Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
01 July 2012
Good morning from this side of Terra!
Ra, messenger of the Hierarchy, from the Darjeeling Council of the Brotherhood, will focus on the Indigenous Peoples’ or IP’s destiny for this note. Bro Sal Rachele, of the Order of Melchizedek, already shared heraldry about the IPs, so let me augment what the magnanimous guru & messenger had chronicled.
IPs have been the subject of mass slaughter and genocidal actions by the dominant or mainstream populations for too long in our history. Human evolution in fact had seemed to be one of new emerging races stumping out IPs whom they regard as less than human.
Being so close embedded in natural habitats, the conquering peoples or class (mercantile/oligarch) would take no second thoughts in driving out IPs from natural reserves. As IPs are dislocated, the conquerors have unbridled access to mineral, forest, and related reserves.
Other conquering populations that thrive on intensive crop production did their grossest acts to enslave the IPs that are nearest to them. In the case of North American landlords, the IPs were bought as slaves from Africa, traded by Portuguese and British slave traders. Today, IPs are the object of recruitment by business groups for cheap labor.
The latest exploitative and inhuman acts on the IPs is the surreptitious collection of genes from hinterland tribes. The goal is to study the IPs, know what makes them sturdy and adaptable to their habitats, and patent the same IP genome to make for colossal bucks of profits as the genome applications find end-users in the North/West.
IPs have long been practitioners of sustainable horticulture, hunting & foraging, sustainable forestry (they cut trees only for their needs), marginal fishing, small croppers using sustainable agriculture. In case that they needed metals from out of metal ores, the IPs mine the ores using ‘sustainable mining’ methods that don’t destroy the mineral source base.
Being blessed with the folk knowledge to adapt to their nature habitats, which to mainstream populations seem harsh (as the latter are alienated from nature), the IPs have sincerely been true stewards of nature habitats. They are genuine practitioners of ecological balance.
Even the music and dances of the IPs are very admirable forms and types. Their beats cohere with the beat of the heart, thus qualifying as Music of the Heart. Noting them as exemplars, many mainstream musicians fused the IP beat with modern themes and rhythms to form what is called today as World Music.
There’s more to write about the humble yet magnanimous fellows in the natural habitats, our beloved IPs. Suffice me now to declare, as the Divine Hierarchy declares, that IPs have suffered too much, so their sacrifices for the sake of conserving ecological balance shall be rewarded by getting all IP communities to the evolving 4th Dimensional Earth soon.
Amid their sufferings and continuing prejudicial experiences from their mainstream counterparts, they never attempted to build weapons of mass destruction or WMDs to get even with the enemy. On the contrary, many of them decided to walk away silently, retreat to higher grounds or harsh environments that mainstreamers refuse to habituate, and there curve out new living experiences while preserving their own culture.
Most of the IPs will co-inherit the New Earth, even without having to undergo individual spiritual initiation. Roughly 6 out of 7 IPs across the globe will go New Earth so definitely. That’s 600 millions out of the 700 millions of IPs. Out of that 600 millions, around half are already immersed in urban or mainstream life as wage laborers, domestic helpers, some professionals, and many others married with mainstreamers.
The spiritual history of the IPs is one of collective initiation in reality. Collectively, the IPs passed the tests of Hierarchy, and so Gaia herself will bring the IPs up to the next dimension soon. No force can ever stop that from happening.
Blessed be the Indigenous Peoples! Go forth and build your new homes in the coming New Earth! God is with you all the way, mabuhay!

Sunday, June 12, 2016




Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


29 June 2012


Good evening to you all! Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat!


Vivaldi’s musical pieces, notably 4 seasons, are playing as I write this piece. The classic music from a notable musical master (a spiritual master embodied as great artist) is fitful celebration for a Terran population that is almost unknown among the Aboveground people: the Underground or UG people, generically known as Telosians.


Of the 1.5 Billion Terrans who will ascend to New Earth soon, roughly 120 millions are UG people. 1.4 Billion will be Aboveground people divisible yet into two (2) populations: the (a) Mainstream and (b) Indigenous Peoples or IPs who are also termed as ‘tribal’ communities. Integrating the 3 populations into one in the New Earth is a complicated task in itself.


For now, let me focus on the UGs or Telosians and leave the matter of integration interventions for future heraldries. UGs possess a relatively balanced psyche, and are thus less prone to psychological disorders and/or criminal behavior contrasted to the Aboveground peoples, so around 99% of them will ascend to 4th dimension very soon.


Just exactly how did it happen that certain Terrans are living underground remains an enigma to those who are aware of their presence. They actually buried themselves underneath the surface before the last Ice End ended, and that’s how they started to flourish down there.


Terrans were a techie-savvy people as a whole before 9,500 BC when the rampaging waters from the polar regions rushed to inundate the world. Already at the level of knowledge-intensive technologies, they were able to travel to space. The Atlantean remnants on Poseidonis were the exemplars of that level of development, though the LemuroAtlantean Aryans of the East were no less advanced.


As early as 3,000 years before the Poseidonians ignited events leading to the bursting of gas bubbles underneath the continent, other Terrans already knew what was going to happen. The anticipated demonic fireworks of the Poseidonians, using the crystal energy producer in their core city, led other Terrans to build safe havens underground.


