Monday, November 25, 2013



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

19 August 2012

Magandang umaga sa inyo! Good morning to you all!

A generally nice sun meets my day as I write this piece. Being messenger & forthcoming Guardian, I am duty-bound to release heraldries about the world building measures that will be done after the calming of the geo-atmospheric conditions in the New Earth.

The preparations for the habituation of both the 4th and 5th densities have been going on for couples of years now. The wonder cities of the 5th Density world I already saw in visions way back in 2008 through 2009 yet. See: GLASS-ENCASED CITIES: UPPER DIMENSION VISION, in BRIGHTWORLD:

Between the two, it will be 5th Density where world building will be much easier, as development works will be smoother. There won’t be much barriers to encounter there, as it is largely a non-habituated world since Terra fell from that level down to 3rd Density.

As the scale models for the 5Density cities are already in place, the cities can be installed one city after another by the Divine Hierarchs, notably the Ascended Beings with level of awareness of Dhyan Chohan (planetary spirit, or those who can aid in bringing Life to planets). All the Hierarchs need to do is to focus on the scale models and then manifest the cities down the surface of the target world (5D Terra).

Settling of cities in the 5th Density will immediately take place as soon as the turbulence would cease and shift to relative stability. Rest assured, when the next global turbulences will hap, they will be manageable, such as the 2017 Event and the 2030 Event (heavenly bodies will rub themselves in the atmosphere of the New Earth during the said events.)

5th Density is the world being prepared for the Lightworkers and most evolved among the Service-For-Others. Those undergoing chelaship with the White Robe gurus are on top of the list to be settled here. Many of the very fine bhakthas of the mahavatars (e.g. Krishna, Sai Baba, Babaji) as well as their teachers will be brought here, though they may be least aware of the reward awaiting them. There may be a maximum of only 30 millions in the 5th Density at its inception for the ascendants from the surface of our planet.

Let us not forget the Underground Peoples or ‘Telosians’ who are far more balanced then their 3D counterparts, will also produce fine souls who will habituate this Density. I will not be surprised if around 40 millions of them will make it to 5Density, as they’ve refined themselves within their psyche and are more merged to their Souls (merged their soul fragments) than even the Lightworkers of the surface who have to undergo Initiation in order to move up quickly in the Path.

Which means that, if 30 millions of 3D surface peoples will move up to 5th Density, and then there’d be 40 millions more of UG peoples to merge with them, then we should expect a size of 70 millions maximum for the 5th Density. Such a size is already fairly good enough to start a planet. However, the possibility that all UG peoples will move up to 5D within a short time-frame is also there, which will thus raise the population projection to a max of 150 millions of ‘early bird’ residency.

As to the Special Regions apportioned for the Indigenous Peoples or IPs, this may take on hold for sometime. IPs who didn’t undergo personal initiation, but rather who chose the mass initiation of their respective tribes, will be niched largely in the 4th Density. That is where Gaia is bringing the IPs as a reward for the latter’s care for the natural ecology.

The cities that will be installed in 5th Density may be less populous than the ones in 4Density. Albeit, following a planetary policy of maximum capacity for a city, the population can swell at some time in the future so as to accommodate a maximum of a million indeed, more so when the 4th Density will be merged with 5th Density.

Rest assured, the city designs do vary, so that seeing one city won’t make one conclude that s/he has seen the rest of the other cities. Such a process we call Isomorphism, which characterizes the Big Cities of today, where commonalities in infra spread, space usage, and ecology problems are more marked than the differences.

The timeline for the occupation of the 5th Density cities will be as early as late 2013. The debris from the turbulence and the site development will be done first, which won’t take too long an effort. 2013 through 2015 will be the period for the rise of the cities one after another. This is the good news awaiting those Initiated Ones and highest evolved Service-For-Others.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

17 August 2012

Magandang araw! Good day!

This magnanimous Adept from the Darjeeling Council  of the Brotherhood, forthcoming Guardian, messenger, will clarify the matter of landform configurations after the ascension point. Let it be echoed: only the Father knows the final landforms after the great event.

