Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Gracious Day from this Initiate of the White Lodge!

The theme of Golden Age of Light will be continued in this note. Being a mandated messenger, among 100 out of 144,000 White Robes tasked to do the messenger mission that is focused on the Ascension, I take it as duty to re-echo the themes raised previously by the Spiritual Hierarchy, so let us genuflect more about the subject.

The challenging task, gargantuan as it is, is for all of Terrans to collaborate in building a permanent Golden Age or Satya Yuga. The Chohans of the 7 Rays have emphatically raised the permanency vision regarding the Age of Light to their respective chelas. Master Rackozi, Lord of Alchemy (7th Ray), echoed the challenge to chelas as early as the pre-World War II years yet, while the other Chohans drumbeat the theme to their chelas in the etheric retreats.

Master Rackozi (also called St Germain) likewise heralded the Kumara Energy release in 1934, to which he hastened to add that in the future the Kumaras will release the same energy again—in two points (Shamballah and a point in the U.S.A.; Master El Morya echoed the same via his chela Guru Nicholas Roerich). Since he released the heraldries from the 30s through the 50s, many events have happened, with the forecast of a future release already coming to past (Kumara Energies released in the evening of 20 December 2012).

In those same set of forecasts, Master R. also echoed a cryptic prophecy that two (2) more Golden Ages will take place in the future. Accordingly, two (2) Ages of Light have already come to past, the last one ending in holocausts that destroyed the once fluvial Sahara, Gobi, and Mojave (nuked to kingdom come!). Cryptic is the futures forecast, as the prophecy implies that the Golden Age that just began will eventually come to an end.

Meanwhile, Master El Morya, who as Lord Moru or Meru will be Manu of the emerging 6th Root Race, already busied himself to install a headquarter in South America. He has been pre-selecting those chelas of him who can later on be among his co-workers in bringing forth the Meruvian race. South America will be the nestle of the new race, which will emerge approximately eight (8) centuries from now, probably to begin its predominance in civilization and culture across the planet.

Hardly had that future race arisen when already certain news coming from his chelas filtered out that the Meruvian civilization will last a full 11,000-year Golden Age. Which implies that eventually the Meruvians will also go through a decline in Light, as they would be dominating world population and replace the 5th race of Aryans. That decline would end up, at some point in the future, in Absolute Evil of sorts, thus repeating a cycle of wars and bizarre conflicts that almost saw the planet destroyed by the Atlanteans (4th race) and the Axis powers of Europe (5th root race).

Sustaining the Light during a Golden Age is surely a tough task to undertake. It all boils down to how humanity as a whole will take on the burden of transmuting each one’s negative egos and living, socioculturally, the virtue of ‘right relations’. Humanity was always the source of darkening and slide to Absolute Evil in the past, so it is easy to extrapolate that humanity will again backslide into darkness in the future.

While such a possibility is always there, we shouldn’t despair this early about Absolute Evil taking place in the future. We keep it as an input to our visioning and missioning of the future, ensuring that we undertake our respective inner balance and conduct of right relations. Timeline change can always happen, and in this case of the current Age of Light the putting forward of Light in all spheres of life can ensure that no more Kali Yuga will happen in the future.

Permanent Golden Age is the consensus vision of the Ascended Masters for Earth. Both Shamballah (signifying the seat of our Solar Lords or Kumaras) and Spiritual Hierarchy (seat of our Planetary hierarchs) have long agreed about the permanent Golden Age. However, Shamballah and planetary Hierarchy do not in any way impose the vision on humanity, for humanity in itself is expected to evolve some day into a ‘center of Spirit’.

Humanity directs its own destiny, as the Ascended Host has been echoing over and over in the past. In no way will the Divinities ever impose Divine Will on mortals who, no matter how prone to evil they may be, can mutate into beings of Light. The 100,000+ Ascended Masters of today all came from the ground base of humanity, struggled to move up the Initiation ladder, and successfully made it, so their success stories can always be replicated by the mortals right now.

Mortals already came a long way from the mineral, vegetative, and animal worlds, and were joined by eager devas and elementals who wished to be free some day precisely by turning human and traversing the Path of Initiation. As the messenger-Initiate Rudolf Steiner clarified, the souls on Earth today actually came from the following evolutions: Saturn evolution was first, then after the Saturn pralaya (sleep) moved to the Sun evolution as second, then after the Sun pralaya moved over to the Moon evolution as third phase, and after the Moon pralaya moved to Earth.

