Monday, May 25, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Om Shanti! Peace be unto thee!

This messenger & teacher, Initiate of a certain degree, volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will augment the elaborations on earth changes. I already updated you all that catastrophe is out as an option in Earth’s ascent to 4th Density and then to 5th Density, which is palpable as of this juncture, so that earth changes will happen across a millennium rather than in a few years.

Let us better assume the phenomenon of earth changes—geological, atmospheric, climatological—as our constant. Dynamics is the general pattern of our planet and its life endowments, as we are all governed by the cosmic law of evolution. Which means that even if catastrophe will be out as an option, expect earth changes yet for they’ve been already happening before our very own eyes such as climate change.

The mahatmas (ascended masters) were very emphatic in their own forecast visions of the forthcoming times. While they worked hard to ensure that short-term catastrophe won’t ever happen or will be deterred, and their joint petitions were heard and responded to by the Supreme Being, they are at home with earth changes happening across hundreds to thousands of years.

Knowing which part of the planet will undergo drastic changes across the next 1,000 years, next 2,000 years, next 5,000 years and so on, they have already adjusted their contingency plans and goals for the entire Golden Age of Light. As per calculations of Guruji Krishnananda, the age will last at least 20,300+ years, which we can round off to 21,000 years.

Take the forecast choice of etheric retreats by the next Directors of the spiritual Hierarchy, for instance. The 6th ‘root race’ of Meruvians will be bursting forth from long germination experiments circa 800 years from now. Whenever a new ‘root race’ emerges, a new set of Directors of Hierarchy are also designated, namely:  Manu, Bodhisattva, Mahachohan of the race.

Knowing whence the Meruvians will emerge, the three (3) Directors of Hierarchy for the emerging race have already prepared for the most likely place to install their respective headquarters. Of course, they located their etheric offices in places that will least likely experience subsidence and sinkings of landforms in the continent where the Meruvians will morph, multiply, and nestle: South America.

Logically, the forthcoming Directors will locate themselves nearest the population centers of the evolving Meruvians for accessibility to the future humanity and to the Directors’ trusted chelas who will competently do the tough job of helping the new race to take off the ground. Well, at this juncture the said Directors-to-be already have installed their preliminary etheric offices as a matter of fact, as the forthcoming Bodhisattva and Manu already did partly open up and disseminated the information about their presence in the offices.

Anticipate landform sinkings and landform modifications, geo-atmospheric disturbances and turbulence all the way to the doorstep of the 6th race. Let us not fool ourselves with simpleton expectations that “God intervened by deterring catastrophe, so praise the Lord! Our 7 continents today will live forever and ever!”

Just to cite the recent update about volcanic activities. As geologists admit, at any given year, there are 200+ active volcanoes worldwide. The gases spewed out are markedly high-carbon, which undercut any global effort to cut down carbon emissions. Earth is expanding as it evolves to higher dimensions, thus the explaining the volcanic dynamics going on right now.

So humanity better watch out about the impact of the volcanic restiveness on a decade-by-decade basis from now. Not century by century, but decade by decade observation and, if viable, forecast which is near to impossible. But nothing is impossible really, if precise mathematical forecasts won’t work, then use the scenario building approach [based on my experience in social, political, and economic forecasting].

What is there to watch out then as a worst case scenario of volcanic restiveness? Too much of carbon and other possibly toxic emissions from volcanoes can, before 100 years from now for instance, endanger human communities as a whole, thus necessitating (a) concentration of populations in cities with highly controlled environments, and (b) encasement of each city in crystalline dome for protection and conservation of oxygen and proper oxygen-nitrogen balance.

Cities must also be greened to the max, while all former fields, farms, and abandoned communities (as people move to planned big cities) will be returned to nature. So there will be truly functioning “lungs of Earth” spread across vast parts of the planet that generate oxygen for animal and human life. Food production will be strictly by hydroponics, right inside the cities’ concrete vertical structures, until such time that humans will mutate to prana-breathing species rather than oxygen breathing [oxygen will be largely for animals in that case].

It is also natural for forests to induce burnings to balance out the surplus vegetations in it. That’s why it pays little purpose to stamp out forest fires as they do today in Australia, Indonesia, and America, as such fires are part of natural equilibration processes. There will be forest fires yet in the future, which all the more rationalizes the closure of cities in protective crystalline encasements (transparent ones), thus respecting Mother Nature’s will to do her own homeostasis via forest fires unhampered by feel-hero humans.

In sum, anticipate earth changes, try to understand the logic behind the phenomena unfolding across the decades and centuries, and help out to do ingenious innovations that can aid humans to adapt better in the dynamic New Earth.

[24 May 2015]

Friday, May 15, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

As early as 2011 yet, this Initiate of the Order of Melchizedek, also known as Brotherhood of Light, already elucidated on the mass departure of the 144,000 Rishis or White Robes. Being one of the 144,000, let me add some more updates about my “batch” of Melchizedeks (another term for spiritual Initiates).