Thus, as the gas bubbles burst into explosions of cataclysmic proportions below Poseidon, the other Terrans retreated underground and sealed the entrance beyond discovery by future survivors aboveground. The UG survivors brought along with them their philosophy, science, technology, arts, and alchemy, so they more than thrived below the surface.


In contrast, those aboveground who survived (Noah’s family among them) eked out a pitiful existence after the flood waters stabilized. Civilization took the backseat aboveground, surviving communities returned to the Stone Age, and it took almost 2,000 years before civilization recovered in the famed Osirian (Egypt) and Rama (India) civilizations.


The UG peoples went on with their life, surmounted their polarities, and expelled peoples that were rowdy and troublesome (Gypsies among them). They strictly executed a population control policy, with each city allowed a max of only a million people. It was ZPG or zero population growth for a very long time down there.


Approximately 115 cities were built across time. They were interconnected through underground bullet-speed railways that traveled at 3,000 KPH or so. They continued to improve on their computer tech, robotics, lasers, electromagnetic pulse, space tech, and military tech. They strengthened harmony and balance, eliminating conflicts among them.


With an iron-forged solidarity, they went about to eliminate Reptilians, Zetans, and other negative aliens basing down under. They took no qualms in destroying Men-In-Black or MIB hybrid assassins (soul-less ones) that were eventually eliminated too.


Knowing the full import of the ascension, the UGs finally decided that it was time to move on and depart for space. Almost all of them are up there now, save for a skeleton force that continues to monitor the underground sector areas and eliminate some other aliens that they might have missed out to eliminate.


The UGs already rescinded the age-old ZPG and has embarked on a Baby Boom policy. They’re preparing for the mass evacuation of qualified aboveground peoples, as well as conduct relief & rehab operations post-ascension time.


So that’s the update about our Terran siblings. May they fulfill their missions with successes and victories!

Thursday, June 2, 2016




Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


27 June 2012


Magandang araw! Good day!


As messenger for the spiritual Hierarchy, Ra of the Darjeeling Council (1st Ray/Enlightened Power) will clarify in this note the matter of judge role-performance.


To advance the Divine Plan’s extra mandate: White Robes will be deputized to perform judicial roles as Judges. Guardians will go a step further in the Divine Plan, with extra mandate as Executioner on top of  the Judge role.


The task of judicial decision-making (judging) actually belongs to the Karmic Board. The Board works very closely with the Recording Angels or Lipikas who are keepers of the records of each soul on both the angelic and human dimensions.


Let’s take the case of an incarnating soul. As soon as this soul dies, a relative rest will be experienced, the length depending on the soul age of the person. Then, the soul will be summoned to the halls of the Karmic Board, explained the plus and minuses from out of the karmas of the previous embodiment, after which a decision will be made as to where, when, and family will the reincarnating soul embody.


Upon the ringing of the bells on early morning of the 21st December ’12, divine grace will be granted to many souls on Terra. Those who did not live meritorious life across the past epochs, and judged unfit for Terra, will be moved to other planets fit for their own levels of awareness.


As a caveat however, there will be instances where certain souls’ life cases may need to be reviewed. This is where the White Robes are needed to help in processing the said souls. Their decisions will be final and executory, as the Divine Plan stipulates.


This judicial facet of the Plan was first released over 2,000 years ago thru John the Beloved in his Book of Revelation. It was stipulated in the said scriptural document that the time will come when even angels will be judged by humans—not ordinary humans, but the Ascended humans.


The same facet of the Plan was re-echoed by JJ Hurtak in his book Keys of Enoch, writ in the early 70s. Pronouncing the heraldry to Hurtak, Lord Metatron re-iterated the Plan about extending the judicial functions of the Karmic Board to the emerging spiritual masters (White Robes).


Albeit, judging the fate of the Dark Adepts and their dirty operators is altogether complex. The overall judgement for the Luciferans and other Dark Adepts falls upon the shoulders of Lord Gabriel whose Forces are now very prepared for the mass arrest of the former and incarceration in the Kama Loka (Hell) planet reserved for them. Yet there remains some complexities along the way.


To address those complexities, the incoming Guardians will be mandated to serve as both Judge and Executioner for each one. Gatekeepers, teachers, healers among the White Robes may be constrained to perform the Executioner role, so the option is to concentrate this special task to the Guardians.


Take the case of the many false prophets, the grey elements, and so many other grand deceivers down here today. They have committed a misqualified use of their endowments of divine Light, and it is easy to monitor and authenticate such a misuse by getting the records from the Recording Angels.


Not only did those erring persons deceive people, millions of them served as Evil Masters’ agents for embedding dirty implants on hapless victims. The latter were then hooked up to the machinations of certain Evil Masters, were darkened in the process, till they finally joined the Fallen Ones in their dirty pursuits.


I have seen with my own eyes how certain members of social networks for starseeds and Lightworkers fell to the Evil Masters’ clutches with just but a handful of dirty operators to begin the task. One particular social network, the, has over half of its members move to the Dark side in just a few months of membership there (I was there once but was unjustly banned by its creator who has a discarnate attached to her aura, the discarnate a former voodoo practitioner!).   


So, enthused aspirants, be glad that there will be more wise Judges coming right down on the surface in just a few months to come. December 21 is Judgement Day as we Brothers of Light already explicated, so prepare for the even greater separation of the ‘wheat’ from the ‘bad grass’ before the new cities rise in the New Earth.