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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


07 July 2012


Good evening! Magandang gabi!


For this note, Ra of the Brotherhood of Light will focus on the catalytic aid coming from the galaxy aimed at facilitating Terrans’ ascension to 4th dimension. The Galactic Logos & Logoi Aides have deputized certain galactic guardians to do such a gargantuan task, two (2) of which are most known to you: Sananda and Ashtar.


Both Sananda and Ashtar are Ascended Beings who have attained a level of spiritual evolution referred to as Dhyan Chohan or Planetary Spirit. A very stupendous process twill take for a spiritual Initiate to reach that level, which incidentally the Buddha and couples of Terra’s ministering Adepts have attained.


Peoples across the globe have become aware of Sananda as the Oversoul of Jesus. So let me clarify this point with a few elaborations to spare.


Jesus was Chohan of the Age of Pisces, a truly difficult Age that was fraught with abominable exploits by the Fallen Ones. Jesus Christ took on the returning karma of Terrans during the Age, a mission that resulted to the stoppage of the further evolutionary descent of mankind to the hovels of darkness.


Jesus Christ’s role as messiah or Chohan of the Age is now over. It was a Mission Accomplished status altogether, which merits the Mahavatar Issa (his name in Asia) billions worth of applauses…and elevation to a level of work that is more challenging.


His reunion with his Oversoul already completed, likewise his merger with his Twinflame Lady Mary Magdala completed, Jesus is thus rewarded with a next-level challenging task as Sananda. His status as Galactic Guardian has been formalized, and so he administers the Galactic Command which is the echelon of the very large and complex Galactic Confederation.


Co-partnering with him in that mission is another Dhyan Chohan, Ashtar. Little known from this facet of Solaria (well known among higher dimension planets including Venus), Ashtar’s spiritual perfection was attained during the previous Manvantara or Evolutionary Round yet.


Among those Dhyan Chohans who were revived or re-awakened during the beginnings of this present Manvantara (over 3.3 billions of years ago yet), Ashtar thus spent colossal efforts in helping to catalyze the descent of the Life-Wave on diverse planets across the Omniverse or Multi-Universes.


Catalyzing life by the Dhyan Chohans means enabling the newly-emanated (created) Monads (God-selves) descend on the waiting planets. There the Monads altogether constituted a Life-Wave for the planet, which enabled the evolution of mineral, vegetative, animal, and devic life-forms. Humanity evolved at the tail end of the devic stage on a planet, thus the term devic-man for present humans.


As Dhyan Chohan, Ashtar enabled the birthing of Souls from newly “born” Oversouls or Christ Bodies. Thus he is identified as Father by many souls across the galaxy and beyond, being in fact a Dhyan Chohan who aided the process of soul-projection.


His Life-Wave enabling task is long over at this point, as the Manvantara has already more than reached the midpoint (from Divine spheres down to the descending arc of evolution). The upward arc of evolution across many worlds is now the dominant reality, and so Ashtar and other Dhyan Chohans must be given tasks coherent with the reality and challenges of ensuring the return of ascending souls to their Christ Selves, Monads, and to the Father-Mother at the pralaya (diffusion) phase of the Manvantara.


As Galactic Guardians, Sananda and Ashtar will oversee the administration of balance & order, procure the greatest peace, and enforce Galactic Deities’ fiats aimed at an ordered ascent of all humans and deserving worlds to the higher realms.


Incidentally, a special task force—aimed at facilitating Terrans’ ascent —known as the Ashtar Command has been constituted from within the frame of the Galactic Command. This mission platform constitutes the rationale for the new Interplanetary Guardians among Terra’s Ascended Masters for interface and mission conduct.


