Thursday, September 1, 2016




Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


13 July 2012


Good evening to you all! Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat!


Ra, messenger for the spiritual Hierarchy, teacher & White Robe, forthcoming Guardian, will share heraldry concerning the interventions being done by Lord Metatron. Such interventions impact on the poles and the electromagnetic grid of the planet as a whole.


Metatron performs very gargantuan roles in the Hierarchy, among which are: Receiver of Light, Gatekeeper of the Scrolls, and Grandmaster of the Order of Ophanim (messenger angels). In keepership of the scrolls, he co-directs the work with Master Enoch.


At the dawn of “time” or great evolutionary cycle called Maha-Kalpa, Metatron was tasked by the Father-Mother to generate Light in manifest ‘form’, Light that thereafter spread over to the vast stretches of the ‘6 directions of space’. His knowledge of electromagnetics or EM is so superb that he can be regarded, in fact, as its Bearer or Keeper.


The very frequencies and amplitudes that physicists study today, which also find manifestations in other domains of life (e.g. economic cycles, behavior cycles), were pre-designed long ago in the Universal Mind of the Father-Mother. Aiding in that design-through-manifestation processes is the being we know as Metatron.


Earth’s overall frequency & amplitude EM configurations comprise what we term as a ‘force field’. At certain points of the planet the ‘force field’ converge into vortices termed as ‘poles’: North and South. The external portion comprises a membrane-like structure called the planetary Ring-Pass-Not that functions to inhibit objects and subtle forces from destroying the planet via impact from outside.


Since Metatron was directly involved in projecting and manifesting the EM spectral patterns and congealing force fields across the vast multi-universes or omniverse, then necessarily he can be involved in helping to balance the contortions arising in our planet’s force field. Which indeed he has been doing for over a couple of decades now.


Prior to the pole shift event, Metatron saw to it that no untimely destabilizing polar phenomena will happen. Such a destabilization of our already contorted EM field could have led to devastating catastrophes as early as two (2) decades before the 2012 event.


Furthermore, region per region, energy spot per energy spot, portal per portal, Metatron and his aides of angels (of Dhyan Chohan awareness levels) did spot interventions and balancing tasks. Where they find it necessary, they embed EM implants right on the very force field of the planet.


In case of energy blockages in the path of energy spots that were supposedly scheduled for activation, Metatron and angel aides were there to do interventions for unblocking of such energies. So today, at the most subtle levels of Terra’s EM ‘force field’, the energy grids of the planet are already practically in perfect harmony, ready for the big leap on ascension time and period.


As to the unblocking of pathways for the inflow of energies from higher dimensions, Metatron & angels were also aided by (a) spiritual masters down the ground and (b) contingents from the Galactic Confederation. Practically all of the major and minor portals are now cleansed, unblocked, cleared up, and operational for energy passage as well as for hyperspace travels by GC contingents and angelic legions.   


Remember the Big Quake that flattened Osaka in the early 90s? That quake was induced by a luggage case mounted Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM brought to Japan via Yakuza teams straight from cash transactions in Russia. An Evil Master, head of the Aum cult, was behind that abominable act, to refresh your memories.


Since that quake onwards, it was resolved by the Ascended Masters that Big City destruction never will that event happen again via TEM or equivalent. Ergo, Metatron & aides came to the rescue, by embedding stabilizing implants in the EM force fields of Big Cities across the world. So the planned destruction of such cities as Singapore, Jakarta, and Manila by Singapore never took place at all, as the Metatronic implants served their purposes well.


Big Cities have to be spared of catastrophes as they are the places where starseeds and White Robes are most highly concentrated. Luciferans wish to destroy them precisely due to the presence of the Light Beings & starseeds in them.


Did you notice that Big Tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011? It must have been intended to whack down Tokyo, but notice how Tokyo was spared from the devastation. Don’t even bet on it: the Metatronic implants in Tokyo metropolis worked wonders to save the megapolis.


There are more tasks ahead for Lord Metatron, and he has been meeting with the Guardians concerning the tasks. Suffice me to end the note here, and deal with the other tasks in heraldries later.


Hail Lord Metatron! Hail the Order of Ophanim!