Monday, August 31, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious greetings from this Melchizedek!

I’ve released in 2012 yet the heraldries about the forthcoming World Leader, Guardians, Gatekeeperships, and coming world government. This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s ashram, will share to you some updates about the Guardians of the planet.

For so long a time, the great division between two worlds—the Inner Earth & underground (UG) cities on one hand, the Outer Earth and post-Ice Age peoples on the other hand—remained. Guardians of Light as a whole shifted allegiance to Lucifer during the Cosmic Wars, thus leaving almost nary a Guardian save for the Inner Earth & UGs who retained rulerships of Guardians and/or Melchizedek priests.

The Inner Earth & UGs therefore formed their own governments and confederation (equivalent of today’s United Nations) which then sought permission from the cosmic hierarchy to join the Confederation of Light (for Milky Way civilizations). Earth as a whole had no guardianship structure of sorts, so the protection of the planet had to be done on concurrent capacity by Gabriel’s legions and by volunteer members of the Galactic Command/Confederation.

“The times they are a-changing” though, as Bob Dylan’s poignant poetic line says. Many new spiritual masters ascended the ‘Jacob’s ladder’ (Initiation), with the ascended masters alone exceeding 100,000 as of the early 1990s yet. Among the Initiates sent to the surface known as the 144,000 Rishis (White Robes) were those whose monads were of 1st Ray (power), who upon ascension in November 2008 were given the mantle of guardianship.

In the aftermath of the wonderful ascension graduation for many Rishis in November the 22nd, 2008, Lord Kalki right away constituted an interim council comprising of emerging Guardians plus those highly competent leaders of the Inner Earth & UGs. Thus was comprised the Interim Guardianship Council, a planet-wide body that was absent for a very long time (after Lucifer’s rebellion/Cosmic Wars’ hot pursuits).

Lord Sananda and Lord Kalki have been convening the Council on a regular basis since January of 2009. Imagine the profound joy of Lord Kalki, as a formidable staff of administrators, largely 1st Ray in monads, would be assisting him in the preparations of the governance structures, process, and culture for the New Earth.

Furthermore, Earth will finally have a unified command structure of its own that will protect the planet from invasive species of Empire forces and renegade aliens. Initially, the new Guardians were supplied each with a mother ship and military back up ships, along with personnel and officers, from the Ashtar Command of the Confederation (Ashtar Command’s jurisdiction of our Sector 9 in the galaxy + added mission in aid of ascension).

The Guardians of Earth were thus apportioned a region or sector each for the planet. In late 2009, the motherships and back up military ships prepositioned themselves gradually in their regions of jurisdiction. The Guardianships were uncloaked from the very start of locational positioning, contrary to the claims of psychotics and Evil puppets down here, though the ships are positioned in high altitudes that make them appear like stars.

A Guardian’s command ship—of huge mothership size—is so spacious that its very own chamber (room) spaces exceed that of the imperial palace in Beijing five times over. Noting this large enough space, the Guardians then offered their own spaces to the emerging Gatekeeperships to hold conventions, regular meetings, and temporary offices until the ‘city of governance’ will be constructed and installed in 5th Density Earth.

The chelas of White Robe teachers in our surface are normally sent to the Guardianship ‘offices’ (command ship + back ups) for exposures, relevant trainings, and interactions with the personnel of the said offices. The personnel today is largely composed of professionals and technical people from the Inner Earth & UGs, who also expose the chelas to the diverse smaller Light ships and patrol ships up to some piloting maneuverings if necessary.

Those persons down here who had long exposures to the Ashtar Command, who may actually be undergoing Initiation too like all Melchizedeks, can actually easily identify the ships of the Guardianships while viewing the space vehicles down the surface. One such person, whose identity I shall keep confidential, would exclaim, while looking up in Philippines’ space, “hey that’s an X-Class, o! that’s Y-Class…yeah look at the Light ship!” just to show you the visibility of the space ships in broad daylight and night time.

The Guardians administering the Earth Command have on top priority today the conduct of affairs related to the ascension. A strongly Earth-centered priority is for now the top priority, top regular missions and contingency tasks. The missions (tasks) include wiping out the last bases of the Evil Aliens of Earth, aside from intercepting and wiping out incoming Empire (Draco-Orion) and renegade aliens. However, in the long run, the Earth Command must meet its commitment to send contingents to far space in pursuit of Evil Ones in the revived Cosmic Wars.