Fellow Terrans, our souls have come too long a way already, and we still have approximately a billion years prior to the pralaya of the Earth evolution or manvantara. Speaking to you as your fellow in the Path, hopefully you can hear the very cry of your own soul or atma: that it is time to change course, to do a timeline change. Let us not waste this rare opportunity given us, accompanied by “unlimited” Divine graces of beneficial energies, energy stabilizers, transmutation energies that enable 5th Density ascension, and more.

For a Permanent Golden Age – carpe diem!

[27 January 2015]

Monday, January 19, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

Lo and Behold! Earth had ceased to be a Fallen planet! Hail the Sacred planet rising!

For the following note, this Initiate of the Brotherhood of Light, messenger & volunteer in the Ashram of Master El Morya, will focus on the theme of Sacred Planet.

Over the past recent years, Earth has been the center of attention of all the solar & cosmic beings of our galaxy. Such divine beings are regarded by folks as ‘deities’ or ‘creators’. They are so elated at the success story of Earth as a planet that made it to the grade of sacred planets, being the only planet out of about 8 planets expected to ascend in our sector of the galaxy.

No more being can be most euphoric over the success of Earth than the Supreme Being who directly intervened in the same planets to accelerate their ascent to higher world status, with Earth thus succeeding while the rest of the 7 failed. It could be one of the chief reasons why the Almighty Providence intervened to deter any catastrophe of major proportions to happen at all during the ascent to 4th Density.

As of the 1990s yet, Earth began to display the Sacred side to her. On that decade, the solar lords and ascended masters of the solar system began to recognize that sacred aspect of Earth. However, the excessive profanity of humanity was sufficient cause for Earth to display her Fallen aspect, thereby rendering the planet as displaying a dual character. Sooner or later, the conflict between the sacred and profane in humanity must be resolved, as this is the main source of the duality of the planetary character.

What rendered Earth as exhibiting a sacred facet was the ascension of many Initiates of the Brotherhood to full Ascended Master level. Any determined aspirant must graduate to 6th Degree status, rendering him/her as ‘mahatma’ or great soul. As per revelation by Master Dwhjal Khul to Joshua David Stone, the number of Ascended Masters climbed to an all-time high of 100,000 as of the early 1990s, thus breaching the 6-digit level.

Each Mahatma of 6th Degree has the powers of Light and divinity of at least 1,000,000 mortals, just to remind you of what an Ascended Being possesses in his/her hands and the scale of duties s/he is capable of handling. It will take 1 billion mortals to equal the powers of manifestation of just 1,000 Mahatmas making the same petition for manifestation. It only takes 7,000 Mahatmas to equal the combined Light of 7 billions of mortals on the surface, and another 60,000 Mahatmas to equal the Light of 60 billion mortals in the astral plane.

Many Initiates graduated to spiritual masters during the Piscean Era when duality was at its peak and Absolute Evil reached a capability of destroying the entire planet via world war. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” as the folk idiom goes. Among such new ascended masters were those who reached the 6th Degree of initiation, the exact numbers of new graduates being un-revealed or secret.

By November 21-22 of 2008, a huge batch of Initiates working on the ground graduated to a ladder step higher, thus producing newer Arhats (4th Degree) and Adepts (5th Degree). I was among those who made it to 4th Degree in 2008, while in early June of 2013 I graduated to 5th Degree. We who comprise the freshman Adepts of today will be the next batch of Mahatmas. [Note: at 3rd Degree, an Initiate already is endowed with the glowing pentagram pointed upwards, positioned in the brow of his/her etheric body, signifying that s/he is a Master of Light.]

There was another intervention though that must be recognized, which I actually reported in some heraldries of mine before. This is no other than the Arrest & Incarceration of Evil Masters and their most abominable Demoniac incarnates within humanity, by no less than Archangel Gabriel. The mass arrests began in late 2010, and continued till the dawn of the New Earth.

Thus, even before the beginning of New Earth on 12/21/12, the Light Forces were already on the upper hand in the balance of forces or BOF of Earth. The arrests, seizures & incarceration of actively engaged Evil Masters led to a huge diminution in their numbers. Meanwhile, the numbers of Ascended Masters have been increasing, thus clearly offsetting the numbers of Evil Masters on the ‘dark side of the Force’.

The arrest & seizures of Evil Masters in our sector of the galaxy continues, thus clearing the way for the Angelic, Seraphic and Galactic Command Forces to ensure the return not only of Earth but of an entire sector to the Supreme Being in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Earth is now well Lighted enough so as to bar the entry to it of Fallen souls who wish to embody as Terrans.

