Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

22 September 2012

Peace & love to you all! Kapayapaan at pagmamahal sa inyo!

The shift to renewable energy or RE sources and its coming predominance is already known to everyone. Ra, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will elucidate on the matter of energy sources, New Earth power utility generation, and wireless transmission.

Way before the Ascension point, the matter of shift to clean energy was already forecast correctly by futurologists, notably Daniel Bell and Alvin Toffler. Futurologists were of similar mindset in pronouncing the death knell to fossil fuels as they were subject to hoarding, whereas accordingly RE is knowledge-intensive and knowledge can’t be hoarded (i.e. it ought to be shared).

RE is already making waves in some countries today, even in my own country PH barely 30% of power utilities generation is fossil fuel, while all the rest is RE at 70%. The oil oligarchs are holding on to their control of the fuels market for now, which renders oligarchism as a ‘barrier to entry’ of clean energy. But oligarchy will end very soon, and so the context for a total RE regime will lead clean energy to its meteoric ascent to energy provision.

Immediately upon the clean up and site development of certain regions (in 5th Density) by late 2013, power generation will be installed as integral to the new cities and special regions-IPs (indigenous peoples). It will take some time, a time lag of about six (6) quarters upon stabilization, before power R&D, technology production, and dissemination can take off, so the first power generators will be offered gratis by our friends from the GC (Galactic Command/Confederation).

Furthermore, Underground or UG people, erstwhile known as Telosians, will bring along with them their power generation tools and distribution technologies upon their settling in the New Earth cities. You will be witness first hand to power that won’t need high tension wires for distribution. Wired distribution served the interests of the capitalist oligarchs, served hoarding interests, and so it dies along with the society that birthed it.

The clean energy sources that you see today—solar, ocean (waves), wind, geothermal—will continue to be tapped, whether for mass distribution or for micro-usage (e.g. solar for a single home only). Hydro power via dams, however, will be phased out.

Hyperconductive crystals (quartz, diamond, copper, gold) and deuterium are next-line RE sources for R&D. The planet’s Torque is in unlimited supply, and I myself am very strong in pursuing future research & development on this RE (I’d mandate a team to do R&D on this upon full assumption of my duties).

As to power sources for vehicles, same RE sources would apply. Fuel cells are already in use, and will resume renovations and usage. Photosynthesis will be an earthshaking RE for vehicles, as it will be of great use to power space ships and long distance flying ships (navigation ships made to fly) as well.

The future Torque-based power generators I envision are the prototypes that are compact in size (as small as a luggage bag) and installable within one’s own backyard. Torque, solar, wind (micro-scale) can provide the power sources of special regions-IPs.

IPs can, however, always blend the high-tech power sources with their indigenous practices of using oils for lamps, firewood, and other sources where applicable. That’s blending high-tech and high-touch in energy sources, and we know how disciplined are the IPs in extracting natural sources only in limited amounts for their own personal consumption.    

The use of oil-powered lamps for evening events and night rituals magnifies the very magical ambience of the event concerned. For even we Brothers of Light use indigenous-powered lamps for our evening meetings in the Himalayas.

Power sources will be in abundance in the new world coming, and there’d be no more of those power outages and blackouts that characterize the electricity situation in the urban world of Old Earth. And that is additive to the list of excitements that await you all in the near future.



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Monday, March 3, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

20 September 2012

Gracious Day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will shed light on the theme of science research & development or R&D, technology (know-how), appropriate technology or approtech, and the sources of S&T innovations.

Let me begin with the sources of knowledge and technologies, as this concern has already been established for eons. The pattern will be the same more or less as to sources: (a) ascended masters; (b) space friends; and, (c) innovative individuals & groups. Since Terra will rejoin the galactic community soon, it will no longer make sense to use the term ‘alien’ to label extraterrestrial intelligences, so let me use the term ‘space friends’ instead.

The core knowledge principles and technological innovation applications of a strategic nature are in the hands of the ascended masters, stored in the Brotherhood’s etheric retreats and centers. So you better disabuse yourselves from the notion that only the space friends can make us advance scientifically and technologically in the New Earth.

Besides, the Brotherhood of Light of Terra has direct access to Lord Sanat Kumara, the Logoi Aides, and Lord Enoch, who can all pass down knowledge with ease that may be of help for our rapid developmental grown and maturation. Such knowledge comes from previous evolutionary rounds or manvantaras yet, from worlds that were long gone and dis-assembled.

As to the timeline of installation of science R&D capabilities, this will be very urgent. As early as 2014, when new cities will have sprouted in the new world’s regions cleared of debris and done some site development efforts, science R&D will take-off immediately. Science researchers of today who will ascend to New Earth will be summoned to form thinktank groups pronto and help the masters in planning ahead for knowledge & technology production.

Sociobehavioral research will particularly take off immediately, as information will be needed concerning the impacts of the changes, capability accounting and demographics, and readiness for new world engagements. The sociobehavioral study findings can help the other sciences in their research planning, to note: biological & life sciences, health sciences, engineering sciences, and physical sciences.

Ecology research that will team up experts from all scientific divisions will also take off most immediately. Documentations of the ascension impacts will be done, eco-scan reports of each region of the planet will likewise be prepared, and recommendations for buildable areas be elicited. Experts and IPs will be of great help to the masters in this concern. [IP = Indigenous Peoples]

The levels of technologies will be from the most approtech to the most knowledge-intensive technologies. Manpower-intensive techniques will be counted among approtech and will be sustained where they are applicable, these being part of social technologies for communities.

There will be very definitive policy environment coming from the World Leader’s Office & Guardianship Council regarding the protection and advancement of technologies in all fields, from approtech to high-tech. Approtech that is generated by IPs will be very highly valued, conserved and protected, and will serve the purpose of education and exposure of tourists as well as end-users of the IP crafts in both city and special region-IPs.

Intellectual property of productive innovators will be protected, rest assured, with innovators properly compensated for their contributions. Ditto for the collective intellectual property of IPs. However, once certified, personal intellectual properties will largely be shareware, as that will be consistent with the principles of a Sharing Economy.

The collective intellectual properties of IPs have always been shareware, from their protection of nature to their alternative medicine. The IPs will expectedly continue to exhibit the same selfless sharing of their practices, so those city-based and even IP region-based S&T operators should do a radical paradigm shift by crafting plans for immediate dissemination of their knowledge and technologies via the sharing mode.

So do get ready for a surge of S&T and approtech, in cities and IP communities, once we construct the New Earth habitats. This is an inclusive, hands-on community effort, so please go ahead and see how you can fit in into the exciting knowledge agenda awaiting you and the children.  

[Note: The configurations of Future Science was already elucidated by JJ Hurtak as early as 1973 yet, so do refer to his monumental book Keys of Enoch.]