For you enthused Ascensionauts, please trash those deceptions coming from folks and evil puppets who continue to peddle a “cloaked” space people or so in our planet. The Guardianship offices are fully uncloaked, but they won’t descend down so low as to risk being the targets of military assets of world powers down here. They will not bow down to the behest of spiritual quacks here who wish them to show themselves at so low an altitude, as that obnoxious act will reinforce the Cult of Aliens being fanned out by New Age evil puppets.

The Guardianships have already installed new structures up there in space, akin to the international space satellite. Above Manila, for instance, in one special spot there (which I won’t reveal), are structures for communications, monitoring, and related purposes, as Manila’s very own space is the ‘station base’ of one particular Guardian. They’ve also installed bases down the surface, in high altitude areas, where the command ships of military back ups are landing every now and then.

Let there be no mistake from military forces of surface people to engage the Guardianships, as they will be effectively intercepted even before they come near the military back up ships (they’re of mother ship size too, though smaller than the Guardian command ship). Besides, the ships of the Guardians can always tune up to higher density, thus cloak themselves instantly, so as to avoid engagement with hostile surface human forces.

The mission order of the Guardians are very clear: smote to fragments only those Evil Aliens & renegades. Leave the Outer Earth surface people untouched, while helping to guard also the Inner Earth & UGs who moved up to space and stay there for some time prior to entry to 5th Density Earth.

Hail Lord Kalki! Hail Lord Sananda! Hail the Guardians of New Earth!

[28 August 2015]

Monday, August 24, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Kapayapaan at Pag-ibig! Peace and Love! Paz y Amor!

The ever high urgency of forging Right Relations among us Terrans remains. So for this note, this messenger, Initiate (Melchizedek) of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will echo a very definitive invocation aimed precisely at shoring up Right Relations.

I say ‘definitive’ to mean that the Great Invocation, which is actually the 3rd stanza of Great Invocations, was released during the holocaust of World War II. That planetary war is way behind us now, yet look at how Terrans—of the ‘outer Earth’—treat each other with hostility and violence today.

For discussions about the Great Invocation, do refer to the work The Externalization of the Hierarchy, by Master Dwjal Khul and his chela Alice Bailey. It was Master DK who was mandated, among other 2nd Dispensation of Wisdom messengers, to release the Great Invocation and disseminate it as widely as possible in order to make a dent in the war arena so as to contribute to the “sealing the door where evil dwells.”

The invocation came from no less than the Supreme Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Light, Lord Maitreya, who gave the mandate to Master DK to disseminate it across the planet. I use the term “Lord”  to address Maitreya in a manner of a Knight using it to address a Seignor, as all Ascended Masters from 6th Degree upwards are my divine Seignors [I use “Lady” to address the female Mahatmas].

The Invocation came to my attention only in 1994, when I was formally re-integrated to the Brotherhood (as I turned middle aged, ready for renewed mission) by a teacher from the Philippines, Felix Fojas. The version passed on to us was actually invoked in a modified verb version, eg. “Light streams forth into the minds of men” instead of the original “Let Light stream forth into the minds of men,” yet it hardly matters. The essence of the Invocation remains the same, even as newer versions of it were drafted to suit the Moslems, Buddhists, and devotees of other religions who may not be keen on proclaiming “Christ will return to Earth.”

Several years, nay several decades after the conclusive defeat of the Evil Ones who were entombed where they came from, the Invocation remains as relevant as possible today. So please invoke it on a daily basis, aside from channeling Light unto the whole humanity on a daily basis as much as possible. Proclaim the Invocation as frequent as you can during the day.

Here is the original version of the Great Invocation:


From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
May Christ return to Earth.

From the Center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men
The purpose which the masters know and serve.

From the Center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Love and Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

As I elaborated in couples of articles of mine, the Evil Ones, lead by Ahriman and the World Anti-Man, are down here on the surface, desperately orchestrating for holocausts to rev up their abominable agenda of destroying humanity and Earth. Unlike in World War II when Lucifer possessed Hitler, this time around Ahriman (who replaced the deprogrammed Lucifer in the evil hierarchy) sent forth one of his soul fragments as an embodiment inside the United States of America.