The intervention by the Father in our planet since 1974 had already gotten Terra on a different timeline, so that many prophesied events didn’t happen at all. So this should stop you from seeking the aid of psychics, spiritists and what-have-you impostors who are now pocketing huge incomes from sales of supposedly future maps of Terra.

Beware of those impostors and crackpots out there, who number by the millions, cashing out on the fears of the folks and their needs for assurances of safety after the deluge. There are a hundred of us White Robes who were mandated to release heraldries about the immediate and long-term future, and we need no mediums to represent us as we Brothers of Light are down here on the surface as White Robes.

One such crackpot pretends as a medium of the Brotherhood, with supposed knowledge given unto him by St Germain regarding the events to happen. He came to the Philippines quite recently, and he openly denies the Ascension event to his meditation group that has links to the Luciferan groups in New York. Yet he claims to hold maps of places that are safe havens from floods!

Gabriel’s Forces are now closely monitoring and gathering information about the millions of crackpots who claim to receive channeled information from the masters, and cashing in on everything including the safe havens during the floods and the future landforms. Those crackpots & charlatans are very dangerous persons to transact business with, just to remind you, as they are controlled by Evil Masters or that they are in fact operators of the Illuminates of Lucifer.

At any rate, there’s no problem building scenarios about the coming landforms. Given the phenomenon of space-mass expansion as the planet moves to higher density, we should anticipate landform changes. But the changes have nothing to do with the old fogey tectonic and geological factors sited by fear-mongers and even by Russian scientists who have openly accepted the Ascension event.

Among those lands where massive sinkings are anticipated:

·         USA, Canada: large chunks of seaboard, seawaters flow inwards to Mississipi River… as much as 2/5 of the US-Canada chopped off
·         Mexico, Central America, South America’s eastern & western seaboards: huge chunks go down under, as much as ¼ of original gone
·         Island Nations: 90% of Japan, 90% of Philippines, 95% of Carribean nations, 95% of Britain, 95% of Ireland, 90% of Madagascar, 95% of New Zealand, 95% of Pacific & Indian ocean republics, 1/3 of Borneo, half of Indonesia, 50% of Sri Lanka
·         90% of Korea, China’s east coast gone or 2/5 of China gone
·         Entire India (from Himalayas down), over half of insular Southeast Asia, 60% of Bangladesh & Pakistan, 30% of Middle East & North Africa or MENA
·         East half of Australia, 95%-98%% of Europe, vast chunk of Siberia
On the other hand, nothing’s wrong with anticipating new lands to rise in the following regions:

·         Continental landmasses to the east of the Philippines, former Mu lands that will rise again, c. 3 Million+ square miles
·         Subcontintental islands to the west and southeast of North America, sufficient to host millions of evacuees (Borneo-sized chunks)
·         More solid land bridge linking Siberia and Alaska, thus enabling land travel from Asia to the Americas and vise versa
·         Additional islands to the west of Africa (parts of Mu that will rise too), subcontinental lands in the Indian Ocean near Africa

In one of the new islands in the Pacific, a continental-sized land, will the 6th Root-race evolve in the future, around 7-8 centuries away. The Manu of the 6th race, Lord Moru, is already around, awaiting his turn as avatar leader of the race.
Such landforms are those affecting 4th Density. The same density will eventually merge with the 5th Density (higher astral) in the not-so-distant future. As they are just scenarios, let’s await the final landforms based on the handicraft by the Father of our future geology.




Monday, November 11, 2013



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

15 August 2012

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

Ra, messenger & teacher, from the Darjeeling Council (1st Ray, Enlightened Power), forthcoming Guardian, will focus certain human endowments in this note. People may ask about what happens next when all communications facilities break down, so this note will partly clarify that.

To begin with, as soon as Earth moves to the 4th Dimension, bringing along everyone with it (Humans, Laggards, Demoniacs), all the paranormal faculties will be in full activation. Clairvoyance (3rd eye vision), clairsentience (able to feel what others feel), clairaudience (able to hear from a distance) will all be in full operations.

So, there would be no need for cellphones, internet, two-way handset radios, megaphones, or whatever devices. That done, use your paranormal faculties to communicate to beings you wish to communicate to. Your specific Inner Guides will in fact contact you the quickest to take you to safe zones, and do prepare for your Angel Guide to possibly come down to your level to give you a healing and assuring touch.

