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Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

08 September 2012

Maluwalhating gabi sa inyo! Pleasant evening to you!

What would be the dominant work paradigm for the immediate future? Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will elucidate on the subject of on the paradigm of WorkLife Balance, as this will be on the ascendant during the New Age of Light.

The New Age of Light, to re-echo, will last a full 21,000 years as we Brothers (masters) already heralded to the public (see Guruji Krishnananda’s past prophecies as messenger). That would be a very long time frame for world planning, but quite short for Divine Planning, so we Brothers will try as much as possible to level off with the Golden Age habitu├ęs regarding their expectations and conduct of work planning.

Before I proceed to the nitty gritty aspects of the Sharing Economy, let me pronounce the news that WorkLife Balance will be the dominant paradigm for the Golden Age. This Brother was himself a practitioner of WorkLife Balance as a professional, and so he fully supports advocacies for WorkLife (to shorten the term). For the advocates of WorkLife, it will be the mainstream paradigm, so do re-chart your compass of action in the new context.

The crystalline body of Golden Age Terrans will have very long lifespan, to re-echo. It will need just four (4) hours of sleep per day. Sleep at 1 a.m., wake up at 5 a.m. That would be your routine if you make it ‘up’ there to the 4th Dimension (4th Density + 5th Density).

The body won’t need no further organic inputs or Macrobiotic foods (carbo, protein, fats), as they won’t resonate with the new body. So, the time spent to preparing breakfast will be off. Rather, the short time from waking time to 7 a.m. can be spent on (a) physical exercise regimen (even for just 3 times weekly) and (b) yoga meditation (kriya, raj, agni, whatsoever school you practice).

Work will last for only four (4) hours daily, as the planetary policy will so mandate. You can therefore report by as early as 8 a.m., with the hope that your work area is just walking or levitating the distance to the destination (you can levitate short distances such as a block, train for it and do it).

By 12 p.m, homeward bound will you be. Sleeping hour is a clear 13 hours away yet. How will you productively spend your time?  

Well, first of all, it may be time to do some domestic upkeep right after 1 pm (after briefly resting for an hour). Then, by 3 pm, time to be with your tot child who just brought home some take home assignments, or is catching up on certain lessons.

Then, after 5 pm, it would be time for prayers and brief meditation, and then move on to your spiritual readings. There is much time by then for spiritual works, including readings on the wisdom of the masters.

A family time from 7 through 8 pm would be productive too, done in your receiving room or maybe in a family room where there also is audio (stereo) and visual aids (film clips, perhaps an equivalent of television, others). At past 9 pm, the whole family can proceed to the study or library, and spend time reading and some sharing of thoughts.

Children may need a lot of more sleep than adults, so you can do your story telling on your tot by 10 p.m. You and spouse or soulmate can then have time for privacy. It will be up to you two what to do in private. Remember, there’s still 3 hours left to sleeping time.

Just don’t forget to do your last night prayer and meditate again for at least 30 minutes before sleeping time. This would be part of your total meditation time of 1 hour and 15 minutes daily.

Those hours accounted for, you can plan ahead and take up graduate studies and special studies as part of your self-development. There is no more reason for you to be lackadaisical on mental development through advanced studies and readings, as they provide fresh tools for work and expand your access to your manas (concrete mind) and buddhi (abstract mind).

You also have time to meet up your spiritual group every week, do some social service, harbor art hobbies, and conduct related creative works as hobby (not for ‘money’ making as there’s no money in the new economy). Isn’t this situation what you’ve always been dreaming of?


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

06 September 2012

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

This messenger & teacher, from the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will elucidate on the ‘take-off’ phase of the Sharing Economy of the New Age of Light.

The ‘take off’ of the new economy will be a difficult start for sure. Like a space ship that is a new prototype, untested, the Sharing Economy will experience bumpy starts. What is certain is that, as early as 2013, the planetary proposals for the economy will already be in, even when some regions of Terra will still require debris cleaning, site preps for cities and special regions, with some flood waters yet to recede.

By 2014, the ‘take off’ will begin without delay, come more turbulence or not. For by this year, the main catastrophe will have passed away, and no more catastrophe of the same magnitude of destruction will come, until the years 2017-18 when final adjustments have to be made for transfigurations of bodies to suit 5th Density conditions.  

The ‘take off’ phase may last for couples of years, and we better anticipate this timeline to happen. Besides, the ‘take off’ cannot take place altogether at the same time across the planet, but only in those regions that are most prepared for it will begin the process of economic development.  