Before another hot caldron of a planetary war will erupt, such being the maximum agendum of hell fires by the evil hierarchy, let’s sustain the blanketing of the entire planet with Love and Light. Let’s not wait for a nuclear thermidore to eradicate all life forms on the surface of ‘outer Earth’ as happened in Atlantis, before we wake up and realize the gravity of the abomination. Let’s ensure that the evil, already buried in past aegis, be buried forever in the catacombs where they dwell.

[23 August 2015]

Thursday, August 20, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Light & Love unto thee! Ilaw at Pag-ibig sa lahat! Luz y Amor a todos!

Divine Light is in so much surplus today, as it is truly the Age of Light. So allow me, humble messenger & Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Master El Morya’s ashram, to shed light on the Light and its diverse uses.

For an easy-to-do tapping of Light for diverse purposes, please visit the website of Guru Krishnananda []. Zoom straight into his ebooks Experiences of Light Channels and Preparing for 2012. I was amazed at how simple is the method for tapping Light by the Guruji K, far simpler than the one I teach to my chelas that is based on meditation (meditate first, tap Light via meditation, and then send the Light to targeted clientele or end-users).

Before the 2012 event, I was at best very keen on tapping Light for my meditation purposes. Though learning to tap the distinct 7 Rays for starting up a meditation (balancing chakras), I later opted to tap (White) Light in general as it already contains all of the 7 Rays. I did discover, via my practice in the 1990s, that one can talk to the Light and to its respective rays, and then direct the rays desired for purposes you have in mind for them via invocative method.

The nice thing about Light—call it Divine Light if you wish—is that you can direct it on persons without their consent for the application you have in mind for them. Unlike the specific colored rays, which one cannot just direct on others without consent, Light is instant ‘share-ware’ of free endowment.

Cognizant of the surplus of Divine Light after 12/21/12, I then experimented on its usage by blanketing my very own room (in a previous residence) with it. I transferred residence in January 2013, but with much restrictions by the landlady, e.g. I can’t burn incense for driving out negative energies and balancing the room, I decided to try Light instead. It worked! Then I used Light to blanket the entire residence as I notice too many demonic beings hovering in its astral space (I scanned the space during meditations), and, well, it worked to ward off the demons & discarnates!
In other words, Light can be used for feng shui purposes, to neutralize energy conflicts in home spaces and in an entire home. So if Light can be used this way, I then opined that maybe I can use the same Light to ward off the Evil beings pestering my close kins. Well, it worked again!

So if you’ve got a closed, balanced aura, enough to be a repository of Light, then blanket yourself with Light and channel it off to people or places to suit the goal you have in mind for them. You can participate in building humanity goodwill and cooperation, by sending Light everyday among your prayer petitions, even for just 5 days in a week.

I’ve since been blanketing my closest family members, down to my nephews and nieces (I’m a bachelor/no children), for purposes of healing, detoxification, balancing, and protection for them. A grand nephew of mine, who has the ADHD and has a hard time focusing on his studies (grade school), was pestered by demons. I kept on blanketing the boy with Light, and thanks heavens he now performs better in school as demons have avoided him.

Now, in cases where you have some differences with certain persons, as you find negativities in the persons concerned, then do address that situation rightly. Avoid slandering the persons behind their back by gossiping about them, but rather blanket them with Light and express your care for them during the process of Light channeling. Slander, more so by a spiritual Aspirant, will backlash badly as the boomerang effect could be a million times stronger than the dagger thought about the persons concerned.

Even for perceived personal enemies, you can do the same. For persons you’ve had quarrels with, you may not be able to send Love thoughts too early as it takes time to heal intensively emotional conflicts. But you can send Light, yes nothing’s the fuzz in channeling out Light to the enemy! Yet come to think of it, that Light is Love in fact, isn’t it?

So now, if you direct Light on yourself, and then you start feeling burning sensations and you’re beginning to dis-integrate, O! my God you must be a vampire! Smile! That’s just a joke to make the day Lighter for you. “The Plan of Light & Love is sealing the door where Evil dwells.” Amen.

[20 August 2015]

Wednesday, August 19, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day from this Melchizedek!

This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will continue on the subject of nuclear holocaust in the 4th Density Earth. The overall nuclear holocaust scenario and the terrorist nuke micro-blast were previously tackled, so this note will focus on another facet of the nuke bombing possibility: Zionist nuke.

