Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Lady Gaia is a Logos (deity) who uses Earth as her very own body. Logos is highest degree of soul evolution (8th Degree Initiation). Gaia is among the Logoi (deities) being initiated to someday become a Co-Creator of physical realities or worlds. Brahma is Logos of Physical Universe, to whom all deities of physical worlds report to.
Since 1987, year of Harmonic Convergence, Gaia has been intervening to directly mutate Earth’s vibratory frequency, in catalytic aid of ascending Earth to 4th & higher densities. Earth honorably passed the galactic initiation for worlds, thus giving the Logos of Earth and other Divine beings the go signal to scale up intervention.
Gradually first, from 87 through 2004 roughly, did the pace proceed, as Lady Gaia released energies step by step, thus moving Earth’s frequency to Beta (14 hertz) level from the original Alpha (7 hertz). Her earlier agenda of disgorging Evil elements on her surface had to take the back seat, as the Father has been intervening. She must focus on activating the planetary chakras (70 major ones in all, 7 declared as key chakras during an Age, thousands of minor ones) and energy grids, which were all accomplished.
I had visions of the latter activation works, as the spewing up of the energies from the chakras reached altitudes of over 200 kilometers. This moved even much higher recently, so that if you interconnect all the spewing energies (like gigantic fountains) they practically form a canopy, akin to other energy canopies such as the Christ Grid.
Last December 21, 2012 was the final event that pushed Earth’s vibratory frequency to Delta level (22 hertz). As far as this goal is concerned, prophesy has been fulfilled.

[Manila, January 2013]

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Citizen of Planet Earth, thou art already in 4th Density Earth. On the 21st of December, 2012, a combination of galactic energy ‘factors’ and Divine Energy ‘factors’ effectively pushed Earth upwards to 4th Density. That’s a clear 1 notch higher than the previous 3rd Density of a Fallen Planet.
You may ask though, why is it that as if nothing has changed? Getting at the bottom of truths is hard for an uninitiated, which means that, not being adept at high frequency vibrations, you cannot feel those energies being referred to. Besides, previous to that day, the Almighty Father endowed you with an Energy Balancer that acts as a stabilizer so that you can wade through 4th Density with greater facility (it is embedded in your Etheric body).
So what difference does it make to be in 4th Density? You may hasten to ask that, which is meant in the following way: what’s the cutting edge quality of 4th Density that makes it different from the previous one? The summary of answers for that query is as follows:

         Divine Energies are now freely flowing across the planet down to the very surface level. Tapping Divine Energies for beneficial purposes is much easier now than before.
         Adonai Energies or Kumara Energies (they are the same) were released, which are meant to penetrate humans down to the cellular level. The permeation rate may take some time to undertake, take root and mutate your very genes. The pace of permeation-to-effect will vary from person to person, depending on one’s awareness & level of susceptibility to such Divine energies.
         Earth now vibrates at Delta Wave level, or 22 Hertz (cycles per second). Before the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, Earth vibes was at Alpha level, the natural vibes as per Mother Gaia’s modulation of the same. Lady Gaia then scaled up the energy so as to gradually reach Beta Wave level (14 Hertz) circa 2004, and onwards till it reached Delta Wave last December the 21st of 2012. At this level, a person can easily see paranormal visions, like one does before deep sleep (Theta Wave level).
It means that, just by simple invocation of “Divine Light pls help me to vaporize my laziness to work” or so, during moments of prayers, the same energies congealing as consolidated Divine Light will indeed be brought to your inner space and aura so as to immerse you in Light. Therefore, you can mutate to a much finer and purer soul at this very juncture of 4th Density, which wasn’t what it was before the jump to this present state.  
[Manila, January 2013]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light
30 October 2011


Gracious day from this Brother of Light!

As a conclusion of my tasks of Guru (teacher) and Messenger, let me share a simplified approach to ascend to New Earth. This is particularly intended for the ‘late’ Ascensionauts (ascension enthusiasts).

