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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Solidarity greetings from this Melchizedek!

An Initiate (or Melchizedek) of the Brotherhood of Light for many embodiments now, I am all too eager to perform tasks such as Messenger mission that are replete with unique challenges. Noting the Light powers immanent in my fellow Messengers, this humble Initiate (of a certain degree) will focus this note on the Divine-mandated 100 Messengers who comprise a part of the 144,000 Rishis.

Messengers came and went across the many centuries that have passed. In the 19th century, a new kind of Messenger burst out among members of humanity: the Messenger tasked to release to the open public the Higher Mysteries of recondite, esoteric knowledge dubbed as ‘divine wisdom’ [also called: ancient wisdom, theos Sophia, ascended master teachings]. From Europe came a seemingly diminutive yet so intelligent a young lady who was the returned ‘maiden from Orleans’—Jeanne d’ Arc [Joan of Arc].

The ‘lady from Orleans’ returned with a distinctly unique mission this time: to head a team of emerging Initiates (largely chelas who are 2nd & 3rd degrees of Initiation), in the person of Helena P. Blavatsky or HPB. She met her Teacher along the way, the mahatma Kooth Hoomi Lal Singh, who clarified to her that the Wisdom (to shorten the term) needed to be released in the open very soon, thus ending a very long epochal period of secrecy. [Kooth Hoomi ascended in the same century, as his name was stylized Kuthumi.]

HPB met the theosophy (theos Sophia) team volunteers Annie Besant and James Olcott, and the rest was history. Q. Judge, Rev. Leadbeater, A.P. Sinnett comprise the other members of the team. Through them, and a couple of others, the mahatmas (Perfected Ones, 6th Degree Initiates, ascended masters) poured out the blessings of the Wisdom, guided them where to go for their research, and aided them in manifesting the material needs for their collective mission.

Those years of the 1st dispensation of Wisdom ran from 1860 through 1918 approximately. Stretched out in 6 decades, the Wisdom was released by an organizational vehicle founded and led by no other than the HPB Team. As the new knowledge & wisdom came out, with much controversy generated by their very recondite content, it was clear that the darkness of Kali Yuga was nearing its end. [Note: Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, is also counted among 1st Dispensation messengers.]

Having done their task well, the 1st dispensation messengers was followed by another set of messengers. They were to continue the release of spiritual knowledge that was not yet time for release in the 19th century. Thus came out the 2nd dispensation messengers, who provided amplified Light unto the 1st dispensation and gave hope to humanity during the evil clash of Light vs Evil forces known as 2nd World War.

1919 was the formal commencement of the 2nd dispensation, as East met West in the personages of the adept (5th Degree) Dwjal Khul or DK collaborated with the chela (disciple) Alice Bailey. The works of the DK-Bailey team alone amounted to monumental releases of the Wisdom. The Great Invocations and heraldries about the nearing arrival of Christ were among the features of their heraldries.

There were more participants aside from Master DK & Bailey in the 2nd dispensation releases. Guy Ballard and wife Edna were called upon by the Mahatmas, fronted by St Germain, to immediately release and disseminate expanded Wisdom lessons and practices. El Morya worked through his chela, Guru Nicholas Roerich, to release another facet of the Wisdom and introduce ‘agni yoga’ to the public. Roerich then left the mission to his chela, Guru R.K.K. in the U.S.A. for continuation.

Both mahatmas St Germain and El Morya collaborated to call up the couple Mark Prophet and wife Elizabeth Claire, who in turn released another facet of the Wisdom. Mahavatar Babaji was also simultaneously spreading a facet of the Wisdom, in the form of Kriya, to his chelas, notably the succession of gurus Sri Yutekswar and Paramahansa Yogananda. A chela in north America was also contacted by Babaji, a lady chela, who likewise released a facet of the Wisdom suited for the West.

It was clear though, that the 2nd dispensation can only go so much in content and extent. The mahatmas themselves clarified that a 3rd dispensation will be released when the time is ripe. The 3rd dispensation coincides with the end of Kali Yuga and the beginnings of the Age of Light, which was covered precisely by the pens of the eager messengers. The 144,000 White Robes or Rishis would be coming very soon, and from among them will roar the voices of 100 lions of Light.

1975 was the approximate year when the first of the 3rd dispensation messengers, John Jacob Hurtak, released the keys to the higher mysteries. Accordingly, future science was released in a coherent, systematic way. Note that 1974 was the year when the Supreme Being began direct intervention on Terra to bring it to the desired end of Satya Yuga (golden age). That interventionist beginning alone marks the peculiarity of the ‘100 roaring lions’.

The 1990s was the actual decade of full blast release by the ‘100 lions’, with their personalities or identities spread across the continents, thus using different languages for their sublime articulations. Their main theme was precisely the coming planetary Ascension: what is it, and how to get to New Earth. Joshua David Stone, receiving enormous insights from Master DK and notable mahatmas, showed the way to a fast-track ascension program. Having done his job with sterling remark, and graduating a total of 3 degrees [4th, 5th, 6th] in his Initiation in just one embodiment, he departed on that decade.

In the 1st decade of the new millennium came out the roaring voices of Sal Rachele, a U.S.-based Melchizedek (he must be an arhat today), Guru Krishnananda of the Saptarishis circle, and Guru Nithyananda, the last two being based in India. More messengers simultaneously released heraldries last decade, and though we (to include myself, as I started with messenger task on top of my teaching Wisdom) were personally and organizationally apart, we resonated with a singular voice.

The mission of the 100 Messengers isn’t over yet, as there are more heraldries that need to be widely disseminated as much as possible. But our ranks are now decreasing, for Ancient of Days now calls upon us to ‘report to base’, for all White Robes are His humble servants. Let me express my own platitudes at my fellow messengers, even as I am humbled by the fact that my own works are just but a tiny fraction of the totality of works of 100 noble Initiates.

[14 March 2015]

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