Zionism is a movement orchestrated by the Luciferans of Europe during the Victorian era yet. Fastforward to the 20th century, the House of Rothschild bankrolled the creation of modern Zion, with the ancient name Israel revived thereof. Clearly, from its very inception, modern Zion was the handiwork of the Evil Ones as a major strategy to gain foothold in the Levant and for other reasons inclusive of masterminding a future World War based on religious conflict.

Let it be clarified that all modern Jews do not constitute Zion, even as fewer than half of Jews overseas identify themselves with Israel of today. Even the Orthodox Jews in Europe and America, though isolationist and endogamous in their marriages, don’t exactly identify with modern Israel. This is the overall cultural backdrop of Zion as distinct yet from Jewish religion and culture that has, in fact, become diversified and meshed with nationalities where Jews have embedded themselves.

Zion alone must stand up for itself, with the greater support from its political economic breeder the House of Rothschild. Let if be further clarified, that Zion and the Rothschilds are simply fronting for more sinister forces behind the scene, who really call the shots in the conduct of events in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa).

Modern Israel is ruled by madmen who orchestrate the Herd hatreds of Israeli against their neighbors, the Arabs and Persians. Across the past decades, the mad leaders of Israel secretly experimented on, tested, and mass fabricated nuclear devices that are lethal enough to wipe out their neighbors. These madmen ride astride a dreaded police state that is no different from the evil Apartheid police state of South Africa, where brute force accompanied by mass exterminations is the rule.

As per revelation from former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, Israel is in possession of 300+ nuclear devices. Used solely on its neighbors in the MENA, 300+ devices comprise an overkill magnitude that not only can wipe out MENA countries notably on the Asian side, but also produce new deserts on top of the already deserted sub-Sahara contiguous to Africa’s Arab states plus the Arabian peninsula.

There is a huge difference between Zionist nukes and the terrorist nukes, in that the Zionists are in full control of the nukes produced by them and held under their custodianship. Terrorists will need to work harder than Zion to possess nukes via their mafia connections, and must exceed Zion in secrecy guided by the pundits’ joke that the 11th Commandment, which they ought not forget, is “thou shall not get caught.”

That being the equation in the nuclear threat capability, then it follows, using plain common sense, that Zion’s nukes are the greatest source of threat in the world today. While indeed they are largely MENA-focused in targets and scope of detonations, the impact effects of the blasts and radiations from them will be global.

As of 2010 yet, Israel was already preparing for a frontal attack versus Iran, as it trained its offensive force in Romania (news leaked out by independent intelligence groups). Only the determined forewarnings from the United States, Israel’s main ally, rendered Israel’s action muted on ‘stand down’.   

During the massive Spartacist revolts that overthrew autocratic regimes in the MENA, Israel was again convinced to ‘stand down’ by U.S. defense and diplomatic corps, and not to get involved in the intra-Arab conflicts. Up to what extent can Israel keep its patience and watch as a detached observer isn’t certain, as we already saw during the peak of the Syrian civil war.  

Even just a single Bomb dropped and detonated on its neighbor Syria or Lebanon (Hezbollah country) alone can have very deleterious effect on the Levant. Israel will suffer immensely from the nuclear fallout and may cease to exist as a viable country to sustain. Massive migrations of affected populations will be anticipated, as follows: northwards to Russia, westwards to Central and South Asia, eastwards to Europe, and southwards to Black Africa.

Not just the Arabs, Iranians, and Jews will mass migrate. Turkey and Eastern Europe will be badly hit most likely, ditto for southern portions of Russia. Black Africa from the Sahara downwards to its south will also be affected, with mass migrations of a scale so large on top of the already tied up hands of Africans due to ceaseless migrations caused by famine and wars in the continent.

I didn’t even mention the deaths due to the blast, which would amount to millions for sure. Maybe a little more than a million on Day 1 of the blast, but the succeeding days will see the fallout effects cause massive deaths on the wounded and contaminated. Within a period of 3 months after the blast, across a wide swath of geographical zones, no less than 20 million dead will be witnessed.

The massive human waves of migration induced by the blast will then force the host states to adopt stern measures to screen those entering their borders. The question is, how can they control entry when human waves aren’t the least controllable at all? It will be a chaos of mass migrations in human waves!