The next phase of the ascension is the mutation of the entire humanity into a Planetary Center. This may take some more time, as goodwill and cooperation among the “survivors” hasn’t completely taken root yet. However, sooner or later all the recalcitrant Demoniacs and evolutionary Laggards will be dead, which will easily permit the Karmic Board to hand them over to Gabriel’s Legions for transfer to the 7 earths awaiting them.

As already heralded by me way back late 2008 yet, the transfer of dead Laggards’ souls to some dense world awaiting them was already in progress as early as November 2008. It timed synchronically with the mass ascent of Initiates to Arhats & Adepts on that same period. This pattern is continuing, as the recalcitrant ones refuse to go back to the Light.
New Earth babies, evolved souls intended to populate the new planet, began to be born en masse from 2001 through 2010, and their numbers are still increasing. Across the coming decades, as the responsive humans return to Light, likewise the recalcitrant Laggards and Demoniacs are shipped out to their own appropriate worlds, humanity will most likely mutate and become harbinger of the Light of ‘right relations’.

The Sacredness of Earth is on the upward momentum, and no force whatsoever can stop it. Sooner or later it will be the Sacredness of humanity that follows to complete the equation. Masters working with and for the mortals are increasing on the surface of Terra, thus manifesting the long held prophesy that masters will walk with mortals again.

[18 January 2015]

Monday, January 12, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

This Melchizedek, Initiate of a certain degree, messenger & volunteer in the ashram of Master El Morya, will share a heraldry about the old Earth. You may be wondering about whatever happened to your old planet, as it has been drummed up by us messengers that we are already in 4th Density and that 5th Density is now being tested for habituation.

To familiarize yourself with space-mass expansion, please refer back to my ascension chronicle as follows:

I also recently released articles about the Densities and what makes Density distinct from Dimension. So please refer back to them to find answers to questions about the salient characteristics of the worlds on the basis of densities.

In a vision I had around past mid-January of 2013, I was shown—by my God-self—the old Earth. I was stunned at the vision, as it showed a planetary mass that was darkening like unto a twilight time, with little sunlight left on any corner of it.

No longer is it the blue planet that we Terrans are accustomed to. It was turning grey, with vegetative life hardly visible from a distance. To make sure about the life presence on the sleeping 3D, I did a focusing to get nearer for a micro-scan, got to as nearest I can get through, and noticed that vegetation was still around yet it looked like on the way to a pralaya (sleep).

Even as the vision was just starting, I knew beforehand by intuition that it was the old Earth I was perceiving. That was important, as it was indicative of the successful climb of Earth life forms to the 4th Density. Through space-mass expansion, all life forms moved up with the new surface which is approximately 2 kilometers higher than the 3D surface.

5th Density’s surface is approximately higher than the 3D surface by an increment of 5 kilometers approximate. Both 4D and 5D follow the landform contours of 3D like exact replicas though located on a different surface. Besides, the 4D and 5D worlds are less dense (1st Density is the densest or mineral world is densest).

As my vision indicates, the 3D mass is now sleeping, with patterns of life fading away. It is like any model of a globe that one uses as visual devise before an audience, the same model than brought to an attic or cellar in case there won’t be any further use for it. Whether it will be in pralaya forever till the last phase of Earth history as a planet, however, remains to be seen. [Earth is destined to become a nova or star in its next evolution ‘manvantara’ or eon.]

Upon the conferment of his mandate as Chohan of the Aquarian Age, Master Rackozi revealed, via one of his chelas, that there were already two (2) Golden Ages in the ancient times, and that two (2) more such Golden Ages will come in the future. Master R was emphatic that there may be another Kali Yuga in the future, though the Divine Plan is for a permanent Golden Age as much as possible.

Guruji Krishnananda, in his 2012 heraldries (books), also emphasized the downward end to the coming Golden Age. As per his calculations, this present Golden Age will last for a full 20,300+ years. For simplification, the cycle lasts 21,000 years. That surely is a very long period for enjoying the endowments of a New Earth!

Yet like unto Master R, Guru Krishnananda also forecast the possibility of another Kali Yuga in the future. Since the thoughts of the two masters do converge, let us pick up from their forecast of another Kali Yuga in the distant future.

The forecast is this: if humanity will Fall as a whole for another time, then logically the consequence is for the vibratory frequency of humans to fall back to 3D. Very tragic, lo! so tragic as other life forms will be affected by that Fall if ever it happens.

In case that humanity will fall again, then there always is the gigantic scale model of the 3D Earth ready to be re-used. Which means, fellow Terrans, don’t ever consign the 3D Earth to the dusting cellars or attics. This possibility is not among my wish list, even as I’m committed to serve the mission of Lord Kalki during the entire Golden Age before I move on to my higher levels of initiation.