These lessons aren’t for the Chelas of the Ascended Masters or White Robes, notably those chelas who have been persistent, focused, and consistent in the studies of Masters’ wisdom and tools of attainment. The Chelas are already on track in their Ascension, and may in fact move up through the 7th Density at the highest (for the most advanced chelas who are now mystics).


So let me go back to the target of the ADARNA Way: the ‘late’ Ascensionauts. It’s better late then never, as the folk idiom reverbs.

Late Ascensionauts, there are no short cuts to Ascension, remember this always. Work hard for your goal, as the Almighty Father would see you striving hard and may grant Divine Grace unto you so as to (a) drop down hundreds of dense energy veils, (b) activate all of your 12 strands of DNA, and (c) enable your adaptation in a new reality domain called 5th Density (roughly the upper astral plane).

First of all, what is ADARNA? Literally, it is a mythic bird that is harbinger of Glad Tidings for those who witness it (as penned by a classic Filipino literary writer, c. 19th century). For our purposes, ADARNA is an acronym for:

AD: Accept & Decide
AR: Act & Reflect
NA: Negotiate to Actualize

AD: Accept & Decide

Accept! First of all, Fellow on Earth, accept the possibility of a New Earth unfolding. This isn’t a passive acceptance being advanced by me, no ma’ams and sirs! Accept the possibility pro-actively, and that acceptance begins with:

Will-to-Act! Decide to go the Ascension Path, to enter the New Earth and be counted, and decide with full Will. The call-to-action that is most fit for the decision-making is:

Change Or Perish! That surely is a tough, strongly worded, tall order. Guruji Krishnananda, who published two (2) books on the Ascension (free e-books), coined the apt action call, and it’s appreciably nice to adopt the call.

AR: Act & Reflect

Act! Commence with assertive actions alright, but don’t ever act with blind faith. Ascension is not a matter of Dogma, of Fixed Idea. Act pro-actively, as contended in the Accept & Decide section. And that means you must:

Know! Reflect well on the unfolding event or phenomenon, by studying it. It is best to know the Ascension event by studying the heraldries of Light Masters who were sent on errands by the Brotherhood of Light, led by the Cosmic Christ Maitreya (Supreme Grandmaster – Brotherhood of Light). 100 Light Masters were mandated to do Messenger task aimed at disseminating Ascension chronicles from the perspectives of the Masters.

To name you some Messengers who use the English language for dissemination:

·         JJ Hurtak, Keys of Enoch
·         Guruji Krishnananda: http://lightagemasters.com
·         Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra: http://ascensionguardian.blogspot.com

With the shortness of time before the Ascension, those three Messengers alone are more than sufficient to let you know and comprehend what the Ascension event is all about.

NA: Negotiate to Actualize

Every action that we actualize should be deliberate, calculated, calibrated set of behaviors. In sociology this is called ‘negotiated action’. The new order that is to be built—the New Earth—is regarded by sociologists as a ‘negotiated order’ which stresses the active role of each participant of the new society in constructing that order.

Ascensionauts, are you ‘ready to rock’? Then roll the roulette, and whichever way it goes here would be the outcome. Game!

Purify! Engage in thorough purification. Identify as much misgivings (sins) as you can, then one by one seek forgiveness from God. Do this every day during your prayer sessions.

Accompany or reinforce your misgivings detox & deprogramming with mantras (invocations). Repeat each mantra by 7X, then end with Amen or Aum. Whichever sect or denomination you were baptized into, churches provide their devotees the essential mantras, so there’s no reason to claim that you don’t know what mantras or invocations are.

Some recommendable mantras are:
·         Om Vajra Sattva Hom
·         Om Namo Narayanaya
·         I Am That I Am (English), Om Tat Sat Om (Sanskrit)
·         Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus/Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and of the hour of our death.
·         Hare Krishna Hare Krishna/Krishna Krishna Hare Hare (7X) / Hare Rama Hare Rama / Rama Rama Hare Hare (7X)

For your own sake, recite at least a couple of those mantras every night before your meditation or sleep. I Am That I Am happens to be the most powerful mantra, it can even be used to ward off evil entities.