Which then leads to the foreseeable option of instituting Draconian measures that border total insanity. Such measures will necessitate machine gunning the migrants, even bombing them with air force bombers and artillery out of desperation to exercise control over chaotic migratory waves.

Hostile local populations will also resort to overkill reactive behavior that will see the erasure of humanitarian compassion overnight. This already took place many times in Africa in the past decades. Recall the more recent phenomenon of Zimbabwe migrants that reached a level of over 3 millions crossing over to South Africa to escape the Mugabe fiasco and hunger at home. When inside South Africa, their own fellow Blacks of South Africa chose the savage tribal way of mass killings, rapes, and forced expulsions of an already miserably living migrant people.

Perhaps 300 millions of affected populations will be mass migrating in dreadful panic, with 75 million each for every compass direction (north, east, west, south). Out of that 300 millions, lucky enough if 20% or 60 millions will survive, thrive, and resettle in less hostile countries. All due to a single nuke blast of Zionist nuke.

[18 August 2015]

Sunday, August 16, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Love & Peace from this Melchizedek!

This messenger, among the 144,000 White Robes, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will continue on the subject of nuclear bombing agenda of the Evil Ones. The possibility of Israel detonating a nuke bomb or two on its neighbors is high in the caldron conflict-prone MENA, so let’s take that as a given as I focus this article on the more irascible terrorist elements.

The overall evil agenda of Ahriman’s stooges, under the rubric of C300 (Committee of 300), was derailed by the Brotherhood of Light prior to the 2012 ascent to 4th Density. That’s the overall background for their operations. They wish to recoup from the opportunity losses, and seek to avenge the destruction of Lucifer by the Council of 24 Elders, so they’d wreak havoc prior to their own arrest and possible destruction ion the ‘lake of fire’ (dis-integration device for recalcitrant evils).

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Luciferan stooges organized a diversity of terror groups across the globe. The terror groups were brainwashed with ideology of diverse shades too, so as to fit into their polarity games. Many terror groups have already died out of existence, some no longer revived, while others were revived and even expanded in newer forms. Those found out to be very effective were then funded with large scale budgets, sourced from dubious sources such as drug deals, armed and then allowed to operate with ‘relative autonomy’.

From among such terror groups are those that will go to the extent of using the nuke device. We are not na├»ve to assume that these groups, controlled at the top by demoniacs, will exercise reason or sanity to preposition themselves and groups in power niches, whether small or big, without the nuclear agenda in mind. They will always test the waters, and sooner or later they can the proper access to ‘dark horse’ nukes via certain mafia contacts.

The rouge groups also have their own coterie of technical experts who can be trusted to inspect, assess, evaluate the reliability of nuke devices sold to them. Experts that aren’t available within them can always be bought across the globe, notably those ones from the very backyards of the present nuke arm powers. Remember, these rouge groups have the necessary funds, coming from C300, and are also engaged in arms smuggling, training other terror groups, and drug trade which permits sustained cash flows.

The question of which terror groups seem most qualified to buy nukes and launch them is the Big Query. Hunting for The One Terrror Group is like searching for a needle in a very large hay stack, besides it may not just be one but at least three (3). On the other hand, by assessing the technical, organizational, tactical, and financial capabilities of the terror groups can result to the elimination of the least capable, thus leaving just less than 10 qualified groups to monitor across the globe.

Terror groups use unconventional tactics of warfare, are so mobile and embedded among clientele masses, and are thus not so easy to track. Gabriel’s Forces are definitely tracking each group right now, and contingency plans are in place on the celestials’ side to neutralize them. However, to forecast with precision when do those terrorists strike with nukes and where to detonate Bomb, isn’t very easy to predict even from the side of the Ascended Host.

Besides, a direct intervention by Gabriel or the Guardians to send down Light armies to demolish the terror groups isn’t that viable an option yet, as we’re just in 4th Density. Down here, it’s still humanity’s ballgame that counts, and predicting where humanity goes, inclusive of terror futurism embedded in it, is no easy task to do.

There really are just a few terror groups & networks that can qualify as nuke-enabled. I can for now use only intuitive method to jot them down, to wit:

·         Hamas-Hezbollah alliance. Hamas receives its directives and funding straight from the Zionist intelligence group Mossad. Iran, created by Islamo-Fascists funded and launched by France-based Luciferans, funds and arms Hezbollah.

