Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Fraternal solidarity to all ascensionauts, Terrans!

Who among the role players down on the surface could fitfully serve as bridge between Man (humans) and God (Divinities/Ascended Host)? This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will shed light on the subject.

For the central statement, let it be declared: the Initiate is the bridge between Man and God. I am echoing this contention, shared by all spiritual masters alike, not only to clarify who serves as that focal role player, but also to debunk (a) the New Age falsehood that the Shaman is “bridge between Man and Spirit” and (b) the Christian fallacy that the Priest is the “representative of Christ.”

I’ve already made some contributory clarifications about Initiation in my past writes, such as the previous one titled “60% INITIATES, 51% ASCENDED MASTERS IN THE AGE OF LIGHT,” so please browse and digest their contents as much as you can. The Brotherhood of Light, which counts all the Initiates on Earth—from Sanat Kumara (Planetary Logos) down to the 1st Degree (mystics of 1st level)—have emphatically pronounced that Initiates will be sent to the physical plane in advancement of the Work (of Light), to aid other mortals move up the ladders of the Path.

An Initiate (of Light), also called Melchizedek, is strong enough in Light & Love and relatively balanced than any of the mortals who are merely on the Probationary Path. All Initiates for that matter have their Etheric eyes, mental body eyes (4th eye), and buddhic body eye (5th eye) opened, thus permitting them to communicate with their Brothers & Sisters of Light in the etheric and higher planes.

With natural healing abilities to aid them in the Work, aside from natural wisdom that comes straight from the ‘source’, Initiates are the most fit for linking up the humans on the surface to the Divinities or Ascended Host in the Inner World. And let it be stressed that the Ascended Host to be linked up with comprise of Terra’s very own Divine Beings, not of the Divine Beings of other planets or suns/stars. Such is the clear-cut protocol of communications, which immediately renders as grand deception those claims by others of channeling for deities or ascended masters from outside Earth.

As to the first fallacy concerning the shamans, let it be clarified that SHAMANS ARE MERE MORTALS. They aren’t necessarily Initiated Ones, are psychically imbalanced (schizoid persons), and their extrasensory faculties go no higher than the 3rd eye or astral body’s eye. Shamans who serve the Light are those former sorcerers or black magicians in past embodiments, who now wish to make up for their karmic debts by doing healing works and neutralizing psychic attacks by Evil Ones.

There is no guarantee though that a shaman, though for the Light in this life, won’t go back to a life of a schizophrenic which was his/her state at some other embodiments. A friend of mine, who keeps on returning to the psychiatric ward for treatment and then goes out for some months, then goes back to the ward again, and so forth in vicious cycle, was shaman for some lives in his past embodiments. Though a seeker now, he barely listens to me, which makes it hard for me to apply interventions to heal him, take out all of his evil etheric implants, close his aura, and rebuild his mental body & mental energy (lost to evil ones who pester him relentlessly).

Save for some few spiritual masters who do embody as shamans, such as the custom has been in South America’s east coast and the Philippines, no Initiate for that matter has ever been enticed by the Brotherhood to embody as shaman. The linkage that shamans do for humans is the same linkage done by spiritist mediums for the same purpose: the ‘spirit world’ of the astral plane where resides many Evil beings who often disguise as other identities during mediumistic or channeling sessions.

As to the 2nd fallacy, which everyone knows fully well, of the Christian Priest being the representative of Christ, the fact only gets more evolved souls to be less magnetized by church life and go the freethinker’s life instead. Christians don’t even know the difference between Jesus and Christ (an office), and that ignorance begins with the very ignorance of their very own priests and bishops/hierarchs about the matter.

Christian priests and most priests, both women and men, across different denominations and sects, are merely mortals. Save for a few Initiates who choose to go the way of the Priest in this modern embodiment, Christian priests are as dirty and dense as the shamans and other mortals for being close to their own respective Inner Demon (negative ego) than their own Christ within or Light Body Oversoul.