Meditate! It may not be too late for you to meditate. It is a very powerful centering tool (implying you’re very de-centered and de-focused). Use it to detoxify, energize, tap Divine Light, do self-healing, tap Prana (chi) that will be the energy source in New Earth.

For a crash course on Meditation, please browse my article on meditation, to note:

E. Argonza, “Yoga Meditation: Science and Craft (Seekers’ Lesson 2),” CosmicBuhay, 19 April 2010, http://cosmicbuhay.blogspot.com.

Serve People! In case that you may not have been doing service to people on a regular or sustained basis, this may be the opportunity to start doing it. This must be a Service-For-Others action, or doing service as a calling from the heart (seat of soul).

Start doing service now, as such service can be sustained during the catastrophic transition to the New Earth. It will take up until 2018 yet to undertake mutual service as a response to the calling of the hearts (mutual faith or devotion of peoples).

To have some pointers for reflection on the subject, please browse my article on the subject, to note:

E. Argonza, “Service and the Golden Rule (Seekers’ Lesson 7), CosmicBuhay, 19 April 2010, http://cosmicbuhay.blogspot.com.

Light Yourself & Others! Tap Divine Light that’s just above you (from your Divine Lightbody) and will be all over you beginning on December the 21st of the year. Then, use the Light to detox your aura, heal the lower self, cleanse your energy centers or chakras, deprogram weaknesses and build virtues or sublime strengths.

To tap Light, talk to it, by declaring “O! Light of God! Please descend unto me and fill my being!” Invoke this during any of your prayer sessions, with arms stretched upwards to receive that Light and let it flow unto yourself (body & aura). Visualized White Light descending unto you from Above while doing the invocation.

To reinforce the Light tapping, invoke this simple mantra 7X: “Light of God is descending unto my being now.” Then end with Amen. Continue to visualize White Light descending unto you and filling you totally while doing the invocation.

You can also tap the Light to help out others in their possible Ascension. Use the same procedure, than visualize that Light coming from your Heart (chakra) and Brow (chakra) and send them to the persons you wish to help. Visualize the face of that person or persons while you send them Light. Later, in case you Ascend, you can use the same procedure to fill those Disqualifieds with Light before and during their transfer to their respective planet fit for their awareness.

Go Positive! Burn down all negative thoughts, interpersonal relations, and emotions that have been deposited in your own lower self as a result of your vicious, circuitous, habitual resort to them. List down as many of such negative behaviors as possible, and then one by one burn them down and replace them with positive behaviors.

You can also use the Water & Air elements, by invocative the negative during swimming, taking a bath, washing your face. Even while jogging as regular exercise, you can invoke the negative and be replaced with positive. There are other ways of deprogramming negatives, and you can be as creative in burning them down as much as you can.

Examples of transmuting negative to positive are:
“My Fear of responsibilities will disappear and replaced with Courage.”
“My Antipathies will break down and be replaced with Empathy.”
“My Worrisome attitude will disappear and replaced with Confidence.”

While taking a bath for example, you take one such weakness, create a line such as demonstrated above, and then invoke it repeatedly while taking a shower. Invocation uses the Air element while bathing uses the Water element, so both Water and Air combined will so potently take down imbalances, negatives, and make you more positive in attitudes, habits, perspectives in life, relations.


Ascensionauts, the ADARNA Way as outlined and detailed above sums up what can be a crash course to quaff your thirst for the Ascension agenda. There is a much broader set of lessons that spiritual masters mentor & coach seekers who seek the former’s chelaship (discipleship), but that program of ascension takes at least a year in order to satisfactorily achieve results. Hence, the reason for this crash course.