·         Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Seeking to unite the Kurds from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey, the Kurd terrorists better not be taken lightly. They were created and funded by the Anglo-Dutch oligarchs, the core leadership of C300. They protected the leader Ocalan for a long time, though they later ‘surrendered’ Ocalan to authorities concerned.

·         Muslim Brotherhood. Created by the British Intelligence, with orders from British royalty who lead the C300, this terror group began the Islamo-Fascist movement nearly a century ago yet. Look at how it has grown! It was even able to grab the Egyptian state via a supposed election, though it was itself overthrown via civil disobedience and army coup.

·         Al Quada/Islamic Sultanate. It looks like an over-used, over-burned group & network. Created and funded by the British Intelligence MI6, with reinforcement from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Main funding today comes from the House of Fahd, ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia, which is member of the elite C300 evil hierarchy.

There may be some other groups out there, such as Christian terror groups. C300 funds and arms such groups too, with participation of the equally secretive Opus Dei. As Copts and Orthodox Christians are now under fire inside Egypt and MENA states from Islamist groups, it isn’t a remote possibility that the C300-Illuminati-Opus Dei network will find the way to fund, arm, and make them equally nuke-enabled as the Islamo-Fascists.

Don’t bother to ask wether the Christian and Islamic terrorists will engage in a ‘clash of civilizations’ in the years ahead. They already have started that Manichean conflict, even as the evil C300 or Secret Government is fanning out the flames of a World War III caused precisely by religious conflicts.  

[15 August 2015]

Friday, August 14, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day to all ye Ascensionauts!

We may be in 4th Density already, but don’t count out yet the nuclear thermidore agenda of the Luciferan stooges. So this Melchizedek, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & teacher, volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will tackle the cryptic subject of nuclear holocaust.

Through Adolf Hitler, Lucifer dreamed of destroying Earth once and for all via a nuclear holocaust. That dream was actually derailed over 1400 years ago yet, when Persia was hatched as the laboratory for nuke bombs (Satanic scientists from Europe as experts). Before the laboratories succeeded in the trial experiments, the Brotherhood sent off Batholomew (Jesus’ disciple) to return as Muhammad whose Arab converts then invaded Persia and destroyed those ‘sin cities’.

Now that Lucifer is gone (deprogrammed in the late 1980s by the Council of 24 Elders), Ahriman or Satan has taken his mantle, and so the abominable dream stays. Incidentally, the very nuclear technology used by the Allied Powers on Japan (Nagasaki & Hiroshima), with 60% of good intentions to boot, went to the wrong hands—to the cabals of Luciferan stooges on the surface.

The evil cabals, under the rubric of Committee of 300 or C300 (also called Illuminati, or Secret Government), created a new monster the Soviet Union which they supplied with technologies from the West. They also effectively controlled the U.S. Establishment since after the war, not even if Eisenhower tried his best to resist and expose them (his jargon of Military Industrial Complex), so an arms race took off and grew to no limits by the superpowers.

John F. Kennedy, whose family may have the bloodline of the evil Reptilians yet who resisted being controlled by the Luciferan cabals, succeeded in certain ways to open a channel for nuclear deterence. Well, he was exterminated by the C300, with the message that “if we can do this to the president of a superpower, we can do this to any one else in this planet!” [They did it to Abraham Lincoln a century before JFK’s termination.]

The rambunctious Krushchev, who bullied the West to show what power there was for the Soviets with their own nuke arsenal, was booted out of power by the same cabals. It only took one old man Rockefeller to visit the Soviet Union, and upon his return to the U.S.A., Krushchev was overthrown by the Apparatchiks, castigated for being a blabbermouth of a bully child. It was very clear who was in control of the Soviet Union at the very top of leadership!

The nuclear holocaust agenda is a serious one, in the eyes of Ahriman and his minions, and so it must be executed with silence, not with shout outs. No one world power leader can just push the nuclear button without the behest of a C300 messenger or by its core leader. Those nuke facilities aren’t the personal property of the world powers’ chief execs, nor the national property of the same powers, but are rather the ultimate property of the Evil Ones who only enfranchised these for custodianship by the world powers.