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
05 July 2012
Gracious day from Ra of the White Lodge and Order of Melchizedek!
This messenger of the Brotherhood of Light (among 100 White Robes mandated as messengers) will focus on the reunion with the cosmic family for this note. This is one reunion that has been awaited ecstatically, so let me not delay heraldry on the subject.
‘Cosmic’ as indicated to refers to two domains of reality: (a) Kosmos, which with respect to our planet refers to the Solar System or Solaria, with its 30 planets (20 are invisible) and hosts of divine beings, and (b) Milky Way Galaxy, to which our own Solar System is a part of, one among 100 millions of galaxies knowable to mankind (as per astro-science’s estimate).
We as Terrans (humans) and as Planet will reunite with our cosmic siblings in both ways: Solaria and Milky Way. Our planet fell too long ago, a subject that was discoursed on by many spiritual masters. As Terra ascends back to the 4th dimension, the return to the cosmic realms will be accomplished.
Our reunion with the cosmic family can’t wait for 12/21/12, to clarify the fact. The reunion on 12/21/12 is only a formalization of a process that has already begun and taken place at diverse levels of reality. The installation of the World Leader (Kolki Avatara) and the Guardianship Council are now being finalized, as they’d take place before December 21 yet.
“When Terra fell” as idiom refers to the fall of the main populations, as the Adepts tasked to lead and mentor them were “seduced to the Dark Side” and have since been manipulating and controlling the bulk of humans. However, insofar as the spiritual governors of Terra are concerned (Sanat Kumara & Logoi aides, Buddha, Christ, Mahachohan, Manu, Bodhisattva), together with the Brothers of Light, Terra has always been with the Almighty Father, the Galactic Logos, and the rest of divinities.
Now that the Dark Adepts’ (led by evil masters) control is slipping away rapidly, the Balance of Forces has been reversed towards the Light. So in just a few weeks even the main populations will be reuniting with Terra’s very own spiritual hierarchy, and that final reunion holds the key to the formalization of the reunion with the cosmic family.
The Evil Hierarchs of Terra—Caligastia, Daligastia, Belzeebub, Moloch, Baphomet, Bamat & other Evil Host, plus Committee of 300/Illuminati—will all be incarcerated in the Kama Loka regions reserved for them very soon. Their presence and last manipulative acts are the last bottlenecks in the reunion with the cosmic family. Rest assured they will be gone on or before 12/21/12.
Of course, the cosmic reunion also signals the reunion of Terrans with the Almighty Providence. Not the spiritual merger, which will happen in the distant future yet (pralaya or diffusion point of the Earth Round), but rather that the way to the return to the Father-Mother will be clearly be traversed by humanity again.
Reunions will also be concurred with the Nature World and the Angelic Realm. Long ago dis-engaged from the devic-elemental beings and the angels/archangels, man (from manu: thinking being) was practically left on his own. Such disengagement is symbolized by the archetype of the “expulsion of Adam & Eve from Eden” which means the total cut off of mankind, via energy veils, from Ascended Masters, Angels & Archangels, and Elohim/Nature Hierarchs & Nature Beings.
The distrust bred by Terrans’ manipulation and control of the elementals in particular, will finally be erased. Trust by the elementals and devas will return, rest assured. Terrans will be able to see the Nature Beings again and communicate with them directly. And so the same holds true for the Angels & Archangels.
Not only has the reunion begun at higher levels, the celebrations have already begun. There has been a profuse welcoming by the cosmic family members (Hierarchs & masters) of the Terrans as represented by the Ascended Beings & White Robes of our planet.
Rejoice, Fellow Terrans! We are back in the arms of the family of Light, and we have prevailed.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016




Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


03 July 2012


Good day from this messenger of the spiritual Hierarchy!


Being among a hundred White Robes officially mandated to do messenger task concerning the forthcoming planetary ascension, let me ensue with the heraldries with glee. I’m almost bursting with delight of a festive mien as the ascension nears, so let me renew my heraldries.


