthy a mission!

Dismayed at such a behavior by a supposed chela, Maitreya decided to go the course of manifesting on the surface directly. He manifested first in Shamballah in 1924, fashioning a body using thought command as any avatara of his stature (dhyan chohan) can do. Then, he busied himself with constituting a team comprising of members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who will join him in his ‘acid test’ externalizations on the surface.

In the year 1974, the Almighty Father decided to intervene directly on Earth and thus ceased His policy of non-interventionism. It could have been around that moment of decision, that Team Maitreya (to coin a term) was finalized, as a beacon from no less than the Supreme Being boosted the go-signal to move to the surface. The 3rd Dispensation of the ancient Wisdom also began its opening salvo, which has a strong ‘flavor’ of Ascension-anchored revelations, with JJ Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch.

The more senior aged Light Masters called ‘144000 Rishis’ or ‘White Robes’ had begun with their missions, including teaching and prophecy (messenger), so there can be no further delay on testing the waters for the externalization of Hierarchy. And so off from Shamballah and the Etheric retreats did 60 senior members of Hierarchy go to enter the surface, with Maitreya (or Lord Kalki) on the lead.

A most gladdening part of the Team Maitreya was the inclusion in it of a 4th avatar, whose name wasn’t revealed to us all. Avatar 4 is positioned in the east coast of the United States, while Maitreya as Avatar 3 posted himself in London. The other 58 Hierarchy members distributed themselves across the planet, with over a dozen deciding to embody via being born as babies till they grow up to fulfill their missions. [See Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Manual for the update circa early 90s.]

Before the clock ticked to 2012 time frames, Mahavatar Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba departed. Such a departure should be cause for elation, as it is a clear indication that the danger of excessive evil destroying humanity’s chance for ascension has been largely neutralized. The teamed mission works of 4 avatars were stunning successes, thus demonstrating to us the mind-boggling powers of Light of a small avataric team contrasted to over 6 billion humans with Inner Demons intact.

Not only did the 4 Avatars counterbalance the evils inherent in 6 billion+ humans (‘twas past 6.5 billions by 2011), they also counterbalanced in a colossal tit-for-tat the equally gargantuan abominations of Cosmic Evil beings. In that regard, the 4 Avatars also succeeded with impeccable sterling success.   

[15 July 2015]

Monday, July 6, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Benign Earth just passed a phase of her 4th Initiation. Mabuhay Daigdig! Hail Terra!

As a messenger for the Brotherhood, this Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Master El Morya’s ashram, will share an update heraldry about beloved Earth. Endowed with consciousness that is yet evolving, Earth is 3rd Degree in her Initiation, has been consistently though slowly ascending, and sacrificing so much just to help us humans and other life-forms evolve to where Divine Plan has defined as end-goal of evolution.

I’ve already writ articles in the past that may aid in your proper understanding of our planet and her ascension. One article that synthesizes the planetary ascension is: E. Argonza / Ra, “EARTH’S GALACTIC INITIATION, PLANETARY ASCENSION,” 07 June 2012. There are others that can aid in understanding the planetary mass expansion, updates about earth changes, and so on, so please browse my writes to review them.

As to where Earth came from, do review the book of Rudolf Steiner, as follows: R. Steiner, Cosmic Memory (Prehistory of Earth and Man). Steiner was among the early founders of theosophy, during the 1st Dispensation of (ancient) Wisdom or higher mysteries being revealed for the first time to the open public. But he departed from the Blavatsky team, the core of 1st Dispensation thinkers, by revealing that Earthlings were first evolved in the Saturn round before reaching the Sun and Moon rounds and reaching Earth finally, and also by revealing the celestial origin of Earth.

Let the thesis be simplified this way: there used to be a supermass of a planet called the Sun or Solaria, and both Moon and Earth came from this mass. Let us go phase by phase in our tracing of ancient history:

·         Sun and Moon were first a single mass. Ancient Terrans were evolved here first. In very shadowy forms they were, the same bodies they used were also used by the celestial forces like Dominions, Thrones, Powers, Seraphs, Archangels in their sojourn, from Saturn through the Sun evolutions.

·         The Sun then passed through her pralaya (sleep). Then upon being revived or re-awakened, Sun had to ascend to higher state and form. All those life-forms not qualified to move up, were thus brought forth to a new land mass extruded or split off from it: the Moon. Thus was the split, as the planetary mass for those who still need much space and time to evolve had a new home of their own: Luna or Moon. The new planet was then very large, as it was less dense yet than what we see now—the shell of its 4th evolutionary round. [Its most evolved or 7th Round form is in a very high dimension, invisible to us.]

