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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

02 October 2012

Kapayapaan at Pag-ibig! Peace and Love!

This White Robe, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will focus on the thematic content and ‘elevative’ purpose of arts for this note.

For the entire duration of the Kali Yuga, there has been an observed cycle across two extremes: (a) outerworldly arts and (b) sensate arts.  Prof. Ptirim Sorokin, in his book Crisis of Our Age, was able to capture this pattern in his circular-cyclical model of culture across the epochs.

As the Old Earth ends, art themes have already degenerated to the most sensate state conceivable. This state I would prefer to label as Primal-Demonic, whereby the arts portray the grossest, densest attachments to Desire. Even those purportedly sweet music that are of pop music genres (e.g. pop/ballad, jazz fusion, mellow rock) project fixations to emotions, i.e. to the Sensate.

The Demonic Mind is on the ascendant during the terminal phase of the Old Earth. I already elaborated on the degenerative mind elsewhere. This degenerative Mind has direct bearing on the art forms and content of the present, arts that were promoted by business interests for money and fame.

Incidentally, there are very daring souls who introduced out-of-the-box arts that are counter-currents to the Primal-Demonic. Renaissance arts and classical music were the first of those daring art movements, arts that were actually led by spiritual masters embodied as masters of art.

In the field of music, there are those artists who fused tribal-ethnic instruments and tunes with modern music to constitute World Music beats. New Age Music and its close kin Nature Music have also been daringly released by independent artists who began as underground music enthusiasts.

Such musical pieces either aid to connect us to the ‘music of the spheres’ (classical music) or are aids in balancing the heart chakra (world music, new age music). Some other recent forms, coming from the East, aid in activating, cleansing, and aligning the chakras, and these are close to the World music/Nature music/New Age music forms.

Those reverberations in the musical and performing arts are finding their own equivalents in the visual arts. Negative imagery in the visuals, such as those of Picasso’s, advertising arts, contemporary paintings, are being challenged by seemingly muffled voices of younger artists who are harbingers of the new Integrated Arts of the emerging context.

Dangerously distorted imageries, dirty dances, primal-demonic music, and what-have-you demonisms of the Old Earth fixate end-users to the dense regions of the damned. They can wittingly or unwittingly attract Incubus/Succubus and Demons (negative elementals) to those unsuspecting persons addicted to them.

Take the case of a Lady Gaga concert. Sure, a viewer can enjoy the Dionysian beats and sweetie-sweetie projections of the Gaga singer, but viewers don’t realize the concert hall as swarming with hundreds of thousands of incubus/succubus and demons. Upon going home, the negative Things will definitely follow the willing victims, will embed in the astral spaces of the viewers’ homes whom they will pester no end.

There are counter-cultural artists at any rate, and they are the ones who will be entrusted by the Hierarchy to co-partner with the Masters in defining the contours and compass of the arts for the New Earth. Businesses that promoted the Primal-Demonic arts will be gone soon, replaced later by more spiritually and socially responsible promotions groups and outlets.

Appreciation for the folk arts of the tribal communities, which already begun (look at the fashion accessories, world music, tattoos), will be elevated to couples of notches higher. Tribal communities will perform a strong role in bringing forth folk arts and integrated arts to the fore soon. City habitu├ęs will be taking vacations in the special regions-IPs for eco-tourism R&R spiced up by tribal music, dance, fashion, handicrafts.  

Rest assured there’s no need to wage an Inquisition in order to confiscate and destroy those Primal-Demonic art items, or fine and jail the recalcitrant Old World minded arts consumer. We have more than enough daring trend setters and tribal communities to lead the art movements of the future world, and their works will be the ones promoted by the masters who will be around as Gatekeepers and teachers.

Primal-Demonic arts will die a natural death. And we shall all celebrate that with Big Bangs of dances & music, gallery exhibits, viewing of new architectural wonders, and related venues for art as soul elevation.


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Saturday, July 26, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

30 September 2012

Peace & Light unto thee!

Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will shed light on the conduct of instruction as the teaching method in the New Earth.

To begin with, let us reflect on the education of the current context, which is still largely a mass production kind of instruction. To induce efficiencies of scale, given the scarcity of teachers/professors, crowd the classrooms with pupils/students. An evenness of instruction is applied, along a temporal track of ladder-like movement from one year level to another.

The context is changing, and will in fact be so radically altered soon enough. Efficiencies of scale and profits for school owners will be catacomb stuff as rationale for schools’ and universities’ existence. Instruction will rather move closer to the individualized instruction that is available from spiritual masters, graduate school classes, and a few basic education schools to boot.