A review of recent developments shows the Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD principle had already seemingly derailed the nuclear agenda, as no one leadership on the side of the nuclear powers today—USA, Russia, China, Britain, France—will ever want to start the madness game that can go out of control. Sanity is still working somehow in the corridors of power! Ahriman wants Earth destroyed completely, as message to other planets in our space sector, and so the MAD must be maddening him today which caused him to embody in the USA no less.

As of late, do note that the Light Forces—Ashtar Command, Terrans’ recently established Guardianship Command, Gabriel’s Legions—struck down to kingdom come many of the nuclear devices inside nuclear silos. It may just take a matter of time before those inside the nuclear submarines may also be whacked down, but rest assured the Light Forces will always be tailing the naval nukes of all powers, and can destroy so easily any nuke in midair upon launching from any site whether land, maritime/naval, or satellite-based.

The only options left for the C300 will be the ‘dark horse’ nukes, as follows:
·         300+ nuke devices of Israel, so secretly concealed.  
·         Loose nukes acquired by Russian mafia, during the years of chaos caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union.
·         Frontier nukes, some of which can be mounted on tall commandoes, such as those used in Yugoslavia at the height of its balkanization into mini-states.

Israeli Zionists, stooges of C300, have their hands tied up on their very own angry Arab and Islamic neighbors, so any set of nukes to be used by it will be delimited in detonation to the MENA (Middle East & North Africa). To claim that Israel can bomb the whole planet is ridiculous buffoonery, as the Light Forces will wipe them out even before they will be launched en masse.  

Meanwhile, both the Russian mafia nukes and frontier nukes can be passed on to negotiating terrorist groups that are, in fact, creations of the C300 and funded by them till these days. Terrorist groups and mafias across the globe are always available for C300 ground operators to use for diverse purposes, such as drug operations and arming rebel armies favored by C300, so let’s better watch out for such groups blasting some small nukes in most unexpected places.

We can in fact combine the blast options, as per our own permutations. As Israel will, in an act of desperation, blast down a recalcitrant neighbor or two with a ‘small boy’ atom-bomb like the Nagasaki device, certain other terrorists will blast down 2-3 sites elsewhere, in regions close to or far away from MENA.

If such events will happen within a short span of 3 years or less, than the shock waves they send unto humanity will be potent enough to make common folks cringe in cryptic fear. The tactic of Ahriman is this: if you can’t destroy Earth or humans en toto via global nuclear thermidore, then blast down the psyche of all humans via selected blasts in a few guinea pig sites.

If those blasts will induce massive migration in human waves of affected populations to Europe, then Ahriman’s stooges there can find the ample reason to consolidate the EU in a Bonapartist Tyranny. That will empower the Tyrant to terminate migrants using military machinery and possibly a first version of sentinel cyborgs to track down migrants and criminals alike.

It will be a gory case of nuke micro-blasts accelerating the birth of the dreaded Technotronic Society in Europe, a model of dreadful cyborg-controlled society that can be spread to other countries of the planet.

[13 August 2015]

Monday, August 3, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

As a messenger, this Initiate/Melchizedek, teacher & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, finds it his duty to always scan the emerging planet to check whether the ‘wet chicken’ elites have reformed and repented for their abominations. Alas! No such repentance is forthcoming! And so let me return to the theme of Ahriman and Anti-Man abominations.

Here are some articles writ by me that concerns the subject are as follows, so please browse them for your information:


The article preceding this is an update one, titled “COSMIC EVIL DERAILS ASCENSION, AHRIMAN & ANTI-MAN ENGAGE CHRIST & U.S.A.-BASED AVATAR.” Let me continue from there, as an attempt to see the threat-side to our equation for our 4th Density planet.

Since Earth is still in 4th Density, with the social life-forms of 3rd Density very much intact, there is no reason to doubt that the Luciferans will continue with their evil agenda on Earth. Their World War III agenda, + tyranny of a United Europe (named European Union) and dictatorship in the United States were all effectively neutralized by the Elders of the Race. But for as long as Earth is still “down here” (not in 5th Density yet), their derailed agenda can still be dusted off from the archives and ensued with wild abandon.

As it was prophesied in the Book of Revelation, the Anti-Christ will attempt to trample the temple at the middle of a 7-year tribulation. We Brothers of Light know all too well that Lucifer did that via Hitler whom he directly possessed, but got whacked up as “sealing the door where evil dwells” was effectively accomplished by the Brotherhood.

