Monday, February 24, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

16 September 2012

Peace & Love from this White Robe! Namaste!

What will be the reshaped economic sectors in the New Earth? Will agricultural production still make sense, given the zero consumption for livestock, carbohydrates, and veggies? Will pollutive industries come back? Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will highlight the economic sectors for this note.

The term ‘agriculture’ will cease to have relevance in the New Earth. Until such time that future terminology will arise, the following will be our terms of reference for the new economy: (a) Ecology sector; (b) Industry; (c) Services; and, (d) Quaternaries.

Ecology Sector

Both the extractive industries (mining, forestry) and agriculture of the Old Earth will merge into a single Ecology Sector. Pollutive and environmentally degrading mining and forestry will disappear with the Old Earth, while the practice of sustainable mining & sustainable forestry will be followed.

Very large scale production of crops, livestock, fruits, and vegetables will also end very soon. New Earth inhabitants will have no further need for macrobiotic diet—carbohydrates, fats, proteins—inasmuch as crystalline bodies (silicon-based) will procure its own energy needs from prana rather than from bulk foods, thus rendering agriculture irrelevant. This end to agriculture will free many farms that will be returned to Mother Nature for the natural re-growth of flora and fauna.

However, during a transition period, large dosages of food supplements will be needed (in pill form for instance). Some farms may be allowed, that will produce vegetables, spirulina, and related supplements, though these need not be of large estate sizes. Cities themselves will establish hydroponics in medium-rise buildings that can support the supplements needs of its own citizens.  

Industrial Sector

The era of Big Industry and hot manufacturing is ending very soon. Industries—both cottage/home industry and manufacturing—will continue to thrive in the New Earth, with modifications of their processes and general technology. Energy sources will be exclusively clean Renewable Energy or RE.

Cold process manufacturing will be the in thing for producing metallic items, machines, capital goods, transport vehicles, and related products. The manufacturing scales will all be small this time, excluding those strategic industries that produce ships, spaceships, and related items. Rest assured they will be using clean, non-polluting processes.

Construction will return as a provider of finishing for infrastructures with foundations began from Above. Levitation technologies and robotics will facilitate construction of the future, so there won’t be need for very large-scale manpower. Professionals and artisans will largely do the works, inclusive of masonry.

Services & Quaternary Sector

Services sector industries will refer to those services that will be in support of both the ecology and industry sectors. Banking & finance will be a thing of the past very soon, yet there will still be need for retail, transportation, shipping, communications, news & information, and personal services.

A fourth sector, comprising of services that will be autonomous from ecology and industry, will be rising very soon. Backminster Fuller called it the Quaternary Sector, such as tourism that will have its own dynamism and life. That term is worth adopting, so I’ll use it as a reference category.

Many farms will return to nature, and natural sites will be offered to IPs (indigenous peoples) as special region for residency, stewardship, and acceptable uses. IPs will be the ones to handle eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and alternative medicine tourism. It will turn out to be an exciting future tourism & travel with our IP siblings co-handling the sector where their interventions are applicable.

Finally, anticipate space travel & tourism in the morrows. As our space sector gets cleared of debris and risks of attacks by predatory reptilian species, the spaceways will be established for cross-planetary travel & tours. The past song “Fly Me To The Moon” will definitely become a reality, so do prepare your travel plans across the decades to come.

Sunday, February 16, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

14 September 2012

Kapayapaan at Kaluwaltian sa inyo! Peace and Harmony to you!

Ascension enthusiasts may now be excited about the configurations of the population in the New Earth. Ra, messenger, teacher & forthcoming Guardian, will shed light on the policy configurations that can make you anticipate your own planning for future childbirths.

A two-pronged policy will characterize the peopling of the New Earth: (a) Baby Boom as a general trend supported by policy environment of incentives for child birth; and, (b) delimited populations for cities and special regions-IPs [IP = Indigenous People or tribal communities]. The two-pronged policy will be instituted pronto upon the settling of the Qualifiers and the newborn babes born out of safe haven stays.

The Baby Boom is understandable, given the drastic collapse of the 7- billion Old Earth population down to a diminutive 1.5 billion. As already clarified earlier, 120 millions of that 1.5 billion people will be the Underground or UG peoples (who are all in space now), also termed popularly as Telosians due to the prestige of the city of Telos.

Dozens of cities and probably an equal number of special regions-IPs are now on the drawing board for installation and settling.
The bulk of these are in the 5th Density, with a fractional portion in 6th and 7th Densities. [Note: Around 2018, the 4th Density will merge with the 5th, thus bringing along the last Qualifiers to the surface of New Earth as per Divine Plan.]