That step-by-step, year-by-year promotion of pupils/students was deconstructed by Paulo Freire as ‘banking system’ in his famed book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. The critique of the old system stays, as its premises and contentions are still valid till these days. So the relevant byline for education agenda is: No to both mass production and ‘banking system’ education!

I do recall, as a grassroots worker and social activist, how my mind and people skills were nurtured by our version of popular education or ‘pop ed’ in the ‘70s and ‘80s. That version of ‘pop ed’ in PH stuck with me, and I have since been using it in my spiritual instruction for seekers and classroom instruction for university students. It was our version of departing from our largely AngloSaxon ‘banking system’ education introduced to Filipinos by the Americans 11 decades ago.

So, to advance our proposition a bit, classroom classes across all levels will follow the optimal sizes of no more than fifteen (15) for basic education up through tertiary level. The current system of having just a maximum of ten (10) in graduate school stays, and the lesser the class size the better.

Unless the contingencies merit it, we will not nor ever again replicate the stinking Great Man pedagogy of the West, where a single professor is given over 100 students to lecture to in a single class. Supposedly, the rationale is to maximize on the vast talents of the professor. This herd-type instruction erases every notion of individualized instruction that small class sizes can offer.

Perhaps during a transition period, which we won’t discount, due to lack of classrooms and qualified teachers/professors, classes may have to begin with huge Herds. But this will only last during the transition, and will no more be practiced as soon as new teachers and professors are trained, while new state-of-the-art education infrastructures are built and operated.

That is, small class sizes induce participation, synergy, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, and creativeness on the part of both pupils/students and teacher. The emotional, social, and non-cognitive growth needs of the respective student can be observed and responded to by the qualified teacher who is presumably a high empathy person. Team-building will also emerge from it, thus ensuring mutual help among the students, aside from building self-help for each student.

Since, as already adduced to, geniuses will go up by several percentages of the population, then the accelerated type instruction will be re-tooled and adjusted to suit the needs of the geniuses and/or starseeds. From among these geniuses and gifted minds will rise the prospective teachers and professors whose high innovativeness will count a lot in educating the youth of the New Earth.  

Note that there also are adults in the New Earth who missed out on tertiary and graduate school. Special education will be offered to re-tool and orient the said adults to the new education, and encourage them to continue with their education, given the very long life span ahead of them.

Likewise will special education be designed for tomorrow’s youth and adults who missed out on certain levels of their basic education and were stuck up at that level. Remember, there is no room for laggard behavior in the New Earth, as each person must strive to access to their higher minds, an access that the new education can offer ample tools and methods for accelerated development.

Classroom as used here isn’t a fixed thing, to note. Innovativeness means a teacher must combine classroom with off-classroom, on-line, and related methods. So if class management reached a certain level of excitement for the teacher and administrators of today, so shall it all the more be exciting in the coming 21,000-year New Age of Light.




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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

28 September 2012

Kapayapaan at kaluwalhatian! Peace and harmony!

Ra, messenger & teacher, from the Darjeeling Council of the Brotherhood, forthcoming Guardian, will elucidate further on the subject of education for the New Earth.

As already discussed previously, spiritual Masters from the East will provide the directional compass of tomorrow’s education. This being so, let me elaborate more about the Masters’ thoughts on reorganizing education to fit into the emerging context of a planet governed by the Ascended Host: the Christed Ones of the Brotherhood of Light.

For this note, I will advance the contention that the 7 Rays of Godhead must be a core guidepost for the forthcoming education. 7 Rays—representing 7 traits of Atma (Self)—will be the thematic attributional content guiding the methods and tools aimed at developing the 7 Principles of Man for each member of the New Earth society.

The 7 Rays are as follows:

1st Ray: Enlightened Power
Trait: Will
Learning Goals: Strengthen one’s own Will as emanation of Divine Will. Forge stronger courage, leadership, initiative, organizational acumen.

2nd Ray: Wisdom
Trait: Contemplative/Intellect
Learning Goals: Study the Wisdom lessons (from the spiritual masters). Build Virtues, deprogram Vices.

3rd Ray: Love
Trait: Devotion/Faith
Learning Goals: Conduct bhakti (devotion) to sustain devotion to the Supreme Being. Develop Universal Brotherhood, expressed as mutual devotion among members of society.