The knowledge that is less known or widespread among Initiates down here is the return of Napoleon Bonaparte to Europe. Not Anti-Christ but the World Anti-Man shall possess him, as Anti-Christ chose to embody directly in America. Rather, Anti-Christ or Satan (one of his soul fragments) will give his blessing to Anti-Man who will do the destructive onslaughts on the ‘temple’ (humanity).

The ‘temple’ and the ‘city of Jerusalem’ are among the archetypal figures in Master John’s famed New Testament book. ‘Temple’ better not be taken literally as ridiculous orthodox morons out there want it to be. ‘Temple’ should rather be understood in 2 ways, as it is an esoteric term:

·         Temple of individual Man as the ‘thinker’ (manu): Physical Body
·         Temple of collective man as fellows: Humanity

Humanity, or ‘society’ or ‘civilization’ in case you prefer these terms, is delimited in this article to the human species of the present 5th ‘root race’ (see Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine) of Aryans. Aryan humanity looks like an apt term for the delimitation. Aryan humanity is the very target of the World Anti-Man and cosmic evil Anti-Christ, to put it succinctly.

Indo-European is the most symbolic representative of Aryan humanity. Ancient Indians, Osirians (Egyptians), and Persians were among those races that began the Aryan psyche or temper, and their missions were already over. After them came the Indo-Europeans who continued the progression of humanity to develop and raise the ante of ‘man as thinker’ precisely by evolving further the Buddhi (abstract mind) of all. Greece, Rome, and Renaissance Europe did their task to carry the ‘Promethean flame’ after the former ones, till the flame flickered out too in their hands.

Nordic-Teutonic or ‘Germanic’ racial families than later brought the Buddhi development to a new height, and left us with a legacy of High Culture that includes classical music, German classical philosophy, modern mathematics and sciences. Following the Nordics & Teutons were their racial cousins, the Kelto-AngloSaxons whose contributions to empirical philosophy and sciences are of equal importance to their Germanic cousins’ feats.

Remember that the latter Aryan races left us wonderful legacies that humanity as a whole benefit from even till these days. They may be younger than the Indians, Osirians, Persians, and the even more antedelluvian Saharan civilization c. 80,000-55,000 Before Present, but their feats are well recognized. And so rightfully the Indo-Europeans represent humanity as the ‘crown’ of the latter ‘temple’.

It pains on the part of the Evil Ones to find their very leader, Lucifer, deprogrammed in the late 80s yet. Now it pains them to see their agenda being wrecked by the Brotherhood of Light whose adepts and mahatmas far exceed the once mighty Evil Masters (Lucifer acquired  60% of all Light Masters of Terra to his side during his rebellion). They tried to wreck Europe via Hitler, they failed, but to say they would stop from their abominations is pure childish fantasy.

So we anticipate another piece of the action now shaping up. The technocratic Bonaparte-returned was knocked out of power in the EU recently, at a time when he was already the Union’s president, sad! But the Evil Ones always have a Plan B, a Plan C, and so on. That Plan can be hatched in a new 7-year tribulation, from January 2012 through December of 2018, a tribulation that the Abominations have always been hatching, testing, launching, and executing on mass scales.

The middle of the new 7-year tribulation, using that calculation, are the months of June-July of 2015. So global citizens, ascensionauts, better watch out for the piece of the action around that time. The 2nd half of the period is from July of 2015 through the end of 2018, the entire period of ‘trampling on the temple’. And as expected, Bonaparte is back in power, with maneuverings locating him at the center of power in Brussels.

It may be another period of a bloody Europe. If tyranny can be established, millions will go to jail, millions butchered (specially migrants), millions decimated by programmed viruses & bacteria, millions dead as healthcare will be delimited to the “haves”. All Europeans will be forced to be chipped, linked to a mega-computer base, and subject for behavior control as guinea pigs of the Technetronic Society that will be controlled with aid of sentinel cyborgs.

That is the possible scenario. You know how insidiously evil are those abominations, so better prepare for the worst scenario. Well, as always, the Brotherhood of Light will “seal the door where evil dwells,” which the Evil Ones are also anticipating. Join the chorus of prayers for peace and advocacies for a non-nuclear proliferation for the planet.
[03 August 2015]