Priests are generally Uninitiated Ones, so how can they ever serve as bridge between the lay person under their pastoral care and the Ascended Masters such as Jesus? Christian priests and lay leaders are big headaches for Jesus himself who will have nothing to do with much of them as he is now in the process of retaking back the Church leadership (in the Inner World).

As to priests being ‘priests of the Order of Melchizedek’ such as was mentioned in the Holy Bible, that was during antiquity when churches were still venues for Initiation of the 1st Degree at least. That time had long passed. The true Melchizedek is Initiated in the Inner World, by 4 avatars who are the only ones mandated by Cosmic Hierarchy to conduct Initiations for Terrans: Maitreya (Planetary Christ), Ancient of Days, Buddha, and Lord Melchizedek.

So let me end at this point with the cautionary statement: be very conscious of the spiritual knowledge about the real bridge between Man and God so as not to be deceived by grand liars.    

[25 November 2015]

Sunday, November 15, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Kapayapaan at Ilaw! Paz y Luz! Peace & Light!

You ascensionauts may find it interesting to review the long-term goal of the Ascended Host regarding spiritual evolution during the Golden Age. So this messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will shed light on the subject.

Humanity, notably the Outer Earthlings, cannot be pushed into going through a certain direction, as humans craft their own destiny. However, as far as spiritual evolution is concerned, that is the domain of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballah. It is for that reason that the mahatmas, with St Germain and Dwjal Khul at the forefront, released the spiritual targets in the past decades yet concerning the Divine composition of humanity in the distant future.

Nobody can return to the Supreme Being for that sublimest union or yoga without passing through spiritual Initiation. A set of tough tasks and tests, Initiation’s purpose is for the movement in awareness from one level to the next higher ones. Even angels and elementals, who are lower in evolution than Man—the thinker (from manu)—must embody as humans, pass through the Initiation, until at some point they’d be moving upwards in their own evolution and be freed.

So the mahatmas pronounced the spiritual goals for the future in terms of the Initiation Path and the Ascension goal. The long term targets were thus established:

·         Percentage of Initiates: 60% minimum
·         Percentage of Ascended Masters: 51% minimum

By long term the mahatmas meant the Golden Age of Light that has already begun, which will last for 20,300+ years (as per Guruji Krishnananda’s ascension forecasts). The great hope of the mahatmas is for a permanent golden age or satya yuga, which they already expressed in public prior to the advent of the present Age of Light yet.

Considering the sluggish progression of Outer Earthlings of humanity as a whole, it seems impossible to even aim for a permanent golden age, much more for goals of majority of Terrans evolving into Initiates and Ascended Masters. However, one better consider also the great purging of the ranks of Outer Earthlings right now as the Laggards and Demoniacs are being transferred en masse to other planets fit for their own awareness right after their physical exits.

Which means that, at a certain point in the future, as the percentage of more evolved souls will increase, there will be an acceleration of the Initiations of Terrans across different levels. I already heralded recently the readiness of over 1 million souls to start with their 1st Initiation (done in the Inner World), and we’re just at the 4th Density phase of our history.

Anticipate an Initiation acceleration as the mass transshipment of misfits—laggards & Fallen Ones who failed to use the Divine energy endowments for appropriate progression in their respective Path—will be nearing completion. The time frame for that accomplishment of soul transfers cannot be established at the moment, as the Divine energies are still penetrating and anchoring on all individual Terrans as of the moment, as the anchorage will take till the end of 2018 to complete yet.

We do anticipate an incremental increase in awareness of the Fallen Ones, veiled and dense ones, as the impacting of the effects of awakened DNA strands (12) will go beyond ‘critical mass’ within their psyche. The most insidiously Evil will use the Divine energies to move their abominations to another level as already clarified in my previous writes, which only exacerbates their disqualified status for ensuing privileges as Terrans, thus justifying their quick transfer to the Evils’ planet by Gabriel’s warrior angels. But a fractional awakening is expected, and that counts a lot no matter how seemingly small it may be.

