Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
15 July 2012
Gracious Day from Ra of the White Lodge!
As a forthcoming Guardian, who is now on intense consultations and council meetings with Sananda, Ashtar, Lord Kolki, Gabriel, let me share a note about the Hathorian Council and its wise counsel on the Guardians.
In early November of 2011 did I notice the appearance of the insignia of the Divine Beings in a halfway world called the Hathorian domain. At first puzzled by the images appearing in my meditations, I knew that the imagery is a way of contacting me from thae Hierarchs’ haven that is, per my estimate, situated at 9th Density.
I came to intuit, around January of this year, that the images were from the Hathorian Hierarchs. The contact with me has a great deal to do with my tasks as a Guardian, as the images came almost right after I’d had visions of gigantic motherships of the Galactic Command which means my Lightbody (Oversoul) was inside the ships attending Council meetings there.
Being in 9th Density, which is just one density away from the Masters’ World where I (via my Lightbody) normally go home, it was easy for the Hathorians to contact me when the time for my next mission is near. The blasts of energy from them reveals a very high level of awareness, though I’m already accustomed to high levels of energies due to my own spiritual ascension (c. Nov. 2008) for as long as they are not Logos energies (I need to ascend to Avatara in the distant future to withstand their energies).
Hathorians took on the mandate to provide supplemental wise counsel to Ascended Masters who have donned the cloak of Guardians based on divine mandate (from the Brotherhood of Light). Akin to Krsna counseling Arjuna during the act of warfare, the Hathorians offer such timely counsel unto the Guardians who, in one way or another, will be the superiors of the Commanders of the sectoral & special commands of the Galactic Confederation.
Admittedly, for around a couple of years now, I was experiencing a dilemma concerning operational pursuits in the coming Cosmic War. For one, working with Galactic-level beings came as a surprise for me, and so genuflecting on the proper conduct of relationships and directives from them gave me dilemmas to ponder.
There also is the dilemma of the lost command Fallen Aliens as well as the Nibiru planet making a backdoor entry for negative aliens at a time when the Righteous War in the firmaments commence so many lightyears away from our Solar system. Having known the Annunaki in particular for their recidivist ways, there is the possibility for new Guardians to engage in mass termination of the adversary forces as a zealous expression of courage and duty.
The relationships and proper decorum with the Brothers who are of Galactic-level responsibilities have since been ironed out, and I have established a fraternal fondness for the likes of Sananda and Ashtar. The dilemma with the Fallen Aliens have also been cleared out, thanks to the wise counsel from the Hierarchs of the GC, Michael & Gabriel, and the Hathorians.
Just one more kink remains in the operational engagements: the Annunaki question. In this regard, the Hathorians finally decided to pull me up the Hathorian domain, and so this happened about a month ago when, during a meditation, I saw a very clear vision of going up (via my Lightbody) to the realm of the ‘liberated souls’ (sleeping in Divine rest in the 5th plane) where, incidentally, the Hathorian Council decidedly instituted their offices.
No less than the being called Sekhmet welcomed me upon arrival there. Then I was brought straight to the Council of Hathorians who were already waiting. Right there I was given diverse scenarios of engagements in space, after which I was handed wise counsel on how to deal with them.
The Hathorians are a halfway hierarchy between the galactic & interplanetary Guardians on one hand, and the Galactic Logos & Logoi Aides on other hand. Though Sananda & Ashtar can communicate directly with the Galactic Logos & Aides, they do also receive wise counsel from the Hathorians which they gladly accept.
Let us all be thankful to these loveable beings from the Hathorian domain, for even if they need not delve any further with our concerns down their dominion, they stretch out to us with loving care and immense wisdom.