Monday, October 26, 2015


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
This Initiate (Melchizedek), messenger, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, has been reflecting for sometime now about the readiness of humanity to take the leap and become a Center of Spirit on Earth. Some Mahatmas and Adepts have been very optimistic about humanity’s advancement, so let me share a reflective note on the subject.
In the future, with no time frame to cite, man in the collectively ‘humanity’ is anticipated to evolve into a Center of Light. It will henceforth join Shamballah (solar lords/planetary logoi & highest Initiates on Earth) and Spiritual Hierarchy (Manu, Bodhisattva, Mahachohan plus the councils, Mahatmas and Adepts who aid them) to comprise a triangle of Light for the planet.
A veiled observer may quip “what on Earth does that mean as I only see nothing but the evil deeds of humans down on the surface?” There is no lacking validity for such statement, for even as we wade a field that is now over-abundant with Light, we still hardly perceive changes beyond the daily violence, killings, immoralities, racial hatreds, religious hatreds, and other related forms of evils.
As a collective whole, humanity had actually been progressing, as validated by the determined end of the 2nd World War and the continuous efforts to build goodwill and solidarity on a global level. Lord Ancient of Days never made a mistake in making a first tranche of energy release in 1934 yet to end humanity’s evolutionary descent and begin a long, arduous, stupendous history of evolutionary ascension.
Despite the challenge posed by the evil Dark Lodge upon its challenging the Divine Plan via a great war within ‘7 years of tribulation’ (1939, ’40, ‘41’, 42’, ’43, ’44, ’45), civilization prevailed, and humanity marched forward. A United Nations was instituted to consolidate the gains of inter-nation goodwill and cooperation and bring that further to the next level.
As expected, the Luciferan cabals seized every good efforts seeded by by the Brothers and cultivated further by the ‘world servers’, inclusive of the United Nations that they now want to convert into their global government of tyranny and terror. Yet along the way, humanity wasn’t totally encumbered by those evil efforts. The fact is, humanity’s members across the globe have become awakened by the machinations of the Evil Ones, and are resisting such enchainment machinations.
The bonus for humanity is that its link to Shamballah, which used to be inexistent, was established upon the release of the 1934 Kumara Energy and the added sharing of Light by Buddha—messenger between humanity and ‘gods’ (Shamballah) to humanity and the planet. That link was further reinforced by the release of the Great Invocation that is being invoked by more and more mortals down on the surface, as that invocation addresses directly the “center where the Will of God is known” (Sanat Kumara/Shamballah).
So the double bonus for humanity is its link up today with both (a) Spiritual Hierarchy and (b) Shamballah, a link that has been sustained across the decades. So many barriers to humanity’s ascension are being executed without let up by the Dark Lodge/Evil Masters, yet that wasn’t sufficient to destroy humanity’s privileged links to the two established Centers of Spirit: Shamballah & Spiritual Hierarchy.
As far as my own opinion is concerned, I tend to be more realistic in my evaluation of humanity’s progression, even as I hardly share the over-optimism of certain mahatmas about the matter. Humanity has been progressing towards the divine goal, but that forward movement is sluggish, like unto a sputtering old model bus fueled by firewood. Every now and then that old bus has to stop for check up and re-fueling, though indeed it goes forward.
The barriers to humanity’s ascension were complicated by the decision to deter the phenomenal catastrophe that could have marked the planetary ascension post-21 December of 2012. Demoniacs and laggards, who could have died by the billions during the catastrophe, are still around as they were given another chance to shape up and be counted. So the Divine Ones have to endure the presence of the misfits yet, though the karmic fiat is clear that if the said misfits don’t shape up they would be shipped out of Earth shortly after their physical death.  
For a clarification of the Supreme Being’s latest grace, as the Almighty Father has been directly intervening on Earth since 1974 yet, the Father could have factored out what he witnessed first hand as the forward progression of humanity on Terra. Not only that, He could have also considered the positive feats of the ‘other half’ of humanity—Inner Earth & UG (underground) peoples under Agartha—as organic part of humanity as a whole. Factoring such positive developments, the Almighty Father was all the more eager to share a colossal grace: of deterring catastrophe in the aftermath of planetary ascension.
For the sake of those who aren’t aware of the Divine Plan, humanity is anticipated to turn into a Center of Spirit in the very long run. By that we mean during the advent of the present Golden Age of Light that will last 20,300+ years (as per Guruji Krishnananda’s heraldry). Too many thorns have already been experienced by humanity along the way, and too many more thorns will be encountered, till finally it will reach that goal.
Mortals just can’t be pushed upon to follow the dictates of the divine Ascended Host, as humans ought to carve out their own collective destiny. However, Ascended Masters and their chelas (disciples) can stimulate the ‘ways and means’ for mortals to move to the desired end, and the good news is that many mortals have become qualified for spiritual Initiation as masters-in-the-making.  
The Evil Ones have already planned for their own contingency measures aimed at shoring up and succeeding in their abominable agenda, and they have obviously been luring as many mortals as they can sweet-talk or do mind-control to take their side. The polarization of forces haven’t decreased a bit since 12/21/12, but has in fact been amplifying and diversifying in forms, which thus creates greater wall that divide the evil puppets from those who are with the Light Forces.
Given that situation, the goal of humanity evolving into a Center of Spirit is still too far out in the distant future. It is important at least to re-echo that vision for humanity, so that mortals down the surface may know where they can go or where they are leading themselves collectively. Humanity must therefore conduct more spade works to get to that very sterling end of Center of Spirit.
(26 October 2015)