The purpose of the 144,000 White Robes is 2-pronged: (a) to aid people in the preparations for the forthcoming planetary Ascension; and, (b) to release the 3rd dispensation of Divine Wisdom. As elaborated in a recent article, the 3rd Dispensation is very focused on the planetary Ascension, with ‘what-to-do’ lessons and tools for helping people migrate to the emerging New Earth.

In the 2nd quarter of 2011 yet did I receive information, through series of meditation visions, about the departure of the White Robes. April of 2011 was precisely the month when nearly 500 departed, with the same numbers sustained for couples of months. I also came to intuit that by 2012, the departures—largely via physical exit (death)—will increase to past 900 monthly.

There were actually much more senior White Robes who departed as early as the 1990s yet, such as Master Choa Kok Sui who widely disseminated pranic healing, and Master Joshua David Stone who heralded many updates about the Wisdom and new tools for personal ascension. Both masters were only in their 50s when they departed, and they have to go precisely as the 20-year period for their intensive & extensive conduct of their core mission is over [this is a protocol in the Brotherhood].

1994 was a threshold year when so many returning Initiates were re-integrated into the Brotherhood and commenced on a new set of missions for this present embodiment. From late August through early September of 1994, portals were opened to allow inflow of Central Spiritual Sun energies to Earth, as that period saw bulk of returning Initiates be ritually re-integrated to the Brotherhood. 20 years hence means 2014, so we anticipate large batches of departures in this year after the 20-year lapse of missions.

I was among those re-integrated into the Order on that period, by the grace of the Melchizedek Felix Fojas, our facilitator guru. My own forecast by early 2013 is that for the whole year of 2014 alone, as large as 20,000 White Robes will depart (it had come to pass). Some of my coteries already departed in fact, including a professor in the University of the Philippines (Manila campus), without yet finishing the 20-year period, so they’d most likely complete the unfinished mission in the etheric retreats.

Assuming that indeed there were 144,000 of us White Robes, largely 3rd Degree Initiates upon our arrival, expected thus to fast track and graduate up to 5th Degree before our departure, then most likely by the start of 2018 there could be less than 50,000 left. Then, comes 2018 itself, those left behind will see an accrued total of 80%of them departed, thus leaving behind a mere skeletal force.

Just like Moses who paved the way for the migration of Hebraic Semites to Canaan, and yet never enter the Promised Land, so is it unto the 144,000 Rishis who are like a collective Moses tasked to aid humanity migrate in exodus to the promised New Earth. At the threshold of the 5th Density Earth, twill be Christ & young Melchizedek aides who will lead humanity to the full-bloom New Earth, just as Joshua (Jesus’ embodiment) & young great warriors led the Hebraic Semites to the Promised Land.

And that’s the wonderful event that is now unfolding before our eyes – the arrival of young blood of replacements for us departing White Robes! For I was given the exact number of those who will begin their 1st Initiation very soon (2013 vision yet), which made my heart thump with joy. As I can’t reveal the exact number, this is the clue I can give you: those aged 19-29 years old alone, who form the bulk of the freshman Initiates, comprise 7 digits, numbering 7X the White Robes they come to replace.

That’s the reason why the Rishis had to depart, as we are direly needed in the etheric retreats to aid the freshmen Melchizedeks and assist the Chohans whose tasks have enlarged. Fact is, those of us who are still down here on the physical plane, were already assigned dozens of the prospective Initiates in the etheric retreats (we go there when our bodies sleep). The young ones are particularly very smart, read voluminously, and are very innovative in presenting to their Melchizedek Guides the assigned topic for them to research on (in libraries up there), brainstorm and discuss, and present as a group to us and the administering Mahatmas.

The million+ young Melchizedeks will live long life spans, so most likely they can graduate as much as four Initiations during their tour of duties in the physical plane. Of course they will regularly meet up with us 144,000 in the etheric retreats where we will all automatically go to report for duty. If they be consistent and determined in their Path, as early as age 35 they will be 3rd Degree Initiates, the start of Master awareness—whence a luminous pentagram (pointed upwards) will be embedded upon their etheric forehead, visible to those whose etheric eyes are open.

Note that the forthcoming replacements do not include yet the lads & tots who are among the New Earth babies (born 2001 and beyond). Beyond year 2021, they would be the watershed for the next batch of young Initiates, whose numbers will even be greater than the young forthcoming Melchizedeks whose masterhood is now in progress. Meanwhile, as these wonderful unfolding events happen, many of us White Robes will be graduating to 6th Degree en masse, thus completing our awakening to Mahatma (Perfected One) or Ascended Master level.

[14 May 2015]

Tuesday, May 5, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

May the Light of Adonai & Shamballah be with you all!