4th Ray: Arts
Trait: Craftsmanship
Learning Goals: Learn and practice a craft/profession, bring it to the highest level of perfection. Grasp principles and practices of esthetics, learn from the masters of arts, till you profess prowess in at least one art form.

5th Ray: Science
Trait: Knowing
Learning Goals: Grasp the maximum knowledge of the laws of objective world (i.e. cosmic laws), in theory and practice. Learn self-knowing principles and tools, develop strong self-insight.

6th Ray: Service
Trait: Service (for Others)
Learning Goals: Practice the Golden Rule via service works for community, humanity, Mother Nature, Divinity. Forge habits of sharing and giving in various aspects of life.

7th Ray: Alchemy or Ceremonial Magic
Trait: Synthesis
Learning Goals: Study the science of Yoga, develop inner balance. Learn tools for centering, healing, energizing, self-integration.

So what’s the rationale behind the 7 Rays as guideposts? To build and strengthen all the 7 traits in each member of society and no less.

In the very ancient times, we were projected from the mind of the Almighty One Universal Principle (God), wielding the potentialities to become one of the 7 Rays during our evolutionary sojourn. 7 classes of human souls were therefore evolved from the Divine Mind, all complementing each other’s strengths in the lifeworld.

The time for over-specializing in a certain Ray is now done though. Mankind is now on the upward ascending arc of his/her evolution, so it is necessary to build a higher level of awareness precisely by strengthening all of the 7 Rays in all souls on Terra.

No less than the Ascended Masters have demonstrated the possibility of an Oversoul that is strong in all of the 7 traits as inspired by the 7 Rays of Godhead. While one particular Ray may be strong in a Christed One, still it is a fact-of-being that the said master is also strong in the rest of the 7 Rays.

Since Terra is going back to God’s hands again soon, then let everyone be accustomed to following the Ascended Beings—the enforcers of God’s fiats—as their models in life. And so will it be that the Ascended Masters, the Brothers & Sisters of Light, will reconstitute our educational compass on the basis of the 7 Rays that they have successfully demonstrated as doable in the real world.






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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

26 September 2012

Magandang araw sa inyo kapwa! Good day to you fellow!

Ra, messenger & teacher, from the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will pronounce heraldry on education and the philosophy of schooling in this note.

First of all, let it be declared, that the commercialization of education will be over soon. Promoting subjects and tertiary level courses because such programs will make money for the learner, thus ending with highly skewed programs towards the more marketable degrees, is a Big No in the New Earth.

Also, the corrupted practice of using schools as for moneybag purposes will end too. I’ve seen how too many youth from poor families can’t afford to enter good basic education schools and colleges due to lack of family income to support their tuition and maintenance needs.

Furthermore, the practice—perfected in the West—of using education as institutional tool for thought control, manipulation, and rendering depersonalized learners as mere cogs in the oligarchic deus ex machine, will likewise be decapitated and buried in the catacombs of evils. Thought control education will end as the context that bred it ends soon.

In the reorganization of the education, which begins with rethinking the philosophy of learning, the compass of direction will move to the East. Shamballah, Himalayas, and the Etheric Retreats of Brothers of Light, largely situated in the East, are the very centers of Light that have always provided Teachers for the world at large, and so shall it be that the educational compass will move East.

The ‘nirvanic agenda’, liberation of soul from fragmentation, will be foremost premise for constituting a New Education. Holistic learning, with the teachings of the Masters as the definitive metaphysical, epistemological, and axiological foundation, will be the guiding paradigm of New Education.

Anticipate the radical change in the population of children & youth in the New Earth, as the Laggards and Demoniacs (negative persons) will be taken out en masse and transferred to their own respective worlds. Those persons today who stubbornly cling to their Inner Demon’s penchant for fragmented, abnormal, Mad behavior complexes, and are therefore very polarized, will be discharged from our planet too, as they are brought to the Negative Planet for the polarized types.

With the laggards, demoniacs, and acutely dysfunctional/abnormals gone, education will cease to adjust to their presence. Rather, education will adjust to a more intelligent, balanced, evolved soul population. Geniuses & Gifted Minds will comprise at least 10% of New Earth people, and that percentage is bound to grow to ‘dominance’ (past 50% of population) when the 7th Root Race will emerge (in South America) tens of thousands of years from now.

The accelerated system for the geniuses & gifted children of today, which is regarded as ‘special education’, will be nourished using the Eastern Masters’ holistic paradigm and methods/tools to become the ‘regular education’ of the new context. Great care will be done so as to see a balanced development of both the ‘lower principles’ and ‘higher principles’ of Man, as per mandate fiats in the Wisdom of the Brothers.

