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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

May the grace of our Lord Ancient of Days be with you! Hail Adonai!

For this note, Ra as Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & teacher, volunteer in Master El Morya’s Ashram, will clarify matters about Buddha and Kalki (planetary Christ). These two great Beings of Light were the first to undergo Initiation (by Ancient of Days) on Earth, so I am truly humbled by the gargantuan sacrifices and their success stories of spiritual ascension that deserves continuous retelling.

The mahatmas and chelas who revealed the 1st and 2nd Dispensation of the ancient Wisdom to us already clarified well the subjects of Buddha and Christ. What they’ve shared is so worthy of re-echoing. I will also add the clarifications done by the late Rudolf Steiner, who contended that monads (god-sparks or selves) on Earth were first incubated in Saturn for a whole manvantara (evolutionary round), before being transferred to the Sun (which was then a planet) for a whole manvantara, and then transferred to the Moon for another manvantara, before transferred to Earth for this present manvantara.

Let me get straight to the Moon manvantara, for economy of space. Suffice me to say, that many billions of monads “sailed forth for monadic formation and formation of Will, Wisdom, Inspiration” in Sun and Saturn, and then moved to the Moon. Then in the Moon, during a period shorter than the Earth evolution of 4.3 billion years, the monadic tempering again resumed. At the end of the Moon evolution, during its pralaya (rest) phase, those who evolved to Dhyan Chohans (planetary spirits) were taken to higher realm called 2nd cosmic plane for rest and for continuation of their cosmic initiation.

Those who rested but who need to do more ascension works in the Earth round were then brought to this planet. Among those souls is the one we know as Siddharta Gautama, probably with the two (2) buddhas who preceded him. They arrived as ordinary mortals, like you struggling mortal Terrans, and had to begin the evolution all over again by embedding their respective monads in the minerals. The Life-Wave thus descended on the minerals, which then made possible the evolution of simple life forms, till the appearance of the vegetative, and then animal, till finally the human kingdom emerged.
The evolved souls from the Moon, already perfected but with ascension works yet to do on Earth, succeeded one after the other in ascending to the levels of Avatara, till finally they departed to higher cosmic realms for their cosmic Initiation save for Gautama. Buddha is therefore the last of those great souls from Moon round, and he committed to serve Earth till the last days yet of the present Earth manvantara.

Meanwhile, among those monads originally intended for Earth, is the great one who did outshine the rest of Earth evolutes. He too descended and embedded upon the minerals, like the rest, till he moved on to the early life forms, onwards to the devic-man period. He, like Gautama and those great souls from Moon round, saw the descent of Terrans into bestiality, yet he persisted in his ascent to the Path.

Among the Hindus, or followers of the Vedic traditions, was that great cosmic lord known as Vishnu. As it was told in the Puranas, shall he the Son embody in 10 lives, the 10th being the last. “I have come to destroy Evil!” thundered he as Ram, or Rama of Hindus. This great soul was actually overshadowed by a Dhyan Chohan, among 7 that originally came to Terra, also called later as Vishnu. Kalki shall be his name for his 10th and last embodiment, as prophesy proclaimed, so let’s use this name.

So great were the souls Gautama (Sakyamuni) and Kalki, that upon their ascension to the levels of avatara did Ancient of Days prove before the Council of 24 Elders that the ‘Earth evolution project’ was a viable one. That it wasn’t necessary to destroy all souls on Earth following the descent to bestiality and worldliness during the early phases of the 3rd ‘root race’ of giant Lemurians. Seeing that development, and noting further the ascension of new spiritual masters to replace those that left the Path upon the rebellion of Lucifer, the Council of 24 decided to that “Project Earth evolution” stay.

Lord Buddha, as gatekeeper of the Will-aspect of the Rays of Sanat Kumara, is also the custodian of ‘God as Light’. He is also Messenger of the Deities (logoi), and is link between Shamballah and Planetary Hierarchy members in the etheric retreats. He is now on training to become full-fledged planetary Regent. At that level he will be considered as a Solar Lord, part of the entourage of divine beings of our central star the Sun, bearer of a Ray of the Solar Logos who is Lord Helios (his twinflame Lady Vesta).

Lord Kalki, as gatekeeper of the Love-aspect of the Rays of Sanat Kumara, is also custodian of ‘God as Love’. Bodhisattva of the 5th ‘root race’, he is among the 3 Directors of Spiritual Hierarchy (Manu and Mahachohan are the other two). As Christ, he is Supreme Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Light, the master of all spiritual masters. He is now World Leader, agglomerating all 3 Rays of Will, Wisdom-Love, and Active Intelligence for his supreme role, for the New Earth. He will usher the coming of the 3 new Directors of Hierarchy, who will be the Manu, Bodhisattva, and Mahachohan of the coming 6th ‘root race’ of Meruvians.

Upon the termination of the Golden Age of Light, to which the Planetary Christ is fully committed to serve as World Leader, shall Lord Kalki move on to his next level of ascension. He will take the place of Buddha, as he is known by Buddhist today to be the next Buddha. From Sonship (Vishnu/Christ) who is custodian of Love-Wisdom, shall he take on the mantle of the Father’s ray being custodian of Will.

While both great beings are now undertaking their cosmic Initiations—10th Initiation for Buddha and 9th Initiation for Kalki—for which they fully qualify to move or transfer to the higher cosmic domains, they are both committed to Earth. They will continue to do their tasks related to their individual Initiation, yes, but they won’t leave Terrans just that yet. So great were their sacrifices for Terra’s humans and also for other life-forms, that they won’t leave the planet just like that until they see the souls here evolve to the Heavenly Man of the last evolutionary round (the 7th, as we’re still in the 4th round).