I’m sure it’s not among your wish list items either. So we all are challenged to sustain the Golden Age, never to let humanity go down again to the dense world of darkness and evil.

Let there be Light always upon humanity! So mote it be. Aum.

[11 January 2015]

Saturday, January 3, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Love & Light from this Melchizedek!

An Initiate (of the Brotherhood of Light) is also called a Melchizedek, so I will be using this nomenclature interchangeably. Being an Initiate of a certain degree, tasked to do messenger work on top of my divine teaching mission, I will augment my chronicles about the 5th Density as that is where humans and beings of nature (mineral, plant, animal) are going.

Let me begin with the narrative of ‘dividing line’. As of early 2012, I was very conscious about scanning the dividing line between the 3rd and 4th Densities as we were all then “down there” on the 3D plane. I had so many visions of the division, channeled to me by my own God-self via my meditation and dream visions.

To get straight to the point, the division between the density worlds then was as thick as a concrete wall. To get to 4th Density from where you are, for instance, you need to chance upon a concrete door that will suddenly open up right in front of you. You then confront a gateway portal to another world, so it will be up to you to decide on what to do, i.e. whether to stay behind or move quick to the other world.

Once you see the door open up, and you decide to migrate to the next world being shown unto you—a world so lighted up you see the Light almost blinding you along the way—then do move quick indeed. Avoid procrastinating along the way, avoid any negative thought, as such thoughts could get you squeezed and frozen in hyper-space. That portal is only available for some seconds up to a minute, so don’t waste your time procrastinating while already mid-way.

In ancient Egypt, the Initiates of higher mysteries did use ritualistic methods and rigorous preparations to ascend and enter another world, whichever world they intended to go to. Tragically, many such Initiates were trapped in hyperspace, frozen up like living mannequins of sorts. Some of us Melchizedeks of today will have to do extra errands to free those benign yet quite unprepared fellows.

Moving next to the 4th to 5th Densities divide, practically the same was observed as of the whole year of 2012. The dividing ‘material’ was as thick as concrete wall, indicating the hardship it takes to enter the 5th Density from the lower world. Thus, no one can just go “up there” in wishful thinking mode, as any foolish attempt will get your face “slammed on the wall” to idiomatize the effect of stupidity.

In a series of visions on September of 2013, however, I noticed that things were changing in the 5th Density landscape. I had meditation visions showing that structures are now being installed there, which fits my earlier forecasts (c. 2011 and 2012) about the peopling of the 5th Density world and the rise of new cities there.

What stunned me, as it likewise surprised me, was an unexpected vision of the dividing ‘material’ between the 4th and 5th Densities. One vision showed so graphically the thinning of the division. No longer is it a concrete wall that awaits the aspirant for New Earth, but rather a thick membrane like unto cow hide or pig skin 5X thick.

Thick as it may seem, the dividing material is no longer slab-thick marked by rigidity. The dividing material is a bit translucent, characterized by elasticity. Sooner or later, the dividing material will wear out, thus permitting an aspirant to simply walk through the new world.

If a common folk will observe the 5th Density from inside a 4th Density spot, s/he will see nothing except his own world, veiled as s/he is by unpreparedness. Yet I did a test of how easy it is to traverse the other world, as my higher mind materialized an elongated ice cream glass of sorts and inserted it (no hands involved) through the dividing material, and the glass’ bottom (which went in first) went through.

Being a Melchizedek or Initiate, my higher faculties saw the protrusion of the glass’ end on the 5th Density space. That scan part was important, as it allowed me to assess the thickness of the dividing material. I was truly stunned at the thinness, knowing that September 2013 was just less than a year before the 12/21/12 event when the division was still as thick as concrete wall.

That means the readiness for transporting qualified aspirants to the 5th Density is much higher than before. As already elucidated by Guru Krishnananda in his 2012 books, the transfer to the 5th Density will take place wherever you are located, e.g. right at home. There will be no need for space friends nor angelic legionaires to get you in flight and than land you in another world, you simply need to walk through the new world and there you will be in a new reality.

As to the mechanics or processes of the migration to 5th Density, do go back to the writings of Master Krishnananda on the subject. He was so graphical in illustrating his visions. Accordingly, by the grace of Lord Kalki shall a prepared aspirant be given a special breathing devise by the world leader Lord Kalki who, likewise, will gift you with the grace of entering the new world.

[03 January 2015]