By the grace of our Adonai, Father of Terra, Sanat Kumara, we Terrans were individually brought up a phase in our Path. Hallelujah! Let me, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & teacher, volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, elaborate on this wonderful heraldry about our Beloved Adonai’s endowment to all.

Twenty years ago today, Master D.K., who is now a Mahatma and operates an Ashram (spiritual organization & network), revealed unto the late Joshua David Stone, Brother of Light & White Robe (144,000 Rishis), the forthcoming graduation of our Beloved Adonai in his present Initiation. Upon His Divinity’s graduation, He will pull up everyone on Terra in their respective Path as a divine grace.

While no pronouncement from Shamballah came out to update us about the graduation of our Most Beloved Adonai (Lord), my intuition tells me that this majestic event already took place. The graduation—a minor initiation in his major 11th Initiation—took place around the days prior to the D’Day of Ascension (graduation of this nature takes place in the higher cosmic plane which only the solar lords have access to).

I could just imagine the very colorful rituals and euphoric feelings the grand event had on the Hierarchs of our galaxy (led by the Galactic Logos) and our solar system (led by Lord Helios the Solar Logos & beloved twinflame Lady Vesta). To the beloved divinities of our galaxy, Sanat Kumara is regarded as a Son, and so it brings them enormous joy to see a Son maturing forth to Fatherhood by the epoch.

So deep is the love of Adonai (to shorten the name) to our beleaguered planet, his sublime love truly fathomless, that he committed to stay with us all till the end of the Earth manvantara (evolution). Upon his arrival, with the entourage of 104 other Lords of the Flame and their respective Twinflame, 18.5 million years ago yet, he and his logoi aides (6 in all) vowed to be with us to guide us in our sojourn until the end of the manvantara (1.2 billion years from now yet), even if that means he and the 6 other logoi will have to delay their own ascent in their cosmic Initiation.

Thus, December the 21st of 2012 wasn’t only an occasion for release of Kumara energies (his 3 aides also released theirs as contribution) to Terra and humanity. The energy release was already done in 1934, and was also done earlier during the Atlantean epoch, which makes it no extraordinary event for him to do so once again. The Ascension event was, more significantly for Terrans, the day for pulling up each one of us in our respective Path.

In Sept. of 1934 yet, upon Adonai’s release of energy from his being-essence, the whole of humanity ceased to plunge into the abyss of evil descent, as the plunge was completely reversed. The whole of humanity was pulled up thereafter. By 12/21/12, the whole of humanity went a step higher again, when Adonai & 3 logoi aides released Kumara energies, thus pushing humanity up through 4th Density. The momentum of Ascension is already established, so that no force whatsoever can stop or block it from moving forward.

Yet 12/21/12 was furthermore significant, for each individual Terran this time moved upwards. I clarified this event to my very own chelas, notably the last Aspirants I mentored & coached from October 2011 through November of 2012. Those most eager and determined in the Path benefited the most, so that what it takes to process for common folks only took them less than a year to traverse.

I likewise benefited immensely by our Lord Father’s divine grace. So my 5th Initiation, which started in late November of 2008 yet (right after my graduation from my 4th Initiation to become Arhat), which could have taken at least 5 years to undertake, was fully accomplished by May of 2013. All the 7 phases of my 5th Initiation accomplished in such short time, 4.5 years to note, made my heart burst with enormous delight upon my formal graduation (in Shamballah) last early June of 2013. [5th Degree Initiate is called Adept]

In the old system, an Initiation will take 7 embodiments to accomplish, or one phase per incarnation. During each incarnation, the Initiate is given 20 years to finish his/her general mission as requisite for the Initiation. In today’s context, accelerated programs are in place, so that what one can finish in 7 lives can be accomplished in just 7 to 14 years. Also, what one can finish in 14 years in the old system can now be accomplished in 14 months (as per Mahatma DK’s note).

Fast pacers in the Initiation can even finish the ‘ladder’ step in an even shorter time. The late Master Joshua David Stone finished his 4th and 5th Initiations at 5 years each, and it seems his 6th Initiation was done in 5 years too. Before his exit from the physical plane, he already begun with his 7th Initiation [7th Degree is the beginning of Avatara awareness, as one’s monad merges with the Planetary Logos.]
The great event means that even the most Laggard among us were also benefited. There is no “if or but” for this grand event. This could probably be among the considerations as to why the Almighty Providence used his colossal powers to deter a cataclysm from happening, cognizant as He is of the fathomless love of Adonai for humanity so much that he included all humans on Earth to be pulled up as he graduated a step upwards.

For those who read this note, please don’t forget to thank the Lord Father of our planet, Divine Regent of Earth, for his greatest gift ever to you on a personal basis. Such a gift—that benefits everyone regardless of their awareness—may not be repeatedly granted again in the future.

Hail Lord Sanat Kumara! Hail Shamballah! Blessed be all members of Humanity!

[04 May 2015]