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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light


09 July 2012


Maaliwalas na araw! Light-filled day!


Ra, messenger for the spiritual Hierarchy, forthcoming Guardian, will articulate more on the role of the archangels in the coming planetary ascension. I already echoed notes on the arrest of Evil Masters by Gabriel’s Forces before, and kept on updating in my monthenders, so this article will pick up from those notes.


Archangels or angels of Dhyani-Buddha awareness (equivalent to Avatara) are beings who attained their perfection in the previous Manvantara or Evolutionary Round yet. Of a status termed Prince of Light, they were re-awakened during the beginning of the present Manvantara, assigned their jurisdictions as administrators of realms, and tasked to aid Ancient of Days in overseeing the evolution of humans of Terra.


Michael is at the head of the entourage of Archangels mandated to co-govern a realm known as the ‘Nebadon’ in the Urantia documents. As supreme Prince of Light, he sees to it that predatory evolutes are kept in check in case the latter would over-step their abominations.


Gabriel is Michael’s CEO and also Commander-in-Chief of the celestial (angelic) legions. As Michael does liaison by reporting to the Father, Gabriel conducts the day-to-day ministration of work and protective lordship of the realm. It was Gabriel who arrested Lucifer and rebelling Adepts (masters) in antiquity, prior to the latter Adepts’ release (they have fallen in vibrations and so stayed in ‘offices’ fit for them…).


Since almost 3 years ago now, Gabriel has undertaken a mass arrest of Evil Masters and incarceration, with over 750,000 incarcerated so far. His Forces also captured the souls of Demoniacs (Negative persons) on our planet’s surface, with arrests breaching 300 millions as of this writing. More such arrests will take place in the weeks prior and up to Dec 21, till not a single Negative being will be left on Terra.


As CEO for the realm, Gabriel is also tasked to supervise the Guardians—Galactic as well as Inter-Planetary Guardians—with trainings in administration and defense to reinforce the latter beings’ duties. Clarifications concerning the difficulties and challenges in guardianship roles are interpellated by Gabriel, with Initiatic tests to go along with the interpellations.


Even as far as strategies and tactics in cosmic warfare, Gabriel has a great role to perform for the guardians. Conducting warfare in the Galaxy is so complex a task done in a very complex dynamic context, so the job necessitates sufficient training from Gabriel & Archangels.


Gabriel’s Forces are now very much prepared for the divine take-over of the planet very soon. His angelic legions are well positioned in 4th density, roughly the mid-astral, legions that can manifest in the 3rd density if contingencies warrant it, eg. a sudden outbreak of Armageddon. As already heralded by me, Gabriel already sternly warned the Luciferans not to proceed with World War III, as the celestial legions will engage both warring forces in battles should the latter stubbornly persist with the abominable agenda.  


My own opportunity for facing Lord Gabriel and undergo his training began right after my November 2008 ascension (2nd level ascension). Simultaneously with the consultations with Gabriel came the liaisons with Sananda & GC and the consultations with Lord Kolki. Coming face to face with these Hierarchs, I knew right then that I was being prepared for Guardianship, a task so tough and challenging but which I couldn’t resist.


Becoming a master doesn’t merit one to see Gabriel at any moment of petition or prayer. Gabriel manifests only to those who will undertake administrative duties as Guardian (among ascended masters) or Archangel (among angels of master awareness).


Besides, being under Gabriel’s training and mentoring means that the Adept is being initiated in the Order of Michael. Among the 72 fraternities in the Great White Brotherhood, becoming a Michaelian Initiate means one must be prepared for tough executive jobs as well as cosmic battles ahead.


New Guardians, as I already echoed, have emerged from among Terra’s White Robes recently. They are a boost to the job of Gabriel, Sananda, and the Seraphic Masters in taking over Terra for the Father very soon.


That divine take over will have no delays whatsoever. In the New Earth, the legions, Archangels, Guardians and Seraphic Forces will be seen right on the surface, stake the grounds of Terra for the Father, and prepare for the return of the Christs and related tasks.








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