Let me now end the narrative right here. When the time comes that you ripen your Enlightenment, know the history of Earth with great depth, then please remember to echo to other souls aborning, about the most ennobled evolutes of our planet. Let there be more Buddhas and Christs in the future. Hail Buddha! Hail Kalki! So be it.

[14 June 2015]

Thursday, June 4, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

“This Land is mine / God gave this land to me” – Theme Music of Exodus movie

Hail the New Earth! This Melchizedek, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & teacher, volunteer in Master El Morya’s Ashram, is as glad as everyone of you ascensionauts to pronounce the New Earth cometh. So let me share an added reflection about the subject, with focus on the Lork Kalki (eastern) or Kolki (western style) who transports and leads all ascensionauts to 5th Density.

In a previous article, I already pronounced the mass exit of the 144,000 Rishis (White Robes in Western lingo), with the explanation that they are direly needed by Hierarchy in the etheric retreats to aid process the new Initiates now evolving in great numbers. As such, their collective role is like unto Moses, who helped prepared humanity for the “rough ride to New Earth,” but will not enter the Promised Land except only to do some momentary tasks there and then return thereafter to the Etheric Plane residency.

It was Joshua, a great warrior (re-embodied much later as Jesus), who led the Hebraic Semites to the Promised Land. Like unto Joshua, Lord Kalki will lead all ascensionauts brought to the Promised Land, a tough job that he has begun to do. You can browse my previous heraldry about Lord Kalki or Kolki as follows:




E. Argonza / Ra, “PLANETARY GOVERNANCE PRIMED UP,” 09 June 2012.

In case that you’re hard up in pronouncing His Holiness Lord Kalki’s name, you may as well pronounce him via his other “names” or “labels”:

·         Maitreya: The long-awaited next Buddha (Lord of Light). Guru of Jesus and many other ascended masters. He overshadowed Jesus when the great master began his mission via baptism in River Jordan.
·         Christ or Kristos. Western term for savior. When the world shall dim with absolute evil, with crisis of catastrophic proportions knocking on everyone’s doors, shall the true followers of Christ call on his name to come, to which shall he respond affirmatively. Thus, his “2nd coming” as Christians believe.
·         Messiah: The long-awaited savior by the Hebrews. The term ‘messiah’ has been adopted by English in fact, as it is the root word of the term ‘messianic role.’
·         Bodhisattva: A term that means savior in a language in the Himalayas (Pali). The Buddhists await another Bodhisattva to come, in like vein that Christians await a “2nd return of Christ.”
·         Imam Mahdi: The long-awaited savior by the followers of Islam. When all else shall dim upon the world, and Lord Allah’s true believers shall call the great savior, Imam Mahdi shall come.

Kalki Avatar is the “label” in Sanskrit version used, of course, by the devotees of Sanatana Dharma upon the majestic 10th embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Hindus of today may not even be aware that Kalki Avatar is already around, “born” (manifested) as he was in Shamballah in 1924 yet (year before the 1925 Great Council conference of our holiest divinities above).

So, whether the devotees of the great religions will agree or disagree about who the coming Savior is, we White Robes and our respective chelas know that the Savior is already with us. No, he won’t be born as a new infant down on the surface or in Jerusalem as the literalist Maitreya cult fanatics expect him to manifest. He arrived nearly a century ago yet, took his post in Shamballah being a member there, and renewed his work right away as planetary Christ who is also the Bodhisattva of the 5th ‘root race’ (Aryans).

Please note too that Maitreya or Kalki Avatar won’t need a gigantic space ship to come to Earth, as some absurd Maitreya Cult simpletons are now spreading as a grand lie. Maitreya never left Earth, as all the 100,000 Ascended Masters or Mahatmas of Terra have always been with us—in the Masters’ world (7th density) a ‘part’ of them reside, in Shamballah they hold office for their work for Sanat Kumara and where they also part reside. Maitreya also has an etheric retreat in the Himalayas, where he does retreat from time to time.

5th Density Earth is now on an ‘acid test’ phase, and so Kalki Avatar frequents those whom he brought there most recently. Structures were already installed, while observations or surveillance works are undertaken to check on the resource endowments, climate and weather, and terrain across the globe.

The core feature of all ‘acid tests’ is a city that is encased in transparent crystalline dome for protection and related purposes. An entire city in 5D Earth can be manifested by a team of Dhyan Chohans (planetary spirits), meditating together in triangle formation. Within an hour of meditative manifestation, the entire city and all its component structures and accessory features are in place.

You could just imagine the hearts bursting with delight, of the gatekeeper Melchizedek and his Melchizedek aides plus their staff as they go around the city for their regular ocular surveillance. The initial residents do feel the same, their eyes wide and jaws dropped in awe upon seeing the city of their dreams, sensing it will all their senses, and then residing in it and helping to maintain it.

By the way, Lord Kalki’s requirements for qualifying as habituĂ© for 5th Density are a set of ‘protocols’ identical to core teachings of all great masters. All spiritual teachers underwent His Majesty’s instruction, as he is the Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Light (older name was Order of Melchizedek). So, please beware of certain zealous cult fanatics who claim exclusive rights or franchise to New Earth, for His Holiness has declared such rights as inclusive to everyone—simpletons and erudites, church devotees and freethinkers.   

So fellows of Terra, the way to 5th Density will be opened to you depending on your works of attainment, level of attunement, and overall level of soul evolution. Only those who refuse to evolve will be excluded from the shaping planet, as the 7 earths for their kind are now accepting entrants or migrants.  

[14 June 2015]