Saturday, October 17, 2015




Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


Light & Love! Ilaw at Pag-ibig!


The thickening plot for catapulting the New Age religion will be continued in this note. This messenger, Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, will focus the New Age theme on the Evil Ones’ tapping of the latest Kumara energies precisely to catapult New Age Religion to a position of dominance in the private sphere.


No one in the Spiritual Hierarchy is that na├»ve to anticipate the tapping of the latest energy endowments from the Kumaras by the Evil Ones. In 1934, upon Sanat Kumara’s preliminary release of the 1st Ray energy (1st Ray is Enlightened Power) that finally lifted humanity to ascend the upward arc of evolution, Hitler and his abominable minions moved with haste to adjust their holocaust goal by tapping the same energy. In 1939, World War II was begun, which lasted a total of “7 years of tribulation”.


After that precedence, we Brothers of Light know the consequence, that the Evil Ones will also benefit to the max from the same 1st Ray energy meant for mankind as a whole. 1st Ray is the Father Ray, the Shiva Ray—of Destruction of old forms in order to create the new—of sublime change. Father (1st Ray) signifies Will and Change, Son (2nd Ray) signifies Wisdom & Love, Holy Spirit (3rd Ray) signifies Active Intelligence, to sum up the three (3) major Rays or 3 aspects of the One Spirit-Force Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent.


In order to deter the further utilization of the 1st Ray by the Evil Ones in ’39 through ’45, Christ had to do a screening task by focusing the energy on himself and then disseminating it to those concerned sectors and Light servers. It was a difficult task that Christ had done then, as he did the task for the first time.


This time around, all the major Rays of divinity were outpoured upon humanity, the planet, and all life forms. I need not belabor the point that the Hierarchy of Evil already plotted a re-adjustment of their abominations, knowing that they were allowed to remain in the physical plane. Scared to death of what may happen to them in the aftermath of the ascension, they who planned to hide inside underground havens suddenly found out that no catastrophe happened at all, and so the evil game goes on!


At another level, the communication already reached them, via the liaisons of the Divinities, that they will be arrested en masse and transferred to a world that will be sufficient for their own ceaseless polarity games and destructive acts. Yet that doesn’t mean the Luciferans will cease doing their abominations, on the contrary they will do everything to intensify and scale up their plans as they realize the fast growing numbers of Ascended Beings and chela Initiates on the surface.


They have their own change agenda, which I already discoursed on in my past writings (wisdom, ascension, social writes). A dreadful future of cyborg-run technotronic society is on their minds, with population trimmed down to only 2 billion by 2050. Prior to that, they manipulated diverse World Religions to swing them to extreme fundamentalism, and then use the same religions to finish one another in ceaseless ‘global synarchy’ of wars and conflicts, till such religions lose their esteem, relevance, and adherents.


Such change agenda will necessitate the 1st Ray energy they know is forthcoming, as indeed Sanat Kumara outpoured the Father Energy again in 2012 as he did in 1934. This time around, the 3 other Planetary Logoi participated by outpouring the 2nd Ray and 3rd Ray. The Luciferans aren’t blind fools like the masses that they control, so they recharted their goals and adjusted their means pronto upon their realization that they were still alive after 12/21/12.


Which means that the Directors of Hierarchy—Manu, Christ, Mahachohan—are now doing their extra task of screening off the utilization of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rays by the Evil Hierarchy. As to the overall impact of the screening and re-focusing by the Directors of Hierarchy, I have nothing to herald as of the moment. Suffice me to say that, this time around, the screening and re-focusing may take a longer time than was done by Christ during the 2nd World War.