Now, let me proceed to the two golden traits that are sterling virtues for any spitirual Initiate: (a) universal brotherhood and (b) service. Such traits do circulate the lifeworld as values that are easily mouthed, shout outs inside temples by attending devotees, yet judging by the way Terrans regarded each other for millions of years do not convince me at all that they have become granite-rock virtues for all persons.

Universal Brotherhood was among the battle cries of revolutionary forces that founded the modern nation states. It was used as a slogan to rally behind all social classes that were opposed to the monarchic sovereigns, landed oligarchs, and colonial powers. Yet when the nations were born afresh, grew, and matured to full autonomous entities, the Universal Brotherhood theme simply evaporated in the antechambers of oblivion. Sad! Truly sad!

Service, on the other hand, did become sacrosanct a pattern in modernity. Fact is, during the peak of modernity—Victorian culture—anybody who eschewed service was frowned upon by the begotten sons and daughters of modern Enlightenment. So the most snobbish aristocrats—the best of each class—regarded service as a must, founded civic clubs that engulfed the planet, and regaled themselves with narratives of the Goodly Company as the truly begotten sons of Civilization (i.e. Victorian culture).

O! yes! even the corporate world caught afire with the zest of the radical militants screaming jingoistic slogans of ‘serve the people’. The aegis of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has arrived, in the new culture of post-modernity, and so the champions of Big Business have been born again as the true begotten sons of Karma Yoga. What effete pretenders!

True service is service coming from out of the heart, service done in silence, sustained across time, empowering and enabling for the marginalized peoples. True service flows from out of genuine compassion, which is love for the marginalized, love that is exercised in practice even to the extent of risking one’s own life just to help out others. And the better if one helps others to help themselves: this we call capacity-building.

Regarded as values—socially desirable behavior or social premiums—both universal brotherhood and service have been floating in the flotsams of the dirty psyche of 3D Terrans, and this situation must end. Such an end will come very soon, as the new context—of a non-polarized aegis—becomes the dominant ‘general situation’, henceforth consequently providing the ‘parametric’ conditions for breeding sterling values anew.

The final “transvaluation of values” into granite-rock virtues among the New Terrans will appresent itself during the contingency situation of a post-catastrophe planet. The moment that values (at the social level) galvanize into virtues (at the individual level), the traits will forever be present, serving as living soul trait of the evolving New Terran’s personality.

Universal Brotherhood and Service just can’t be regarded as things that can be tapped from a social pool when needed, and junked or forgotten when order replaces the chaos of the context. Such a situation is called ningas kugon or bushfire in Filipino.

I am optimistic that, in the long run, during the 21,000 Golden Age of Light, service and universal brotherhood will be living values among our New Terrans. While the good feeling lasts, let it be so.




Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

13 August 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will update you about the etherealization of certain home segments to create instant portals to your ascension points.

In the 1980s yet, the New Age writer Brad Steiger, channeler of messages from his Inner Guides, already released heraldry about the subject. Save for Steiger’s concept of ‘grand lift’ that surely sounds ridiculous for a White Robe like me who is steeped in Divine Wisdom, as several fanatical cults picked up and disseminated it till it got reduced to nonsensical cliché, thus abusing the ascension principle along the way, I would appreciate Steiger’s works on starseeds and the Earth changes (including polar shift).

Steiger never used the term Ascension in his works then. He simply discoursed on the Polar Shift, with no clear idea about the timeline of changes. Within the context of the pole shift, he narrated the creation of portals right inside the ascension qualifier’s home. He was right as he was also precise in his prophetic claims.

Wherever you may be located, the moment that the 21st of December ticks your clock at 11:11 a.m. (Mayan time zone), Terra & Solaria will enter the Null Zone. Ultrahigh energy from the Milky Way’s central core zone, Photon Belt energies, divine grace energy from the Father, Gaia energy, energy endowment from Ancient of Days and those of Elders of Earth will be enveloping the planet till all regions will have been blanketed in ascension energies.