Thus, from the very inception, there will be room for everyone else in the New Earth. However, that doesn’t mean that people can just crowd out in any given city or special region (in case of IPs), as delimitations of maximum sizes will be defined per human ecology. As already explained before, the ecological blights of the Old Earth cities will never ever be repeated, so policies concerning the ‘carrying capacity’ limits will be very strictly observed.

Aware of the earlier experience set by the UG peoples, which set at 1 million the maximum capacity that any given city can take, so am I amenable to adopting that maximum capacity as a policy. The special regions will be treated differently, as consultations with the IPs will still be held, but once that consensus is agreed upon by diverse tribes, then the policy of population limit will be crafted and enforced across the different special regions to rise.

Amid the onrush of settlers—coming from the undersea (angels’ refugee bases), surface (notably IPs + some lowlanders), and GC motherships—limits will be set right away, in that only a maximum of 70% city capacity and special regions’ capacity will be filled up in any given human ecology. A city, for instance, can begin at 350,000 heads population, which is well within the set limit, and leave space for 650,000 warm bodies in the future.   

There is a 4th Column of population that we should expect, though this is a truly surprising development: the mutation of dolphins and whales from their present form to the same morph that their surface and UG counterparts do possess. Yes, my dear ones, the Hierarchy is prepared for this development, as the Father-Mother and deities may give us amazingly surprising twists in our own evolution.

The dolphins and whales, and probably some exemplary amphibians (endowed with human souls) that may go the same way soon, aren’t as numerous as their surface & UG counterparts, so they won’t be much of a worry in terms of accommodation. Hold your breaths, dear ones, these exemplary life-forms will simply move out of the waters and walk on two legs just like you do right on the shores of their new Eden, so you better know of this development now to enable you some quick adjustment in case you’d see them near your place later.

As to the newly born babies, there are billions of souls in the astral plane already gladly waiting for bodies for birthing. No more subhuman laggards or demoniacs but truly human, with a very large entourage of starseeds, it will be so delightful for you future New Earth habitués to parent them. [Starseeds=recent arrivals from higher dimension planets.]

Life span will be very long, as I already echoed. So a Mama today can plan ahead and born a new baby every ten (10) years for a full 800 years before retiring from childbirth. Both Mama and Papa can then expect a total of 80 children born out of such a childbirth plan, so large yet at the end of the childbirth cycle they’d still both end up very happy and wishing they will be reborn again to birth and child-rear the wonder babes of the future.

Feel the coming bliss of Mamahood and Papahood!

Monday, February 10, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

12 September 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Time is ever getting closer for the Ascension point as I write, so I hope my notes clarify the diverse aspects of life in the New Earth. Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will clarify the matter of what form does human labor get paid, and how they dovetail into the exchange niche.

The new economy, to re-echo, is Sharing Economy, and is radically different from the Money Economy that will be phased out in the New Earth. There will be no cash, check, or equivalent transactions in the higher dimensional planet. Disabuse yourself from being too boxed a mind that can’t imagine exchange of goods beyond cash or money.

One’s labor is truly precious, as one’s crafts (capabilities, capacities) are both God-given and self-evolved across millions of years of soul existence and sojourn. Such being the underlying premise, a person’s labor must by all means be remunerated as a form of exchange.

Working for four (4) hours a day or even less, a producer will be granted certain points for the quantity cum quality of goods produced for any given day. Social values will perform very significant role in valuating the diverse professions and/or crafts that will emerge later.

After working for a week comprising of 4-5 days, the producer then gets an accumulated total of points for the accrued works. S/he can then proceed to any trade shop (store, bazaar, mall-like hub), choose end-user products for his/her immediate needs, and pays them up using the points gained from the work expended.

Values will have radically shifted by then, so that consumerism as a vice will cease to exist. No one will be accumulating stuff beyond what s/he needs. Neighborhoods will be ever watchful of signs of return to old ways, and so the presence of family counsel volunteer groups will be ever ready to remind any probable consumption addict to rethink the behavior and modify it as soon as possible.

Information society will move to even greater heights into the prophesied noosphere, so the matters of production, labor valuation, and exchange will be very facile processes to do. New computer models, language, systems will emerge, minus the computer viruses, so the recorded labor valuations will be very exact and reliable.

No one can tamper with one’s own labor points, and surely no one would ever attempt to corrupt the files of those who worked hard for their respective EconU (Economic Unit) which they part co-own. Policing of work to exchange transactions will be easy, and people who are all psychically functioning can’t end up fooling each other as they’d know each other’s motive from the inception.   