As to the total number of souls on Terra, the estimates would be as follows:

·         Physical Plane: 7 billion (Inner Earth & Outer Earth included)
·         Astral Plane: 30 billion
·         Mental & Causal Planes: 133 billion

The souls on the Astral Plane are those who already are on their way back for re-embodiment. They already passed through processing in the causal plane (4th plane), had passed down the mental plane (3rd plane) only briefly with their consciousness sleeping along the way, and are in a ‘halfway planet’ where they’re further processed which serves as their base as they negotiate with prospective parents prior to their new infancy.

Given such a whopping total estimate—of 170 billion souls—you can visualize the complexity and enormity of the task of processing each soul. That’s why the Recording Angels (Lipikas), Karmic Board, and Spiritual Hierarchy necessitate very large volunteer brigades for the processing tasks.

As to how many among the 170 billion souls will be retained on Earth will be the huge “million dollar” question. As I already heralded in my past writes, there will be a population reduction, with the purging out of the Laggards & Demoniacs (that is now happening). Aside from that, there is a reinforcement of Evolved Souls from higher dimension planets, the numbers of which we can only make guesses for now.

What is clear is this: after the end of the year 2125, a year of conference for the Great Council of Divinities of Earth, the 170 billion will be greatly reduced to barely half. There will be an evaluation and assessment done by the convening Lords & Ladies of Divinities, with reports coming from the Lipikas and Karmic Board, and so the decision for the next purgings be taken up till 2225. As early as 2025, there will already be a preliminary decision made, which will be decisive in determining how many will be brought to 5th Density Earth in the foreseeable future, and so on.

Fast forward to 800 years from now, when the 6th ‘root race’ of Meruvians will emerge in the global landscape. It will be at that juncture when the Initiations will generate new spiritual masters by the millions annually, as per my rough estimate. Realistically, it will be during the advent of the Meruvians when the 51% Ascended Masters can safely be fulfilled, and maybe the time frame would be towards the end of the genetic, egoic, and soul development of the members of the new race.

It is only with the predominance of an Ascended Master population that a permanent golden age can be ensured. Let’s look forward to that dazzling jewel of a future, as the spiritual Ascension will complete the narrative of Earth’s Ascension for the greatest numbers of human souls on the planet. May you be blessed to be part of that dazzling effervescent future.

[15 November 2015]

Saturday, November 7, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Peace & Solidarity from this Initiate!

For this note, the messenger Ra, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s ashram, will continue on the theme of humanity’s readiness for ascension. As tackled in the previous article, the ascension will lead to humanity becoming a Center of Spirit in the distant future. An ‘other half’ of humanity, the Inner Earthlings, are all set for that as they await the Outer Earthlings to build Right Relations in practice.

I already wrote reportorials about the Inner Earth peoples, who I labeled as Underground Cities peoples. I will revise the terminology, by adjusting to the evolving term ‘inner Earth’ to refer to the Agarthans plus the underground cities’ peoples. I did some more research on the Inner Earthlings, and confirmed that those who reside on the surface of the inner segment of the planet actually comprise the larger populations, whereas the UG cities’ peoples are merely satellite of the same clustering of populations.

It did take me some time to digest the information about the Inner Earth peoples. Mystical writings, such as Trevor Ravenscroft in his book Spear of Destiny, did touch on the subject. The perceptions about Agarthans and Shamballah the Lesser peoples were negative for the likes of Ravenscroft, while those coming from actual observers such as Admiral Byrd are positive.

Besides, I was still enamored to the geological contention about Earth being dense matter deep to its core, so I can only accept for a time the Underground Cities peoples as the acceptable hypotheses. Recent review of the literature finally convinced me that the Agarthans do exist in the inner Earth surface which likewise exists.

I am very much in contact with Master Adama, as we sit together at another level in a council (guardianship) comprising of aides to Lord Kalki, the world leader avatar for the Golden Age. Beyond that, I have no knowledge passed on down to my lower mind about meetings or consultations with the Agarthans’ Elders, though I did have visions of the Inner Earth including segments of Shamballah the Lesser.