Incidentally, the Father-equivalent of the Evil Hierarchy, Ahriman, is in town to orchestrate the change agenda they have put into place. It is not surprising that he is using the 6th Ray of Faith & Service as his niche, as he disseminates largesse unto world populations, while he is 1st Ray in the Hierarchy of the Dark Lodge.


Ahriman or Satan himself is Anti-Christ, counterpart of Christ, so he assumes the Evil Sonship role in charge of religion, counter-wisdom, seething hatreds. Supporting him in this regard is the World Anti-Man, the returned Augustus Ceasar/Bonaparte, who will front up as 1st Ray figure. The plan, as already articulated in my past writings, is for Bonaparte to be the Emperor Palpatin sort of global tyrant [Palpatin is the infamous evil Emperor in the Star Wars epic film series].


As already elaborated in the previous article, the New Age Religion had already successfully permeated the private sphere across the globe. Henceforth, upon the anticipated destruction and fragmentation of religious fundamentalism and cascading down the dustbins by World Religions, it is just a matter of time before New Age Religion will dominate the spiritual life across the globe.


By whatever method they are now employing, the Evil Hierarchy is focusing on and tapping all of the major rays to advance their abominations some steps forward. Ahriman is most likely doing the re-focusing of the 1st Ray and channeling the same on all destructive pursuits that he directed the orphaned Luciferan Initiates (Lucifer deprogrammed circa late 80s yet) to execute.


The Son equivalent, Anti-Man, could be tapping the 2nd Ray to focus on the Builder aspect of New Age Religion, since the 2nd Ray is the Builder ray. So the Father, Ahriman, focuses the Shiva/Father Ray to destroy World Religions, while the Son focuses the Son Ray to increase by many folds the forms of and adherence to New Age. Both Evil Father and Son could be teaming up to focus the 7th Ray, of Synthesis and Integration, to sustain the hyper-convergence of disparate New Age discourses and practices.


The end goal for the usage of the New Age Religion is no other than to drag as many souls as they can to join them in the Dark World or planet that is awaiting them (dead demoniacs’ souls today are automatically shipped out there where they fitfully belong). As to how many can be dragged to the pits by them, we can only make guesses for now. New Age Religion is a de-centered or multi-centered catch basin as a whole, so they may expect probably no less than 2 billion souls on the surface to go this way.


Meantime, we Brothers of Light won’t just stand by seeing the Divine energy endowments put to wastage in that manner. The Spiritual Hierarchy already pronounced decades back that the leadership of the World Religions will re-captured by their founding avatars, such as Jesus retaking Christianity and Buddha retaking Buddhism, with World Religion thus serving in the long run to begin the 1st Initiation of true seekers of God. We are now witnessing a seesaw situation in the religious terrain, so do participate in the observations and interventions to swing back the religions to the Supreme Being.


[15 October 2015]

Monday, October 5, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brother of Light

The plot of New Age thickens by the year in real life, as a fruition of Lucifer’s own dream of seeing it replace Great Religions. So this messenger, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s Ashram, Initiate of a certain degree, will continue on the subject, with focus on the agendum of New Age in lieu of Great Religions.

Religion as a phenomenon was born out of the Mystery School installed by Lucifer in the very ancient times. Lucifer himself embodied on the physical plane to find out what’s the matter with humans that they succumbed too low in their evolutionary sojourn. Like unto Michael who did the same, Lucifer established a mystery school to address the problem.

In the hands of Lucifer’s initiatives, man’s Fall didn’t just get unsolved, it even got worst. His method was full of proscriptions, with the chief policy that man must control his passions to effect a return to God. Already fallen in Soul, mankind followed the Lucifer Solution, which ended with the soul even fragmenting further into ‘soul fragments’ or ‘soul extensions’. From 4th Density, mankind then descended to 3rd Density, the lowest that humans can go, the domain of animals.

Fast forward to the future, Lucifer fell, rebelled, sided with the Rigelians in the Orion Wars while Michael sided with the Betelguesians. An uneasy truce was agreed upon, with Earth recognized as a ‘school of life’ where both sides, Light and Evil, can operate. Along the way, Religion then evolved, following from the proscriptions—that stressed the repressive aspect—of the Lucifer Solution.

Fast forward further into the future, in the late 19th century it was determined by the Luciferan Initiates, called Illuminates, that two religious streams will be propagated. First of this was fundamentalism, with Islam serving as hot fire source for a conflagration of a future world war, the last in a series of such wars. Second was New Age religion, which will replace all Great Religions that will, after the great war, lost relevance in so rapid a fashion it will prove hard to resuscitate them.

