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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

As messenger, this Melchizedek (Initiate), volunteer staff in Master El Morya’s Ashram, teacher of the Wisdom too, will focus this note on the 7-year transition. Guru Krishnananda cogitated that the years 2012 through 2018 is what was referred to as 7 Years Of Tribulation in the biblical Book of Revelation by Master John, so let me add some reflections on the subject.

Years of change from one state to another follow the Septenary Law (Law of 7). Since change brings pains, a transition period was called, in prophetic language, ‘tribulation years’. Humanity witnessed a previous 7-year tribulation in the 2nd World War that begun in 1939 and ended in 1945, to wit: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945.

On a micro scale, we all witness 7-year changes within our body, in that every 7 years all the cells of the body are replaced or changed. That’s why at the end of 7 year periods, beginning from our birthday and birthyear as reference points, our body experiences pains that expectedly burst out into ailments whether contagious or not.

Shorn of superstition, as cultist and sectarians tend to dogmatize the 7 Year Tribulation as referring to one and only one event (preceding the return of Christ), 7-year transitions happen all the time. The ‘7 years of tribulation’ is, in other words, archetypal of a transition towards a changed state.

The years 2012 (starting January 01) through 2018 (ending December 31) comprise a total of 84 months or 7 years. Pains of all sorts, manifested in geological, atmospheric, cosmological, institutional, cultural, and psychological domains, are natural occurrences as part of the transition towards New Earth in 5th Density. Were it not for the Supreme Being’s intervention, the pain could have climaxed in catastrophes of cataclysmic proportions.

During the transition, the gargantuan levels of divine energies need to take root, to undertake grounding. Energy grounding is a task that belongs to certain dhyan chohans (planetary spirits) and dhyani buddhas (archangels), so we do have divine role players who are helping us in the grounding on a planetary level as well as region per region basis. Not just grounding but also the synthesis & integration of the energies is a task of the divine beings who were perfected during previous manvantara (evolutionary round) yet.
On an individual basis, there are certain rays—e.g. 7th Ray and 12th Ray—that aid each one of us in the synthesis & integration. The most potent and highest of all the integrative ‘rays’ is the Mahatma Energy that is endowed to us by the Avatar of Synthesis (see Joshua David Stone’s manual on ascension). Archangel Sandalphon can be called upon to aid you individually in grounding the different energies and beneficial rays down to Mother Earth.

Once an energy or vibratory endowment is grounded, it will be easier to tap at any time. It will also resist fluctuations, thus serving as a constant and sustained supply of beneficence. As far as the whole planet is concerned, Gaia is being aided by dhyan chohans and dhyani buddhas at this moment, and the grounding may take the whole of the 7-year period to accomplish. Grounding and integration tasks are most likely being done on pari passu.

On a yearly basis, the Hierarchs of the planet meet to assess and plan. Time had already elapsed since the first quarter of 2012, so we expect that the impact of the Ascension energies were already taken up by Ancient of Days with the participating divinities. Since the Silent Watcher, the Solar Logos’—Lord Helios—liaison officer to the Solar Lords of Earth (Kumaras), had witnessed the previous years’ planning works and evaluations/assessments, he already brought the feedback and the plan outputs of Earth’s divinities to the Solar Council.

So as far as the divine beings are concerned, the integration & synthesis + grounding tasks have been going on without let up. Our main concern next is the whole of humanity and the individual persons—how both humanity and individuals are doing in both tasks. While humans seem veiled or appear totally ignorant of the ascension process going on, such isn’t the case on the buddhic (where unconscious is) and soul or atmic levels.

Recall that the blasts and sustained reverberations of the divine energies were sufficient to pull up from dormancy to wakened state all the other DNA strands in us. The respective souls of seemingly sleeping humans know what’s going on, and have been alerting the buddhi and manas of the respective person. No one can feign ignorance about the ascension on a higher level.

We can see right now that, seemingly, billions of humans aren’t responding well to the divine endowments given them as ‘mana from heaven’. Just to remind you please, we still have till the end of 2018 to get the energies to be synthesized and grounded, so don’t prejudge the overall response or reaction of each individual. I myself had already adjusted to the situation for Laggards and Demoniacs, and had become less intolerant of their presence, for who knows that they may respond sufficiently well by end of 2018.

2019 through 2025 will be another period altogether, and it will be a different ballgame by then. As I updated you all in a previous chronicle, the dividing matter between 4th and 5th Densities is thinning out. The World Leader Avatar, Lord Kalki, is keenly watching each of the in 4th Density today, for in case certain mortals are ready for the transfer to the next density world, He will readily grant divine grace to the qualified persons to migrate there.

Now, as to you fellow global citizen, while there is still time, do your part to fast track your purifications, inner balance, integrations & syntheses, meditations, and related tasks for yourself. Use Divine Light that is in surplus supply around you whenever applicable, and share that same Light to humanity as a whole to help humanity prepare for the next journey phase.

May you all continue to succeed in your ascension works!

[24 February 2015]

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