·         The Moon later progressed in its manvantara (evolutionary round), though not completed (a failed evolution), then underwent a pralaya. And upon her re-awakening, her evolution already completed, those Lunarians who were of cosmic awareness proceeded to the higher cosmic plane awaiting them. Meanwhile, those evolved ones but who failed to make it to Dhyan Chohan (planetary spirit) awareness, added to the laggards, were transferred to a new planet that was split off as a huge chunk of Moon: the Earth.

We need not overstress that Moon is by far older than Earth by one whole manvantara and one whole pralaya, so many billions of Earth years older. From there, the rest is history. Monads from Moon plus new monads intended for Earth then descended together down the mineral world to breath the Life-Wave to the infant planet. This was the first evolutionary round in the Earth evolution, and was the 1st Initiation of Urantia (ancient name for the planet). 7 phases marked that evolutionary epoch, each phase thus comprising a phase in Urantia’s evolution.

The monads proceeded next to the vegetative phase, thus evolving plants from simple to complex form. The epoch was the 2nd evolutionary round of Urantia, comprising thus of 7 phases in all which corresponded to the 7 phases of the 2nd Initiation of the planet. Upon completing this epoch, relative pralaya (rest) took place as happened after the 1st epoch, Earth thus graduating to 2nd degree Initiate.

The monads moved next to a new form, more dynamic and active then the plants: the animals. Another 7 phases comprised the new round, like the first two rounds, which corresponded to the 7 phases of the 3rd Initiation of Urantia or Terra.  A pralaya was thus observed after the end of the ‘animal round’, as Urantia graduated to 3rd Degree in her Initiation.

Gaia (to use another name) is still in her 3rd Degree today, long after Man (thinker) began his sojourn five (5) epochs ago in this present 4th evolutionary round known as the ‘devic-man’ round. Sadly, she suffered immensely as a result of the Fall of Man, for the evil or dense negativities of humans have to be borne by her. For that is among Gaia’s role: a ‘septic tank’ of the negativities of humans and subhumans (lower life forms). Her own evolutionary ascension was delayed: humanity already moved up the evolutionary arc in 1934 yet, while Gaia moved upwards only recently—last 21st of December, 2012.

But nonetheless Gaia has moved up, she just finished a phase of her 4th Initiation, though she will await yet the manifestation of two (2) more human ‘root races’ prior to her own graduation to 4th Degree and well deserved pralaya. So much tribulations did Gaia suffer for humanity, as twice—during Atlantis’ descent to absolute evil, and the present Aryans’ descent to the same state—was she threatened to be destroyed by nuclear thermidore. Had the Nazis innovated on the atomic bomb in the early 1940s, Earth could have gone the way of Atlantean evil days when cataclysm destroyed the remaining land masses of both Lemuria and Atlantis for incessant wars.

The Divine Beings, God, intervened on both occasions. Sanity prevailed, Gaia prevailed, and she’s safe and sound for other life-forms to be safe and sound as well. Though there may yet be attempts to go a nuke fest by madmen in the future, madness won’t prevail on Gaia as “the Plan of Light and Love is working out/ and is sealing the door where Evil dwells.”

Earth will expand yet across the next three (3) evolutionary rounds, enlarging to a less dense mass, prior to the long deserved pralaya. Along the way, there may be celestial bodies or masses that may challenge the planet’s integrity, but the Divine Beings notably Ancient of Days protect Earth within their respective Ring-Pass-Not. The Divine Governors can easily use thought-commands to deflect or ward off land masses that come this way, rest assured.

So be not terrorized by the idiocies of conspiracy and controversial story fear-mongers. The fear-mongers are Fallen Ones, receive their commands from Evil Ones to foment an environment of fear and intimidation, and will all suffer their karmic crimes in due time. NO FORCE WHATOSEOVER CAN DESTROY EARTH, to re-stress the Divine Plan.

After the pralaya will come the transmutation of Earth’s remaining dense energies, and her evolution to a cosmic being. She will be a 7th Degree Initiate after the advent of the ‘heavenly man’ in the 7th Round. Upon her re-awakening, she will begin her 8th Initiation, and will mutate to a nova. That is her divine destiny, and who knows that she will, in the distant future as a nova, be endowed with planets to bring forth new life in a new universe (star or solar system).

[05 July 2015]