I’m sure you who encounter this set of lessons for the first time can recall them all when the change comes. It may take some time for the lessons to take effect, remember that you’re just starting in the Path now. Have patience, take down your fears and other negative emotions/interpersonal relations/thoughts, and rapidly replace the negatives with positives.

Who knows even way before the 2018 last phase deadline for entry to 5th Density (where Earth is going), the Father will already grant you Divine Grace in order re-settle in a higher dimension? Be glad that the Masters are around, we will be much around the ‘late’ Ascensionauts during the hard transition climb to 5th Density, pay attention to what the Masters counsel, and there you’ll be rising meteorically to your paradise home. All the best in your Ascencion agenda!


Thursday, October 9, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

28 October 2012

Luz y paz! Light and peace!

Ra, teacher & messenger, from the Darjeeling Council of the Brotherhood of Light, forthcoming Guardian, will re-echo the theme of the Photon Belt in this note. The additional insight shared here is the spiritual intent & content of photon.

To advance the masters’ thesis: photon is catalytic in separating the Terrans based on their levels of awareness. It is a cosmological catalyst, both a source of energy (of very high frequency and intensity) and a separator of the humans on one hand and the Laggards & Demoniacs on the other hand.

It was already prophesied in ancient times that at the ‘end of time’ (terminal phase of a great cosmic cycle) there shall come a separation of the ‘grain from shaft’ or ‘wheat from grass’. Such mimetic language is largely fit for food producers, the meaning of which is the separation of people based on their level of awareness. That very catalyst or ‘agent of change’ is photon.

As I shared in previous articles, I had several occasions of meditation visions of the Photon Belt, so subtle that ordinary people or scientists cannot perceive it. It surrounds a particular star as well as a galaxy, as there is one galaxy I perceived that is entirely surrounded by photon that forms like a ring akin to Saturn surrounded by rings. It never occurred to me during those meditations that the Photon Belt was in fact communicating to me, the communication content of which I must perforce intuit effectively, or else I miss the point of the vision contact.

My first write up on the Photon Belt goes by the title PHOTON BELT. It gives some details of Terra & Solar System’s coming into direct contact with the Photon Belt. The productive usage of photon as energy source was discussed in it. See: PHOTON BELT, in BRIGHTWORLD: http://erlefraynebrightworld.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/photon-belt/

In another article concerning the energy sources of New Earth, I did elucidate photon as among the Renewable Energy or RE sources. I will now add to such benefit the balancing effect of photon on the subtle bodies (etheric, astral, mental, causal) that can get cleansed instantly upon contact with photon. Here I’m re-echoing the masters’ thesis that photon possesses highly beneficial purposes, which is contrary to the fearsome projections of the physicists in the know and the ignorant spiritual quacks.

So high an energy field is the Photon Belt, that any veiled or blind fool of a person who will decide to move up to the New Earth can use that immersion in the Photon Belt as a Divine Grace of an opportunity for quantum leap to the higher dimension. Provided, of course, that the same person will consciously apply tools and methods for balancing, purification, detoxification, and more. Such tools we Masters have been teaching our chelas, and shared many of what we use to the social networks we’ve joined in and in our blogs as well.

On the other hand, the evolutionary Laggards (morons, idiots, imbeciles, retardates, borderline minds) as well as the Demoniacs (negative persons, sociopaths, psychopaths, conscienceless criminals) will be separated out by the very same photon if they refuse to recognize the full import of change. “Change now or perish” is the challenge of photonics upon full impact, as Guruji Krishnananda has been echoing in his writings on 2012.

How do the Laggards & Demoniacs get separated? Simple! By refusing to recognize the new context, refusing to adjust and retool and practice Light-directional methods, their bodies will experience system failures. Thus shall they be dropping off by the thousands everywhere and everyday across the globe.  

Unfit for the new context, for which they will disintegrate soul-wise if immersion is too long, they need to be transferred pronto by the Light Forces to the planet fit for their awareness level. Of this contingency the Forces of Gabriel, Galactic Confederation, and Seraphic Forces are now very well prepared to assist, mobilize, and transport souls and subtle bodies en masse.  