Higher Principles
·         Atma (Self): Wisdom, will, love, Divine enlightenment  
·         Buddhi (Pure Reason): Perfecting esthetics (arts, creatives, esthetic appreciation) and intuitive development
·         Manas (Concrete Mind): Logical-analytic development, blended with linguistic intelligence development

Lower Principles
·         Prana/Chi (Vital Energy): Yoga as Meditation & centering tools (taught as early as basic education)
·         Desire: Tempering Desire as basis of Needs
·         Astral: Emotional development, harmonic feelings, empathy development
·         Physical: Physical culture, physical care

That told, dear ascension enthusiasts, get ready for the exciting educational paradigm & practices of the near future. Lifespan will be very long, so do begin to gear up for retooling and setting a learning agenda that includes finishing as many doctorate degree equivalents as possible. And, in the process, get yourself nearer the cross border line to the Buddhic mind that renders you nearer to becoming spiritual masters whose Atma is awakened.



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Thursday, July 10, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

24 September 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will take transport technology as the scope of this note. A diversity of knowledge-based transport innovations are currently in the works among our surface peoples, so at least the ‘surfacers’ have an idea of what transport form will be in the near future.

Since the diversity of forthcoming transport technologies is markedly exponential, let me just focus on couples of them so as not to overwhelm the less knowledge-savvy ascension enthusiasts. Be glad, at least, that transport problems and traffic jams will be a thing of the past very soon, though new traffic challenges will be presented by emerging levitation & flight technologies.

The technologies that I will be focusing on are: (a) tube train; (b) flying (maritime) ships; (c) levitating automobiles or levimobiles; and (d) spaceships.

Tube Train

Mass transport will still be a behavioral option for the peoples of the New Earth. One way of addressing this in the Old Earth was the railway, to which I myself was among strong advocates as a development expert. The most advanced railway technology at present is monorail using magnetic levitation or maglev, and I wish to extend my own kudos to those brilliant engineers who built the maglev.

It’s time to go beyond the maglev though, as we go the tubular rapid transport technology. Train tunnels will be built that can link up cities across continents, thus enabling transcontinental travel at expectedly high speeds of as max 1,500 kph (kilometers per hour) during the growth phase. During the maturity phase of the tubular tech, max speeds will breach the 3,000 kph limit, thus further shortening travel time across continents.

Flying Ship

Yes fellows, the maritime ships of today that can load as much as 30,000 warm bodies of passengers will be made to fly. It’s just a matter of retrofitting old yet still usable ships, including abandoned aircraft carriers, with VTOL technology to let them vertically take off and then horizontally fly upon reaching, say, 40 meters altitude.

Moderately paced and leisurely in fight, they will be a joy for those who aren’t in a hurry to cross the seas for another city or region. Abandoned ships, as mentioned, will be the guinea pigs for the take-off-to-growth prototype of the retrofit VTOL. But a bit later, new ships intended for flight will be designed by our maritime and aeronautics experts. The ships will berth on piers that will be superbly designed to give them the ambience of eco-sites.

[Note: In case that Old Earth ships can’t make it to 5th Density, than the forward plan of building new ships will be the route to this transport option.]


Flying cars or levimobiles are now in the process of prototype perfection across the globe. As a high school student, the wiz kid Ra designed one such car during a science workshop (c. 1975) and was given citation by the national science board in PH then. Though I didn’t pursue experimental design of the car (as I focused on social sciences in the university), my optimism for the levimobile to become reality has never died with me.

Levimobile will replace the wheel-based automobiles of the Old Earth. New technology metallurgy will make levimobile bodies 2/3 lighter than today’s cars. At some time in the future, the technology of bending metals can be applied to cars, so that levimobiles can be made to shape-shift a bit while in transit. Needless to say, they serve short distance travels within a city.  

Spaceships of different sizes and uses will be a reality in the very near future. R&D and production factories for them will take some gestation period prior to successful launching and mass production. Jettisoning spaceship tech will then rely on the vehicles of the UG or underground peoples who will be merged with the surface peoples in the New Earth.

All cities will have spaceports as a matter of public policy. The vehicles will facilitate intercity and cross-regional travel, plus the long awaited travels to other worlds and star systems via hyperspace ‘highways’ and portals. A diversity of flight technologies will blend in enabling space flight, such as gravitic technology, plasma, and ultra-high frequency electromagnetics.