A certain portion of your home, to re-echo the thesis, will be etherealized. In the process, you can see, whether you’re physically awake or sleep, a passage way leading to an exit point. That exit point will be well lighted, rest assured. From astral light to higher mental plane light, exit destinations will be visualized as well lighted, thus erasing the problems brought by massive outages of power comes day of ascension.

Should the Angels or the GC (Galactic Command) come to take you, will you experience the same phenomenon? Sure 100% you will experience the etherealization of a home portion, the materialization of a passage way, a very lighted exit that shines the passage way, and off you go to kingdom come.

In case that you may not be slated to move to 5th and higher densities, yet you are perilously situated in the lowlands, yet thou art qualifier for New Earth, just the same you will experience portal creation. Either the GC or Angels will take you up to the safe havens: undersea, highlands, GC motherships.

What if you’re physically awake in the early morning hours, but are already located past the parametric index (minimum 400 meters elevation)? Most likely your very own Guides will communicate to you and let you hike to the safe haven nearest to your place, which is a refugee camp or village already prepared for the purpose.

Do you need to memorize certain mantra, such as Ala Kazam! or ‘Abracadabra openus the doorus to the exitus’ or sort of? Don’t be ridiculous, my friend. Leave that part to the Light Forces that come in aid of thee. You have your etheric embed as your ID or badge for the destination, the Light Forces have the cosmic powers to etherealize and create portal for you.

What you must do is relax and take down any sense of fear and worry during those late hours of the 20th December. Eat a vegan diet en toto for 7 days from 15th to the 21st December, eat moderate to light diets only, and abstain from alcohol (hard to do as Christmas parties are on green light at that time some of which serve wines & beers).  

Anguish, hatreds, indifference, melancholy are a Big No No! during the ascension time.  Take off those negative emotion trash, they won’t give you any good for your travel. Relax, be in a positive if not jovial mood, and in no time at all you will see the portal opening up. Blast your homes with Mozart and fine music for the entire 1 week ending on the 21st December. Burn incense in all of your rooms everyday so as to take down the last vestiges of dense and conflicting energies and let prana flow constantly around your rooms and entire home.  

As much as possible, the Light Forces will rescue all of the 1.4 billion of qualifiers on the 21st of December itself. The UG peoples are already up up and away, remember? It’s just you now, the surface people, both mainstream and tribal peoples, who are to be rescued. But 1.4 billion is too gargantuan a count to rescue via the QRTs, so it may take some time till the midnight of the 23rd December to take everyone to safety, with contingency plan in case of spill over of rescues beyond that date.




Friday, November 1, 2013



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

11 August 2012

Gracious day to you all! Maluwalhating araw sa inyo!

Ra, messenger and forthcoming Guardian, will cogitate on the theme of ‘waves of ascension’ for this note. Accordingly, Sananda already channeled the same prophesy to some groups as early as the 1990s yet. I will echo the theme being a Brother of Light who works directly with Sananda and Lord Kolki and not as one who channels via spiritism.

Four (4) waves of ascension will characterize the patterns of ‘migration to the Age of Light.’ They will come, based on the level of awareness of the person concerned. Those who are purest will come first, while those who are densest will come last. The Laggards and Demoniacs will also have their corresponding migrations—to their own planets where they will fit into.

The ‘waves’ shall be as follows: (1) White Robes will be first; (2) Lightworkers (Unascended Masters and spiritual initiates) & Light Helpers will be next; (3) ‘service-for-others’ or SFOs including Indigenous Peoples or IPs; and, (4) ‘last chance entrants’ during the 7-Year transition . Let me take each one with categorical treatment.

1st Wave: White Robes

White Robes are spiritual masters or rishis who were sent forth to teach, heal, prophesy, and clarify matters regarding the Ascension during the ‘end of times’. The time frame of White Robes’ missions is from 1987 (Harmonic Convergence) through the end of 2012. They were initiated to become Ascended Masters as their respective Christ Self is activated.

I already wrote and published articles on White Robes as part of the Ascension Chronicles. For this note I will re-echo one particular article: ASCENSION OF 144,000 WHITE ROBES ENSUE, in BRIGHTWORLD:

Already concluding their missions, White Robes began to exit the physical plane as early as April of 2010 yet. In three (3) visions did I see the ascension of my fellow White Robes, all visions corroborating each other. Accordingly, around 500 White Robes ascended every month since then.  Recently, the numbers scaled up to nearly a thousand a month.