Albeit, I do am convinced that the Agarthans are of the Light, as they are more balanced and evolved than the average humanity on the Outer Earth. At another level, in the mothership of the Guardian Ra, among the subordinate commanders are Brothers of Light from Agartha & satellite UGs, so that’s where I do some interactions with the Inner Earth peoples through brief, spot goodwill chats with them.

The situation is like this: the Inner Earth peoples are already very much prepared for the ascension to 5th Density Earth. They’ve done their respective Inner Balance works individually while concretizing balanced social relations across cities, ethnicities, and communities, across many millenia. They’ve risen above their own differences, which they did by building Right Relations at the same time as they expelled to the Outer Earth those ethnicities that keep on engaging in conflicts or exhibit mal-adaptive behaviors on a collective level.

They already underwent alliance-building across the millennia of mutual existence, the concrete result of which is a confederation similar to the United Nations of the Outer Earthlings. Their confederation successfully integrated into the Galactic Command or GC, thus representing Earth on partial basis in the GC.

However, they cannot ascend en masse to 5th Density Earth without forging a sublime unity with the Outer Earthlings. Considering the phlegmatic pace of ‘Outerians’ (to shorten ‘Outer Earthlings’) whose violence, conflicts, and demonisms stubbornly resist change, the Agarthans’ ascension is being delayed with seemingly no visible time frame worth the wait for the ‘Outerians’ to finally unite in Universal Brotherhood.

Needless to say, a united ‘Outerians’ must recognize the Agarthans & UGs as their very own brothers, as co-inheritors of Earth. As of this writing, there is nary a whimper of exhibition of such a recognition, not even in the shadows of the grapevines as some ‘secret agenda’. The United Nations and world powers are very busy with the same old agenda of ending wars, solving mass poverty globally, and asserting the rule of law on an international scale, so the recognition of the Agarthans by them is too remote to be considered on the agenda for consultations.

So much can be done to speed up the solutions to mass poverty if only the ‘Outerians’ will recognize the Agarthans and concur collaborative engagements with the latter. Not only did the Agarthans & UGs solve poverty too long ago, they also possess large amounts of gold and treasures that can aid ‘Outerians’ in bankrolling social development pursuits to redistribute wealth, make everyone productive, and end mass poverty.

The economic, political, and cultural life of the Agarthans can be observed and documented by scholars and experts from the Outer Earth. Agarthans & UGs are the nearest sources of role models for the ‘Outerians’ to emulate, their cities are easily accessible, and they are easy to relate to as they are of our own kind: Terrans. ‘Outerians’ therefore need not belabor to fly to some other star systems in order to observe and emulate success cases of living in all of its aspects.

It is best that ‘Outerian’ scholars, scientists, and experts are the ones to document as the studies will be more systematized than the impressionistic anecdotes of Admiral Byrd et al that fail to show the totality of life ‘inside there’. Anecdotes are good only insofar as they whet the appetites of controversial topic enthusiasts, but they are narrowly delimited by the observational limits of the writers concerned.

So how can ‘Outerians’ ever send collaborative teams of observers to go ‘inside there’ when there isn’t an iota of formal, official, unconditional recognition by the concerned authorities and institutions on Outer Earth? Certain luminary minds have expressed their opinions on the subject, but such minds are considered eccentric who border the fringe, not worth the attention of the broader community of luminary minds.

Patience is the best option of the Inner Earthlings in that regard. Meanwhile, they continue to do their task of helping to keep Earth secured against negative alien intruders, as their forces are spread out across the atmosphere as part of the consolidated Terran Command formally constituted inside Shamballah in recent times. Their Elders of Light form a part of the Ascended Masters of Earth who all report for work in Shamballah under the lordship of Ancient of Days.

We can at most do our part by recognizing them down here, and acting out in prayers and invocations for a final reunion between both peoples of Inner Earth and Outer Earth. This, aside from our very own petitions for the unification of Outer Earth peoples in an ethos of Universal Brotherhood, thus finally reuniting all the ‘Outerians’ in one whole family under the aegis of the Ascended Host or God.     
[05 November 2015]