As to how long the Photon Belt will be around, the range is from 500 years minimum (Krishnananda thesis) to 2,000 maximum (Ra thesis). No matter how seemingly big the gap is in estimation, what is very certain is that Terra will be in the Photon Belt for a long time. Should the length be relatively short, then we Elders of Terra can always petition Lord Metatron to extend our stay in the Photon Belt, as He is Grand Gatekeeper of electromagnetics, manifest Light (photonics here), and sacred geometry.

Ascension enthusiasts, lets all welcome the coming of the Photon Belt! It is already upon us, with full impact to come just a few months away from now. Welcome the Golden Age of Light!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

26 October 2012

Kapayapaan at pag-ibig! Peace and love!

I and fellow messengers (all White Robes) already released our pronouncements about the great flooding that accompanies the birthing of New Earth. Ra, forthcoming Guardian, will augment the augury regarding the subject, with the added factor of timeframe.

As I already elucidated in past articles, the birthing of the New Earth will witness the synchronic shifting of the poles. Such a phenomenon, indubitably catastrophic in proportions, will induce an agitation of the ice cap formations that are today already in a gradual melting process. The result is the hastening of the break ups of ice formations and meltdowns, leading to ocean water onrush from the poles to the equatorial region and so on.

Aggravating the circumstance will be the bombardments of solar flares (sunspots) from a Sun that will also be in catastrophic situation as are the other planets of Solaria. The heating up process generated by the solar outbursts will aggravate the polar ice melting and induce an expansionary process in the water formations across the globe, giving rise to an already rising water level.

Catastrophic floods will thus inundate many land formations, bringing forth debris and turbulent winds along the way. Geological adjustments will be happening during those flooding moments, with the Father’s hands involved in molding up the landforms in accordance with His divine design.

Polar ice is largely fresh water in composition, so the grace shared unto the world during the meltdowns and floods is the diminution of the salinity of the seawaters (see Guruji Krishnananda’s report, http://lightagemasters.com). Relatively desalinated seawater can serve nurturing ends for animal and plant life that will need water very urgently during those turbulent times.

We can only surmise for how long the arisen waters stay at high levels before they recede. What we are sure of is this: as the poles will settle down in their new locations, with Terra behaving in its adjusted dynamics of rotation and revolution, ice formation will begin anew and build up year by year in the pole regions.

Flood waters will definitely recede, as commonsense facilely shows, though recede they will at very gradual paces. The Sun will be much friendlier in the New Heavens (new cosmological circumstance), so I would hazard a thesis that ice formation will be steady yet heavy too at the poles, thus revealing across time more land forms than mankind has ever seen.

We are all accustomed to see the worst of times in calamities and catastrophes, so let us anticipate a long period of flood recession. Using the Law of Seven to our mathematical rescue, we can calculate that the number of years it will take for generating ice formations in the poles at par with the 20th century level, will be 7X7 or 49 years. [7 Oceans X 7 Years per ocean approximately.]

Within 49 years then, we anticipate the attainment of homeostasis of polar ice formations, in that massive ice formations will be reached while at the same time some fractional ice melting will take place. Thus, the possibility of excessive ice formation will not take place at all, as excessive ice formation will induce an abrupt shift to a new Ice Age.

The Golden Age will therefore witness a general Spring for the planet, with climate so stable and the atmosphere blanketed with mist at all times, mist that protects life forms from excessive solar heat. Even the Sun’s heat will be tempered, as changes will take place in our very source of physical Light and prana.

So many landforms surfacing after the 49-year period will add more graces of lands and inland waters for settlements. The construction of new cities and special regions will thus take a longer time frame then we have seen such developments so far, with the fat bonuses of gargantuan land spaces when all things get stable in the planet.

PROF. ERLE FRAYNE ARGONZA WEBSITE: http://erleargonza.com