The last of the White Robes to ascend will be a very large party, who will depart on the 21st of December 2012. All White Robes thereafter will report briefly to the Father’s Universe in the 7th Plane, and then  presented to the Ancient of Days in Shamballah. Thereafter, many shall come back to the surface to conduct their missions as Melchizedeks, Gatekeepers, and Special Task performers.   

Only a handful of White Robes will be mandated Guardians, those who are being initiated in the Michaelian Order in particular. They too will return to the surface, using their ascended bodies like the other White Robes. As already heralded, the gatekeeper of the UG cities, Master Adama, will ascend to this awareness level and role-player very soon.

2nd Wave: Lightworkers & Light Helpers

Lightworkers are those chelas of the White Robes, the Unascended Masters and their corresponding chelas. Unascended Masters are those who reached their first soul awakening in past lives, did guru tasks in this life, yet are still imbalanced and have to do a lot of energy transmutation work.

Light Helpers are persons who are empaths, geniuses, gifted minds, social workers who may not have undergone spiritual initiation but have been really helpful to others. They are very selflessly dedicated to their efforts in philanthropy, mentoring, creatives sharing, listening & therapies for the troubled souls.

Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and Underground or UG peoples who have undergone initiation or equivalent forms, will also be ascending sooner than the others. UG peoples have lived peaceable, cooperative, harmonic lives for over 11,000 years straight, so expect millions of them to make it to 5th Density at least. Unless that, collectively, the UGs will forego higher ascension and settle in 4th Density, which they can always decide to do like many surface people will do.

3rd Wave: SFOs & IPs

The next ones to go. Actually, the planet will move everyone to the 4th Density on December 21, and so it is no hard stuff a reflective material to think about what happens to them. Those who will be situated in the lowlands during the Null Zone period (21-23 December) will be told by their Inner Guides to move up to certain safer areas in the highlands.

Church devotees and freethinkers alike, who already possess very mature selfless ‘Serve The People’ value, and who are relatively balanced in their psyche, will qualify for the New Earth. I hazard a guess that even atheists yet who are selflessly dedicated to helping out others become empowered and enabled, but who are in denial of God due to their fanaticism in past lives that led to killing Inquisitional killings, will also qualify for New Earth.

Do I need to belabor the point about IPs being granted by Gaia the safe pass to the 4th Density? I already repeatedly echoed this theme, that they are being initiated en masse, and will very easily ascend to New Earth verily like the UG peoples who are also ascending en masse.

As soon as 4th and 5th Densities (mid and upper astral) will merge by 2018, the same role-players mentioned here will be moved to that level. They will have learned much of the requisites to move to an even higher level of reality, as they will be mass mentored by White Robes, mystics, Light Workers, and Light Helpers along the way.

4th Wave: 3D Hold-over Entrants

The Father surely has a wonderful way of working out His Compassion on those persons who will still be vibrating in the very dense frequencies yet who will be in 4th Density past Dec. 21/2012. A 7-year period of transition will serve as a sufficient ‘window of opportunity’ to capacitate them—based on their own levels of absorption—and possibly enable hundreds of millions of them to graduate as well to the dream world of 5th Density.

These last entrants must first acclimatize and adjust fully to the 4th Density environ, and come to accept that they are situated in different reality mode. One by one shall they disappear from the optical view of their 3D counterparts, yet they actually share the same space with the latter.

Adjusted to 4D (D=Density) modalities, the same hold-over entrants will then receive massive inputs of lessons from spiritual masters, Light Workers, and Light Helpers, who will be entering the new entrants’ 4D environ from their very own niches in other reality domains. From there on, one by one shall they be transfiguring to 5th Density up until the year 2018.

Conclusively, as 4th Density merges with 5th Density, another gigantic wave of migration will characterize the transfer of many souls around 2018. Consequently, those 3D left-overs who refuse to change, will die en masse and be transferred to their own planets, as the Earth vibrates to an even higher level at 5th Density. This completes the Waves of Migration pattern.