Therefore, we can still cut down the ‘phase’ into subphases: Subphase 1 will be from 2014 through ’17; Suphase 2, 2018 through ’20; and, Subphase 3, 2021-23. Which means the ‘take off’ of our planetary economic ship will be a decade, more or less. We’re still using the old Gregorian calendar here by the way to make comprehension easier, though this calendar will be replaced by one adjusted to the new location of the planet in space.

During the ‘pre-take off’ phase, which begins from this juncture up through the end of 2013, there will be much consultations and planning works done by the councils of the Brotherhood that will be involved with the economy. Couples of councils are now interfacing in the etheric plane to tackle matters about the new economy, agree on the cornerstone principles, and define its general thrust.

Upon full mandate operations, the Guardianship Council will be constituting subsidiary units that will immediately tackle the final conceptualization, frameworking, general planning, preparations of city/region/interphase infrastructures, up through preparing the support systems for ‘initial take off’ of production units.

As the Masters do their jobs related to the new economy, certain subsidiaries of the Guardianship Council will be ‘job hunting’ for New Earth qualifiers who possess sterling records as experts on economics, social development, ecology & development, and related expertise. Remember, the new economy is not an economy of morons but one of smarter and socially harmonic people who can cooperate, synergize, and interface, moved as they are by Universal Brotherhood or ‘unity consciousness’.

That done, Lord Kolki and the Guardians would then expect the same experts plus the masters collaborating with them to conduct initial research about people initiatives aimed at a new economy, document those exemplary cases if ever, and report them to the authorities. I myself would want to face the producers involved, such as those who are now founding ‘solidarity economy’ types in Latin America, get to listen to them intensely, and see how their exemplary works can dovetail into the emerging frames, policies, and operational units for the new economy.

It would surely be a wonderful experience to look up to, the forthcoming trilateral cooperation among the Producers (people), Experts & Specialists (professionals), and Masters (ascended masters). The ‘barriers to entry’ will be anticipated right away, with certain simulation models done by the role players concerned, and correspondingly addressed when they indeed arise.

During the ‘take off’ phase, economics and related disciplines will also experience re-tooling. Economic science must veer away from the Old World habit of basing everything on price, using a ‘production versus consumption’ model, and excessively ‘rational choice’ oriented. Lord Kolki, who as Maitreya is most adept at economics on inter-planetary and galactic scales, will himself lead this retooling effort. Who won’t be gladdened by our very own forthcoming Avatar World Leader to be our economic teacher?



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

04 September 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Time draws so near for the planetary Ascension as of this writing. Ra, messenger & guru, forthcoming Guardian, will now clarify the New Economy of the ascending planet, beginning with the foundational principles of the new economy.

Couples of years ago, I wrote a searing indictment of the Money Economy and presented what I thought then as the best option for us to move out of the collapsing capitalism. I posted the article primarily in my social blogs, and it resonated well with many fellow professionals in the peace and development fields.

I posted the same article in my cosmic blogs, but the response was luke warm. People may not simply be prepared to see the direct link between spirituality and economy, while those members of social networks for ascension enthusiasts were bunches of fringe persons who do suffer from psychological dysfunctions and won’t give an iota of attention to serious questions about alternative systems.

I will repost the article en toto for this note, as it contains the four (4) fundamental principles of the 4th Dimension economy. 4th Dimension here will refer to ‘densities’ or octaves of reality comprising of the 4th Density (mid-astral) and 5th Density (upper astral). I will keep silent about the 6th and 7th Densities where thousands of more evolved Lightworkers & Light Helpers are going.

The cornerstones of the new economy are: (a) wellness economy; (b) sharing &/or non-hoarding orientation; (c) abundance; and, (d) dynamic & life-inducing.