The Lucifer Plot is now accelerating, as Earth just entered 4th Density. Luciferans know the Light Agenda of evolving humans to 5th Density living and higher awareness, which they will ambush with ferocity by all means. Fundamentalism of diverse types already cropped up across the globe, matured, and have been actively proselytizing till these days, though signs of ‘decay’ can now be observed within them.

Islam, for one, is at the core of the agenda to pit one side against the other: Sunni versus Shi’a. In the emerging conflict, one scenario is for the Semites—Jews, Sunni Moslems, eastern Christians—to unite in an over-arching alliance of ‘strange bedfellows’, to confront their ancient enemy the Persians who chose Shiite Islam since the departure of Mohammed. Islamic Iran, the creation of the same evil cabals, is orchestrating an alliance with Sunni to quash or destroy Israel, while Islamic fundamentalists across the region smash to pulps the minority Christians.

Christian fundamentalism has been drumming up an exclusivist salvation goal—that only they be saved as Jesus already saved them—while arrogantly deriding other Christians as not genuine followers of Jesus. Such an intolerance and collective arrogance already proved costly for the Evangelicals, whose zeal and mutation to a global religion was orchestrated by no other than the Luciferans via the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and other clandestine operators, same operators who were partly involved in creating Islam jihadists.

Meantime, in India, the Hindu fundamentalists are on a rampage, as they claim moral ascendancy in an erstwhile corrupt society. Illuminates and their agents are well positioned inside the diverse Hindu sects, rest assured, and have been busy raising the ante of hostilities and hate crimes by Hindu fundamentalists against the Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, and other faiths in their country. I know for a fact that British MI6 agents are inside the Hare Krishna movement, pretending to be true converts, yet using the same movement to transit drugs that they trade off for their own clandestine operations.

Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were likewise infiltrated by the Luciferan cabals, with the result that internal fissions within them were reinforced all the more. The great divide between Mahayana and Hinayana, for instance, continues to be unresolved, thanks to the subtle arrogance of its chief patriarchs, an arrogance and weakness that the Luciferans have been playing up. The evil operators are already inside Jain and Sikh, the latter being the last frontier for conquest and eventual control by them.

Thus, one can see the truly cryptic agenda of the Luciferans to destroy the image, prestige, and people’s last remaining esteem for the Great Religions. The clash of religions in the coming Great War is being pursued yet without let up, as this could be the last straw that can break the back of religious fundamentalism and lead to a sharp decline in people’s own faith on Great Religions.

That decline in the esteem and faith of peoples for the Great Religions is precisely what is being awaited, anticipated, and manipulated by the Evil Ones. In such a context, peoples can then be made to swing loyalty to New Age Religion as they will be made to believe that there is no evil hierarchy of clergy who will be controlling them. That is already the direction of members of the great faiths today, as children of orthodox or fundamentalist parents depart from their parents’ churches after disillusionment over the delusional claims to salvation and ineffectual methods of the same churches.

Evangelicals, whose leaders as New Right at one time supported Reagan and urged the USA to make war against the Evil Empire (Soviet Union), are today extending the flowers of peace to the other faiths. In the Philippines, where a Born Again leader ran for presidency in the 2010 polls, the Born Again coalition even invited a Muslim, Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front, to run as their guest candidate for governor of Sulu. Interfaith is now among the Born Again Christians’ clamor in Filipinas…but it’s too late.

Fundamentalisms’ collective arrogance cost them dearly via their isolation from and suspicion by other faiths that they considered as lowly contenders for God’s attention. They have immeasurably eroded the esteem of organized Religion in the generic sense, of faith-based expression, of championing Dogma at a time when reason and interpretation have long replaced obnoxious dogmas of every kind.

Great Religions have already reached their nadir of existence and are now on the decline (as measured by declining church attendance). Fundamentalism arrived to arrest the secularism caused by modernity, but only on a temporary or interim basis. Lucifer’s stooges made sure that such will be the fate of organized religion, as they continue to trumpet the glamour of New Age Religion in tri-media, internet, advertisements, movies, books, magazines, and more media of popular culture.

Thus, today, it is no longer a question of whether New Age Religion will replace organized religion. The viability of New Age replacing organized religion is already granite solid, the question more of being when will the replacement come. For Luciferans, the New Age Religion’s hegemony is just a matter of time.  

[05 October 2015]