As to the valuation system, communities will emerge to value those professions that will nourish the mind/intellect, use enormous mental resources, and/or generate new knowledge. Expect the teaching profession to emerge as the topgun, as it would take expertise and special qualities for someone to be recruited as teacher—given the clientele comprising of starseeds, geniuses, gifted children and youth of intelligence way ahead of the Old Earth habitués.

Those persons serving the satellite offices of the guardianships, gatekeeperships, city administrations, and special region administrations will require high expertise levels. So do expect their (offices’) service professionals to be valuated very highly in the labor point scale.

Until some other systems for valuations and remunerations will emerge, the pattern will be the one described here. In sum, there will be room for everyone’s capabilities and talents, there will be an abundance of goods for everyone’s needs, and it will be a fulfilling Right Livelihood context we’ve all been dreaming of.

[Edited Feb. 2014]

[Note: Certain socialist technocrats conceptualized the point system, but couldn’t implement them fully due to the stubborn prevalence of the Money system inside Communist regimes. It was conceived off too prematurely. Socialism and Capitalism are both Money Economy variants, seemingly competing systems only on surface.]

Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

10 September 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

What will be the modality of production in the New Earth? Will ‘free enterprise’ be back? Will monopolies be allowed? Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will clarify the subject.

First of all, you who join the New Earth habitués will face a new context and will be part of its construction. The matters of ‘free enterprise’, ‘monopoly’, or ‘command economy’ are old fogey principles and will sink along with the flood waters very soon.

The perfect battlecry for the Sharing Economy will be:

Kamayalan! Bayanihan! Damayan!
Consciousness! Community! Cooperation!

Kamalayan is Filipino term for consciousness, signifying for our purpose the Universal Brotherhood ethos of the New Earth. ‘Unity consciousness’ is the term reverberating in other circles that refer to the same ethos.

Bayanihan is Filipino word for community. Gesselschaft, as it is known in German. A strong trait among the islanders, it was most likely  perfected by the Lemurian ancestors of the Malayan Filipinos (Malays dominate the ethnicities of Filipinos who are multi-ethnic & multi-cultural). It is actualized through mutual help in times of contingencies or special events.  

Damayan is Filipino word for cooperation. Cooperation is the very opposite of the social processes of conflict and competition. Competition is out, cooperation in. Polarity (conflict) is out, non-dualism in. Non-dualism is manifested as cooperation, as a complementation of perceived differences if ever.

An Economic Unit or EconU will make sense, legitimacy, viability of operations to the extent that it follows the battlecry values of Kamalayan! Bayanihan! Damayan! Individually-run EconU may be allowed to shape, to the extent that it can demonstrate that it is an integral part of a cooperating EconU.

One individual producing special product, whose ‘enterprise’ will later expand so that ‘franchise’ operators can apply for their enterprise, till it grows to a global Big Business, is simply over. Those days of generating oligarchs won’t ever come back, as they are founded on hoarding.
We have already developed the system of forward and backward linkages to certain economic units in the old world. There is no harm in getting that system to migrate to the new world, provided that it is clearly in support of the new economic production modality.

As to financing, forget about the Old World finance with banks serving as the main instrument for deposits and enterprise funding. Rather, the planetary state will apportion the wealth/treasures (accumulated and secured from Old World sources) as security instrument equivalent, to the diverse cities and special regions arising.

Policies will be clearly in place that will guide the EconU organizers to launch and exchange the products. The security notes or instruments can then be used to procure inputs, machines, tools, train people, and more. Once approved by authorities (this will be localized, remember), the EconU can then apply for a place to use on usufruct in a designated EconU hub.

Exchange of the products (note how I move away from ‘marketing’ terminology) can be done via a trading post (e.g. like today’s malls, retail centers), where the personnel can entertain enthused end-users. The personnel are integral to the EconU, not hired personnel as we know it who can be disposed off anytime the employer is sick of him/her.

Value-added tax, sales tax, excise tax, etc will all be gone soon by the way. No one EconU needs to pay up taxes for the city government and special region government (IPs). Rather, what they owe for the instrument used to start the EconU will be returned as quantity of goods applicable to the government offices. The EconU producers can simply exchange their surplus products with the needs-based products to pay up the equivalent of ‘loaned instrument.’  

Not only that, the EconU cooperators can also volunteer their services for government, as everyone will be doing so. So there would be round-the-clock community service by the local government, as EconU cooperators will join the constituency at large for the purpose.