Erle Frayne Argonza
Magandang Hapon! Good afternoon!
Please know first that this writer/analyst is both (b) economist and (b) mystic-healer. For some time now, the challenge of contributing to the construction of an ‘economy that heals’ has been knocking at my ‘mental coconut’, a task that explains this article and many yet that will succeed this one.
As an economist, my lines of subspecializations are: (a) development economics, (b) political economy & public policy, (c) international political economy, (d) economic sociology, and (e) enterprise economics (or biz economics). As a healer, my subspecializations are: (a) psychosocial counseling, (b) pranic healing, (c) distance healing (w/ angelic reinforcement); and, (d) soul healing (includes chakra alignment & cleansing, past life issues resolution).
Having laid out my brief economic & healing credentials, let me now proceed to my thesis.
First of all, as a developmentalist (practical economist) and healer of long standing, let me declare my categorical observation that the ‘world system’ economy of today, which is an admixture of capitalist-dirigist-fascist-clerical economic systems, is characteristically: (a) non-healing, or pathological, (b) is hoarding-based rather than sharing-inspired, and (c) is already on its terminal phase, needing replacement rather than its recycling.
To simplify my terms, the present system, which is principally organized around capitalism (economy for profits, based on money system), is:
a) SICK: A ‘sick economy’ is one based on flawed, sick principles that no longer work. Necessarily, a ‘sick economy’ (borrowing from Erich Fromm’s and Erik Erikson’s ‘sick society’) is a parametric condition that induces anxiety, anomie, alienation, and related pathologies that can lead to neuroses, sociopathy, psychoses, and total self-fragmentation. 
(b) GREED-BASED: The ‘hoarding orientation’ (see Erich Fromm’s works) of the ‘world system’ (see Immanuel Wallerstein’s works) had propelled greed to the level of madness, thus reinforcing ‘system sickness’. Greed multiplies greed, more greed creates more greed, and so on, ad aeternum, thus leading to more ‘economic sickness’, to more madness and system collapse and societal catastrophe.  
c) SCARCITY PREMISE: Western economics had postulated (declared as a self-evident given) that scarcity is the fact of life. This postulate had since underpinned ‘hoarding’ economics, and had remained unchallenged in the West and mainstream circles. This is flawed from the very inception. Scarcity is not given, not a universal law either, but is a product of enslaving, hoarding power relations. It is an ideological rampart in support of the more real exploitative relations between the ‘hoarding classes’ and the producer underclasses that they bound and gagged in property relations.   
d) DYING & DEATH-INDUCING: The system is now dying, it is now on its death throes, yet many refuse to see it die. Bank bailouts and interest rate interventions are among those examples of tools that no longer work, yet they continue to be employed. Furthermore, the ‘sick economy’ also induces so many deaths due to poverty, anxiety, starvation, consumerist pathologies (obesity, cardiovasculars), genocides, etc. What is needed is to bury the system and build a new one rather than to perpetuate it.  
Let me then declare the next thesis: that a new economic ‘world system’, which is in the nature of a ‘healing economy’, is a viable one. We may perhaps use different terms to refer to the same ‘world system’—sharing economy, cooperative economy, non-hoarding economy, consensus economy—but let us better recognize where we all converge: the ‘healing economy’.
Following from the foregoing statements, the contours of the new ‘healing economy’ or world system would be the obverse of the previous observations.  They are:
a) WELLNESS ECONOMY. A vibrant, wellness-oriented world system is one that will also see that everybody will have enterprises, jobs, and related pursuits that will see their talents grow and utilized to the utmost. It is an economy that also promotes the wellness paradigm, welcomes the advent of the alternative healers as ‘new kids on the block’ rather than to denigrate them as ‘quack doctors’, promotes equity and the highest values of the general welfare in their true sense, and is generally conducive to healthy relationships, institutions, communities, and healthy world.  
b) SHARING &/OR NON-HOARDING. ‘Hoarding orientation’ had degraded us humans to the most putrid hovels of the non-human or anti-human for many eons now. It is time to reverse such demonic conditionality and state. In the economic sphere, the highest principles of the ‘rule of Divine Love’ (compassion as core value) and ‘principle of giving’ (golden rule) must become dominant and sacrosanct. To talk of ‘compassionate capitalism’ is an oxymoron and subtly demonic. We have no more need for capitalism and the other isms, what we need is a non-ideological sharing economy and enough of those isms that have only exacerbated our ‘sick economy’ and ‘sick society’. Ditto for competition principle, the core of capitalism, which has no place in the emerging context. Cooperation-loving-sharing is the value trilogy of the emerging context, not competition-hatred-hoarding of the capitalist world system.  
c) ABUNDANCE. The true state of the universe is one of abundance, not scarcity. “From above, so below,” declares the Teaching. From the abundance of the cosmos, to the abundance of the Earth & Solar system, this is the sacrosanct law and not that peddled lie about scarcity. Healing economy is one that is attuned to the very dynamics of the cosmos and not divorced from it. An operative healing economy will ensure that all members of society, all citizens of Earth or Terra, will be attuned to this sacrosanct law, and will experience abundance in everyday life. “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” declared the late Mahatma Gandhi in his swadeshi writings. Gandhi referred to the same law, and stated it in axiomatic manner.  
d) DYNAMIC & LIFE-INDUCING. The healing economy will prove itself to be dynamic and life-inducing as well. It does not follow from absurd ‘creative destruction’ demonology worship of capitalism, but from ‘creative constructivism’ of a Godly society. In the present system, just by destroying the currency of one nation (e.g. currency attack versus ASEAN/East Asia, 1997), many workers will lose their jobs and many small enterprises forcibly close shop, leading to anxieties and deaths. Is that what you call Godly and ‘creative destruction’? Very boldly I’d say, echoing spiritual masters who said the same, that a wellness-sharing-loving-giving economy will be truly life-inducing, as it will not need wars and destruction of nations to sustain it.   
Having shared to you in brief the contours of the new economic world system, let me now close with the reiteration of the challenge: building the healing economy is the greatest economic task of the moment and the eon now unfolding before us. We can no longer be clinging to dinosaur world systems that bred so much maladies in the past, we should move on and build a new one that will be the economic foundation of a new society of loving, giving, sharing, Oneness, and authentic human liberation. Enough with those bailouts, IMF-World Bank mergers, bank mergers, interest rate manipulations, stock markets, speculations, government take-overs, hedge funds,…
Enough with greed, hoarding, hatred, competition, bloody vampire economics of the Old World! Peace & Love Advocates of the world, let us build the New Economy of Healing without reserve. Let’s not be cowed by the intimidations of the demonic Pied Pipers and fascistic war machines of the Old World elites. We shall overcome! Carpe diem!
[08 December 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila] 