For this note, I will clarify the subject regarding the mainstream populations or Mainstreamers that will qualify for the New Earth. As the masters have clarified before, Service-for-Others is the core criterion for making it to the 4th dimensional Earth. [We Brothers already chronicled the transfer of Demoniacs and Laggards to planet befitting their own awareness levels, so I won’t belabor on the subject.]


Aboveground peoples comprise of 90% Mainsteamers and 10% Indigenous Peoples or IPs. World population will be nearly 7 billions by end of December this year. Out of that total forecast population, 6.3 Billions will be Mainstreamers, while 700 Millions will be IPs (I treated the subject of IPs in a previous article).


It is among the Mainstreamers where the 80% of Orions—who massed up on Terra in antiquity—are concentrated. Laggards, Demoniacs (negative persons), Lizards & other reptiloid species, Insectoids (insect humanoids, Felines (cat humanoids), and what-have-you are over-congesting among the Mainstreamers.


Luckily for the Mainstreamers, there also is a relatively significant presence of ‘starseeds’—recent arrivals from higher dimension worlds where they lived most of their lives—and evolved souls or Old Souls. However, the presence of the starseeds and/or Old Souls wasn’t impactful enough on the Laggards & Demoniacs who retained their Service-for-Self psyche—dominated by their Inner Demons—for so many eons.


My forecast is that 800 millions out of the 6.3 billion Mainstreamers will qualify for the New Earth. That’s a pathetic 12.69% graduation rate, or 1 out of 8.


The table below shows the New Earth qualifiers among the 3 distinct peoples of Terra today: Mainstreamers, IPs, and Undergrounders or UG people.


People               Population          New Earth/Percentage

Mainstreamers    6.3 Billions          800 Millions / 12.69%

IPs                    700 Millions        600 Millions / 84%

UG/Telosians       120 Millions+      120 Millions / 99.99%


That means a humungous total of Mainstreamers, 5.5 Billions in all, will be moved out to other planets reserved for them. As we Brothers already heralded in the past, there is a planet for the Demoniacs and another planet for the Laggards, and that those dying among them have been transferred pronto to their respective planets since late 2008 yet.


Take the case of my beloved country, Philippines. A remnant of the once glorious Maharloka continent of Mu fame, PH retains its 4th dimensional vibes amid the drop in Terra’s vibes to 3D level. The high vibes served as incentive for many fragmented souls to be embodied here, as the Karmic Board merited them their last chances for renewal.


But sadly, most of the Pinoys squandered the last chance given them. They failed to use the 4D vibes for self-healing, reinforced their fragmentation with the comfort of a near tropical paradise they found here, and failed to develop their mental bodies (Pinoys don’t read at all save for school days when reading is required).


Emotional morons by psyche, with stains of antipathy expressed as ‘crab mentality’, Pinoys exhibit that ‘Judas complex’ that they display whenever opportunities arise. They disdain psychologists & psychiatrists who they find as taboo to consult with, thus reinforcing their psychosocial dysfunctions with delusions of being “good persons.”


So I am not surprised that Pinoys will suffer a 90% crash of warm bodies, with only 10% making it to New Earth. Having done my last teaching task here, and able to ascend the ladder despite the dysfunctions of the Orion-Reptilian-Insectoid-schizoid types where I was embedded, I never gave up on the Pinoys, never left for other lands to escape the hellworld of dysfunctional souls in the islands.


Now, as to the Mainstreamers in general, some day in the future the Lightworkers (mystics & Adepts) would exclaim that these are left-overs from highly polarized, dysfunctional Old Earth habitu├ęs. If the Lightworkers, who will be next teachers, will describe the Mainstreamers as “SOBs” or “bitches” or “assholes” or “morons” out of exasperation, I won’t be surprised.


Ra has done his job mentoring and coaching Mainstreamers for many lives (since his first ascension as Shaolin monk c. 6th-7th A.D.). Ra will not pass this way again, as he joined the Ascended Masters for tasks of higher ministration. For the Mainstreamers I would say: I REST MY CASE.



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