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

02 September 2012

Taimtim na araw sa inyo! Contemplative day to you all!

Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will move next to the issues concerning labor, economy, and related matters in the New Earth. Sociology and political economy have trained me well for these concerns, and I was a technocrat at the national level prior to my spiritual ascension in 2008.

Longevity and health are very important aspects of human development, using the accepted paradigm promoted by the development experts. Health development was measured in terms of life span, and countries were ranked depending on their average lifespan for both men and women.

While nations as geopolitical units will be a thing of the past very soon, the issues concerning longevity and health will ever be relevant. Physical bodies will mutate from carbon-based to crystalline (silicon)-based morphs, thus prolonging life span to over the thousand year index.

Necessarily, mutated bodies will cease to suffer from ailments and aging characteristic of biological morphs. Medical sciences must quickly retool, and shift from one of curative to one totally founded on wellness & preventive medicine. The era of Big Hospitals and Big Clinics will be over, and instead neighborhood-based care centers will arise.

As aging ceases soon, anticipate the eradication of retirement policies such as pension benefits and subsidiary benefits. One who wishes to rest from work entirely at any given period can always decide to rest for a long period, via retreats or even relative hermitage.  

There will be new tools though for understanding one who advances in ‘age’ (existing near the 1000 year old mark). And equally new ways to accommodate the wishes of someone who may wish to exit the physical plane to rest for a long time prior to re-embodiment.

As far as labor policy is concerned, long life span means persons need not work so hard anymore by overworking their way to fatten their pockets. As I echoed many times in the past, twill be a Sharing Economy in place which in a post-Money Economy, with no money involved at all. So the working day will be shortened, while a system of shifting schedules will ensure that tasks requirements for any work organization are sustained.

With just a manageable quantity of time expended on work, the working person can then have much more time for domestic work, continuing formal studies, spiritual works and studies, cultivating art works and hobbies, and doing social service works. The ideal society of the past becomes factual society of the near future, as one will find out, partly due to longer life span.

Furthermore, sleeping hours for the crystalline body will cut that of the old biological body’s by half. Sleeping at 1 a.m. for instance, one can then be up by 5 a.m. Which means that between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m., the adult person can have time for readings, (yoga) meditation, and chats with children. Ample time for intimacies with spouse will also be afforded.

I need not belabor the point that shorter work hours and shorter sleep hours will provide additional time for domestic work. Domiciles will surely be spacious, and so there must be constant cleaning work for the upkeeps. Domestic helpers as we now have them in PH will be a thing of the past, so the family must shoulder the domestic upkeep.

Because life span is long, even the schooling policies must retool. Both children and parents will be going to school, as the parents can have as much as 5 doctorate degrees (PhDs) across the hundreds of years of living. Schooling time frame may be extended per term, and a tertiary or graduate student may choose to go one term of 5 months per year only instead of two terms.

Even the marriage policies can change due to the change in life span. A couple of soul mates may not need to rush to marriage at all, as life is so long. Rather, they can decide to finish their doctorates at least prior to marriage plunge.

Fertility will be long too, so why rush to birth all 50 children, when a couple can produce just one child for every 15 years? So that when the child turns to young adult at 18, there will be a fresh babe at home to keep the parents company and busy with child care. And they can do that for 500 years of minimum fecundity.

So as one can see, three (3) intertwined factors of life span, health, and sleeping hours will radically alter work, schooling, and related patterns of human life. Culture, institutions, policies will be retooled and reshaped by the new human development pattern.

So long will life span be, that a spiritually initiated person may not need to reincarnate anymore to become liberated, so the chance to become a great master within just single life time is offered to all persons of the New Earth. That should come as a truly gladdening news to all.



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

29 August 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will augment the heraldries on governance in the New Earth in this note. Being myself Will-born a soul, and formally belonging to the Council of Enlightened Power in Darjeeling, I am very much at home with governance, structure, and public policy for the transformed planet.

In previous notes, I already cogitated on the following: (a) structure of government; (b) center of governance (Shamballah); (c) Office of the World Leader; (d) gatekeepership councils per region; (d) city & regional governments; and, (f) planetary army. Let me augment them all with one focused on the governance culture in general.

There are essentially two key role-players in the governance structures for the population centers of the New Earth: (a) Spiritual Hierarchs, from Planetary Regency (Sanat Kumara and Logoi Aides) down to the Ascended Masters (guardians & gatekeepers); and, (b) citizens of the planet.

The relationship between the Divine Hierarchs and the secular authorities voted from the citizenry will be largely one of co-partnership. It will be synergy through and through. The former deliberate and formulate fiats and general policies, while secular authorities execute policies, refine them into specific policies and fiats, and procure feedbacks from citizens through platforms of city, special region, and subsidiary unit dialogues.

Supporting each government unit will be bureaucracies and adhocracies, where competent experts and specialists can lend a hand in refining vision, mission, goals, programs, and monitoring. The bureaucracies of the future will not be like the modern organization observed and theorized by Weber, Tylor, Fayohl, and sociologists of organization, but rather ones of flat structure and simplified processes.

Synergy, team approach, cooperation will mark the governance culture of the New Earth. Bureaucratic corruption, inefficiency, factionalism, nepotism, cronyism, sectarianism will be a thing of the past. Interagency cooperation will be much better than the 3D governments’.

At the village and neighborhood level, there will be volunteer brigades led by mini-councils instituted that can aid in sustaining organized delivery of services at that level. They can work during the extra time of a very long day, work in shifts, and help in the total upkeep at that level.

Police work of sustaining peace & order will also be largely through local councils at the village and neighborhoods, thus cutting down on the need to bloat bureaucracy to huge police forces for cities. Para-legal work will also be deputized to local councils and volunteer intermediaries who can help solve disputes at that level.

Political society as we know it in the Old World, with political parties and personalities + Machiavellian culture as key features, will cease to exist after December 21 of 2012. Rather, civil society via volunteer groups down the neighborhood level will be the key feature.

Big Movements of the Old World won’t be around anymore in the New Earth. Such movements promote sectarian ideologies and narrow minded causes, lead to clash of ideologies and persons, and cause tensions as much as they promote the general welfare.

Big Foundations, Big Church, Big Trade Unions, Big Business Chambers that waged advocacy campaigns, will also be a thing of the past. The moment that one association will move to establish units in other cities or even in IP special regions, there will be close monitoring of their movements, summoned for questionings, and probed in their intentions by the Ascended Masters.

Remember that Terra is going back to God’s embrace and to the cosmic community of worlds. No one ever fools around with the Ascended Masters down on the ground. Hell Planet awaits those with dubious aims who are playing themselves into their own Inner Demons, and who will if unchecked become future Lucifers and Demoniacs.

Relationship among cities and regions will also be one of synergy, cooperation, mutual benefits, yet respecting relative autonomy. Likewise between city and planetary state, and between special region  and planetary state be marked by that culture of synergy.

One city dominating over others and over special regions is a Big No! Imperialism belongs to bygone epochs of the Old World, and won’t ever return again. City dwellers are also expected to show the greatest respect for and mutual esteem with Indigenous Peoples or IPs.